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June 16, 2005
Carnival Of Comedy #Hate 8
Posted by spacemonkey at 11:59 PM | View blog reactions | Comments (10)

Ok maybe I've got a bad attitude. Maybe, it's the afteraffects of getting tranq'd, I dunno but I got a little snarky this week. So, if I hurt anybody's feelings, please, tell me about it in the comments.

No, I don't particularly care, I just want to know.

On to the Carnival. The 8th Carnival Of Comedy. Now with attitude!

If you are one of those happy folk that think using a single silly phrase repeatedly is high comedy then you are in for a treat and are going to frickin' LOVE The Evil Emperor Mindstation Goes To Washington

Do not disturb the Yogurt Tipper says the gravelly geezer - Saintly behavior in our time.

A Obama bin Yeaaarhg-in Caption Contest

Doc Rampage (man that graphic at the top is big) says Technogrexual's are really technoweenies

If you are put off by Joel Osteen's 'feel good' religion you'll like to know about the Jesus Seminar II

Personally, I believe this is just a blatant ripoff of "The Meat Market Manager and the Maroon Mittens". Maybe not, but, if you think stories about green gloves and grocers(hey that's alliteration!) are hilarious, put your drinks away when you read The Grocer and the Green Gloves.

This is kind of vulgar but at least its short, hah! you'll get it after reading Grexual healing or maybe my comment just wasn't funny.

Outrageous! - ACLU Condemns "Cruel & Unusual" plumbing at Gitmo.

Pictures and Words, together! And the kicker is the words are about the pictures! The Weekly Monitor - 6/10/2005 Actually rather funny. And don't mean that in a Dan Rather kind of way.

Some people need to just Tone It Down at work.

I'd quess a lot of cattle farmers wished this was accurate. - Cows 4 Sale.

I'l let it speak for itself. New Anorexia Cure Touted, Pizza Futures Soar.

Typical mail - B-Cack Goes Postal.

An army of TWO. - Massive Commie/Hippie Invasion Halted in Small Town, Jesusland .

Bad teeth from a bad habit - That Is So NOT Fabulous.

I can't Gitmo, though I try...

Read the Gratuitous Cajun Joke or maybe it was a jeauxke.

Jim deserves an award for this Trophy Inflation post. Shoot, you guys all deserve one.

Gooood advice from Phin with Things every man should know. You listening, Frank J?

Citizen Grim is a visionary and also a, whats the word for someone who see what's not here, now? anyway here is: Bush's Poll Numbers Directly Tied to Lack of Initiative on Flying Cars

Drop out now! be agGazzillonaire like me! IGuru (Steve Jobs) Began His iCampus Crusade

A aromatic tale starring stinky cheese, Instapungent. And his entry has no profanity this time, how 'bout that Ellison?!

Hmmmm. Late Night Thoughts

Jacko is backo. Michael Jackson and NAMBLA Jointly Celebrate Victory

Future history is so yestermorrow: The War of 2007

I hate the title. Michael Jackson Gets Off!

High-Tech Chairs

Dean: Republikans are all white criminals I know I'm one.

Breaking News: Zombie Fatty Arbuckle Attacking Neverland Ranch

100 percent pre... - ok now, I'm confused. I Don't Get It Who does?

[Language, Grexual Storm/Scout Trooper Photo.]Wilbanks Book Deals

Those who are soon to be parents, we salute you!

Caption the monkey. Wednesday Caption Contest: Part 10.

Hooray! The First! Official Gay-List! I edited his title. See if you can figure out what I did.

Ground Control, Where is Kim Yong? Answer? he's il.

That does it for this week. Thanks for playing, reading, linking, laughing and putting up.

Again compliments on the carnival are welcome in the comments.

Suggestions for making the Carnival better and recommendations for where to stick/shove/[bleep] the Carnival will be tolerated in the comments but snarked at as deemed appropriate.

Next week's Carnival of Comedy will be here again. Yay!
Questions on joining are answered here.

Update: Now with Instalanch-edness

Rating: 2.6/5 (30 votes cast)

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