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May 30, 2005
New Blog Carnival Showcase #14
Posted by Harvey at 02:30 PM | View blog reactions | Comments (13)

Unlike certain blogs which are mere fat-headed collections of B-list, pseudo-celeb, talentless hackery, IMAO actually cares about the struggling lesser-known lights of the blogosphere. And unlike certain puppy-blending blogospheric overlords who let incontinent cows do the bulk of their blogging, IMAO occasionally links someone besides Ann freakin' Althouse.

To prove that this is so, IMAO is hosting this week's edition of The New Blog Showcase Carnival - a round-up of self-submitted posts from bloggers who've been in the game for 3 months or less. So let's welcome these new kids to our little corner of the 'sphere by making fun of their raggedy clothing and funny accents... (continued in the extended entry)

In "Tom Delay v Ronnie Earle", ConspiracySquirrels.com shows that the case against Tom DeLay has its roots in Texas as partisan political payback for the 2003 redistricting scrum. Seems Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle is actually a Kool-aid-drinking Democratic pocket-watch who makes Dan Rather look like Frank J.

Vryce of Postcards From Metro Suburbia lets it be known in "Open letter to the elderly couple driving in front of me today" that the only thing worse than listening to an old person rambling on about the "good old days" is being stuck behind a wheezing geezer in traffic while he tries desperately to remember what all those funny little levers & pedals are for.

By the way, Vryce, your grandpa read this and cut you out of his will. Guess you'll have to get your walking bird & belt-onion somewhere else.

NOTR of ROFASix predicts in "Airline Security - Do you really need to get naked before you board that aircraft?" that thanks to new X-ray imaging technology, you can expect to see celebrity naked X-ray pictures on the cover of the National Enquirer. Beware the Michael Moore issue! [CAUTION: there's a sample naked X-ray picture in this post. Exercise discretion if surfing from work].

Shamalama of Common Folk Using Common Sense points out in "The Evils of Phil A. Buster, Part Three" that if the Democrats want to control who gets appointed as a judge, maybe they should try winning some elections instead being a bunch of whiny jackaninnies threatening to filibuster every damn nomination that comes down the pike.

Or they can just wait for the Republicans to roll over & surrender their power, which seems to work even better.

The Prisoner of Your Village Voice contends in "The Article Heard 'Round the World" that the "conservative magazine" Newsweek's publishing an article on Koran-flushing was NOT the cause of riots that left 15 people dead. This entry is either brilliantly understated satire or... an interesting opinion. I'm not sure which.

The MaryHunter of TMH's Bacon Bits says in "Misinformation Overload: Adult Stem Cell vs. Embryonic Stem Cell Research" that, when choosing between Adult and Embryonic stem cells, the best choice is to pick your nose instead of listening to the MSM hype. This is a fair and balanced article, guaranteed to annoy people on both sides of the issue.

Crazy Like a Fox of The Smirk writes "Lesbians And The Bugman" as a reminder to husbands everywhere that - although the cabinet under the sink is handy place for... um... photograph-oriented adult literature - you might want to consider a location with a lower noticability factor.

Bob of Either Orr tells a tale in "Why it matters" of the sweet, schadenfreude-y goodness of watching corrupt government officials having their dirty deeds come back to bite their sleazy hinders.

Finally, Pamela of Atlas Shrugs posts "A REAL New York Moment: Saddam's Skivvies" which has a pictoral guide from the New York Post of various undergarments that Saddam should consider as a replacement for his blighty-whities. Highly recommended.

Next week's Showcase will be held at Common Sense Run Wild. If your blog is 3 months old or less, submit your best post to showcase.carnival-at-gmail.com for posting in the next Monday's round-up. See the Showcase home page for details, and remember - you can use Ferdy's extremely convenient All-Purpose Carnival Submission Form to submit your entry information.

Also, Showcase is looking for hosts for future carnivals. See the Showcase Main Post for open dates.

Rating: 3.0/5 (43 votes cast)

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