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August 11, 2004
It's Just a Joke, Of Course, But...
Posted by Frank J. at 10:32 AM | View blog reactions | Comments (102)

A Ron Leighton felt he needed to leave this lengthy response to my latest editorial:

It's just a joke, of course, but regarding the things that are not funny (at least not in the manner you intended)...

"And everyone was happy"???

That's what you call glossing over a messy, complicated and belying reality! That's some fancy footwork there, Frank.

Besides, people in a concentration camp who get an extra 5 minutes of fresh air (before they are gassed, of course), are "happy". It's all about conditioning. It's all what you are used to. What your expectations are.

Aside from that I am, I apologize, continuously moved to amusement (I'm giggling now) by macho posing, the sort of group-think that if we all agree to agree that bluster passes muster, the sort of always-talk-tough and no one will notice you're a big 'fraidy cat that seizes hold particularly of those who choose to call themselves rightwing. "You know, I got a big wrench, and I was replacing the engine in this chevy, and then I was banging this hotty, and I saw some French-looking faggot on TV, Fox that is, none of that Communist News Channel stuff, and I'll kick their asses, after I clean my guns, blah, blah, blah...

The idea that action is preferable to reflection is an old one, of course, but tellingly it has essentially been a literally fascist one. You joke that the Democrats are "bereft" (a fave term of Limbaugh-apers) of ideas. That may be true (did they have any in the first place?), but it is no less true of the Republicans! For both sides the Idea is, help the richer stay rich and get richer, expand the power of the government, carry on the War Against Iraq and keep up the charade of the War on Terror, so-called. Course, you might object and say look closer and you find some ideas among the Republicans, even if you don't like them. That, too, can be said of the Democrats. But who cares either way!? They represent a distinction without a real difference. The joke is on us! There's more to life than the simplistic conservatives vs. liberals faux contest. It's a game...a Game! There's more to criticism of Bush (and the other side, and the whole shabang) than mere partisanship. You fluff for the Game!

Ask yourself, people: Are you one of those knee-jerk war supporters (saluting and cheering from a great distance)? One of those Bush-loving, 9-11 inconsistencies and Patriot Act obscenities non-noticing types? Are you one of those few proud enough, bravely ready to give up sense and thousands of American and Iraqi (and Iranian and Syrian and so on) lives as well as the Republic you supposedly cherish as long as you can jerk off to Iraq footage on Fox? Are you one of those who bought the WMD lies and now cling to them clownishly and cluelessly well after even Cheney gave it up? Well, you're all a bunch of cheeseburger eating surrender monkeys! Disgraces to liberty!

Of course, this required a reasoned response:

Really? You understood it was a joke yet the phrase "And everyone was happy" launches you into this crazy rant. Here's a tip: Grab a dictionary and look up the word "ironical." While you're at it, look up "'tard." Then write "'tard" on a sign that you can wear around your neck. After that, every time someone walks by you, smile and shout, "I'm a 'tard!"

Do you just randomly prowl the internet looking to pick political fights? I couldn't have made that piece more inane if I had clowns in it. Are you mental? When your tape dispenser runs out, do you go into a diatribe against it about voter apathy?

So the word "bereft" is a favorite of "Limbaugh-apers"? Well, it's also used by people WHO HAVE A FRICK'N VOCABULARY! Incidentally, the phrase "Limbaugh-apers" is a favorite phrase of liberal goobers with the IQ's equal to their shoe sizes.

"I think a flat tax would be a much fairer system."

"You just Limbaugh-aper! Me smirt!"

Do everyone a favor and have the doctor increase your meds, loon.

Anyway, thanks for your input. We here at IMAO cherish feedback from our readers, as it leads to a better value for our customers and our shareholders (of which there are none).

Frank J.

Heh heh... 'tard.

Rating: 2.2/5 (19 votes cast)

I Hate Frank
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