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April 20, 2004
My Favorite Martial Art: Ching Ching Pow
Posted by Frank J. at 11:34 AM | View blog reactions | Comments (53)

Man, I hadn't been to the range in a while. Now, I've never had any formal shoot'n train'n, so I've had to learn a lot of this on my own. I decided when I go to the range, I have to have some sort of goals, so this time I just brought my two carry guns - my Colt 1991 (.45) and my Walther PPK (.380). I also brought my eight inch barrel Colt Anaconda because it's just so damn cool.

Anyway, my goal was to practice defense shooting and try out some defense rounds, and damn, it was an expensive outing. Range fee was ten bucks, but I spent more than $130 (though not all that ammo was shot at the range). I got a box of .380 FMJ ($11), box of .45 FMJ ($12), box of soft tipped .44 magnum ($21 - expensive, but it's fun!). I then bought some MagSafe pre-fragmented ammo for my PPK ($17 for eight rounds) and two small boxes of high quality hollow points for my .45 ($17 bucks each). I also got some snap caps for my .380 ($17) for home practice.

When firing two handed, I use the good 'ole isosceles stance. That's feet at shoulder width, tilt my self back slightly while holding the gun straight out, right hand pulling back on the gun while left hand pushing forward. For one handed shooting, I have the foot slightly forward of the hand that is holding the gun and put the other hand in my pocket.

Anyway, here are the shooting results. I forgot to bring a pen, so this is what I remember each target representing. Each target represents a couple of reloads.

I started with firing my PPK with my left hand (my off hand), since I carry it for a left hand draw. To simulate an actual situation, I fired the first shot in double action. Here's how I did at seven yards (I consider that a defense distance).

Now I switched to two hands on the PPK. The first two shots were the MagSafe, which went straight through the bullseye. I saved the other six bullets for carry ammo.

My main gun is my Colt 1991. It's a regular size 1911, and I think that gives it good intimidation value. Here's my results firing with my right hand only.

If I have a choice in the situation, I'd draw the .45 with two hands and fire it two handed. In this instance, I blew through a box of the hollow points to see how my gun handled them, putting the target at ten yards. Quite an interesting pattern. Sometimes I seem to fire the Colt better one handed.

I'm considering getting a second .45, so I tried operating it left handed with the target a seven yards. Well, they all went in the target (well, one just grazed it). I was told the gun was specifically engineered for the right hand, and there was a huge difference in the kick back between the two. When fired with my right hand, it kick straight back. With the left hand, the recoil twists my hand up and to the right. Up, and to the right.
Up... and to the right.

Now for some fun. I put the target all the way out (25 yards, I think) and fired off my Colt Anaconda with two hands on that baby. Oh, yeah!

Now I tried the Anaconda with one hand (at seven yards). It's so heavy, that my hand was shaking so much making it hard to aim. I also fired my PPK left-handed on the same target. See if you can tell the .44 magnum holes from the .380.

For some reason, I decided to end with the PPK two-handed. What happened with those two outside of the black?

Next time, I'll do more .45 focus. There were some problems. My .45 sometimes didnít close completely over a new round (usually the last round in the clip when it happened). The slide then needs slight nudge to close completely. I wonder what causes that Ė the ammo or the magazine? Also, a couple time the PPK didnít cock itself after firing. I think thatís a malfunction of the safety accidentally being worked (the safety also decocks the gun).

On my way out, I saw the gun store had a Kel-Tec P3AT selling for only $265. I told you about this gun earlier; it's a .380 made locally (Cocoa, FL) that is small enough to put in one's back pocket. I decided to snatch it up, thus making my first handgun purchase (all my other handguns were given to me by my dad - the coolest dad ever!). With all the forms and phone calls, you think I was buying plutonium. Even if I was a criminal, what kind of shooting spree could I go on with a six-shot .380? At least I didnít have to wait two days to bring it home since I have a CCW.

Anyway, it's a cool gun. Look how small it is. And how thin. It has no external safties, and relies on a stiff double action. Interestingly, you have to work the slide to pull the trigger again (of course, the explosion of the bullet rakes the slide for you when live firing). Also, it doesn't lock on an empty clip (but how useful is that really?). It has a six-round mag, so you can keep seven rounds in it if you load the chamber and then put another in the magazine.

I already ordered a Graham's Leather Cookie for the back pocket. It will give it the profile of the wallet while making an easy draw for a mugger's surprise... if the Gun-Tests review was accurate.

I haven't had a chance to fire the gun yet, but it should have some huge kickback since it's so small. Loaded with the MagSafe, it should make a nice little carry piece, though. When I have a chance to fire it and get the holster, I'll tell you more.

Happy shoot'n and make sure you identify what you're aiming at. See you later.

Rating: 2.6/5 (31 votes cast)

Frank on Guns
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