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June 09, 2005
Carnival of Comedy #7
Posted by Harvey at 09:02 AM | View blog reactions | Comments (7)

Ever since I was a tiny Blogspotling, I've quested for the secret of blogospheric domination. Having studied Instapundit - the unquestioned overlord of the blogiverse since time immemorial - I think I have discovered that secret:

Minimal commentary
Judicious application of trendy buzzwords, such as "Hmmm", "Heh", and "Indeed".

Brevity. Hmmm.

[NOTE - posts which include words or images that might make sensitive people feel squirmy will be marked with an "S"]

Two Dogs - Mean Ol' Meany - Mean Ol' Meany's Relationship Help-Line

Blacksploitacious. Indeed.

Senator Walters - The Stall Street Journal - Lately Fashionable.

Superannuated. Heh.

NOTR - ROFASix - Cessna Attack on DC - A Cessna Pilot's Perspective

Avionic. Heh.

Charles Jordan - [blogless] - Original Jokes:

They say that being dominated by a woman is one of a terrorist's worst fears. I say if it's good enough for John Kerry, it's good enough for a terrorist!

I saw the pictures of the male Iraqi prisoners naked and stacked in a human pyramid. I suppose that's called abuse in Baghdad but in San Francisco that's called a successful party!

I saw on the news that Ted Kennedy was upset because he was inadvertantly put on the Homeland Security "No Fly" list. Homeland Security corrected the error by putting him on the "No Drive" list.

Having John McCain in the Republican party is like having a bisexual roommate. You never know who he's going to be in bed with.

I'm tired of hearing about the terrorist prisoners in Iraq humiliated by being made to wear women's underwear. Hell, most of the democrats in congress wear women's underwear and they're not humiliated!

Conservative women are always more appealing than liberal women. Liberal women can be picked up on any street corner.

Unlinkable. Hmmm.

The Evil Emperor Mindstation - Point Five - Point Five Exclusive: Zarqawi Get Well Card Intercepted

Capraphilia. Heh.

Patriot Xeno - Right Hand of God - RHOG Votes No to EU Constitution

Plebiscitary. Heh.

Hatless in Hattiesburg - Hatless in Hattiesburg - Test

Toned. Hmmm.

[S] GC - Big [S] and [S] - ĦEl cielo ha caido! (The heavens have fallen!)

Precipitated. Indeed.

Ironman - Political Calculations - A Memo From Management

Catbertesque. Heh.

[S] Chuck - From My Position... On The Way! - Top 5 dumb things I did this week

Educable. Heh.

Sen Marcellus - The Walloper - The Virgin Mary

Fenestrated. Indeed.

Citizen Grim - Right Hand of God - French Soldier's Survival Kit

Capitulards! Heh.

Michael Higgins - Chocolate and Gold Coins - Self-Help Guru Advises Us to Ignore the Experts

Antinomial. Hmmm.

[S] El Capitan - Baboon Pirates - The Great Cat Treat Challenge

Indigestable. Heh.

[S] Jason Pomerantz - Fiddle and Burn - The Laptop

Unillustrated. Hmmm.

Don - Zap*Germs - Not Making This Up: CDC Investigates an "Outbreak of Obesity" - in West Virginia

Megatumescent. Hmmm.

Buckley F. Williams - The Nose On Your Face - Top 9 Suggested Ann Coulter Book Titles

Pseudobibliophilic. Heh.

David - Third World County - Golly, another one-a those WoW "Huh?" words

Acculturation. Heh.

Jim McCarthy - Letters From California - Letter from California-June 5, 2005

Ignominiously. Indeed.

Odiwan - Irritation Station - Going to the Movies

Incommodious. Heh.

[S] Elyas - Ablogistan - Adventures of Acinom #4: Barbershops and Purple Hearts

Depilatory. Heh.

Nickie Goomba - Nickie Goomba - U.S. Describes Even More Cases Of Koran Mishandling

Impiety. Indeed.

a4g - Point Five - Inmates Await Michael Jackson Verdict

"Deliverance". Heh.

Tommy - Striving For Average - Swimming: If you are going to go

Aquaman? Hmmm.

GEBIV - There's One, Only! - Yeee Haw!

Interplanetary. Heh.

Mad House Madman - Chronicles of a Medical Mad House - Recommendations

Vulnerary. Hmmm.

Simon P. Chappell - Upright and Breathing - Funny thread on the Struts mailing list

SuperUberHypergeekdom. Hmmm.

Adam - Government Cheese - How Do You Think Mark Felt?

Deeper. Indeed.

[S] Chuck - You Big Mouth, You! - Norman Mailer

Cirrhosisisms. Heh.

Pluto's Dad - Eye On The Ball News - McCain Compromise: Wilford Brimley to Replace Bolton

Fungible. Indeed.

[S] Kim Chong-il - Beloved Leader - Korean Word of the Week 05.06.01

Gwiyopda. Indeed.

Hans Mast - The (not so) Daily Me - Great Parody Site!

Misrepresentational. Hmmm.

[S] Ellison - Blog d'Ellison - ACCUMULATION

Avaricious. Heh.

Senator Walters - The Stall Street Journal - Shaving Face

Hirsute. Heh.

JimmyB - The Conservative UAW Guy - It's like the A-List, but different. The Gay-List!!

Multiloquent. Indeed.

Ferdinand T. Cat - Conservative Cat - CSI Schaumburg - Teaser for Episode 36, "It Takes a Village"

Veracious. Heh.

Will Franklin - WILLisms - Trivia Tidbit Of The Day: Part 69.

Bluestockings. Hmmm.

Lana - Live From the Guillotine - The Book Meme

Bubbleheadisms. Heh.

Dana - Northshore Politics - I wonder how you would fix 'em?

Huevos. Indeed.

Kim - Ramble Strip - Tom Cruise is still nuts, I may be starting to panic, and Discoman is trademarked throughout in an attempt to be funny by overusing the TM symbol

Eclectic. Hmmm.

Doc Rampage - Doc Rampage - deep sigh

Ennui. Indeed.

Chad Hamilton - PlaidBerry - Top Ten Excuses For John Kerry's Bad Grades

Flop. Heh.

If you spot a typo or a broken permalink, pipe up in the comments.


And if you want to catch up with past editions, see the Carnival of Comedy page.


Rating: 2.7/5 (19 votes cast)

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