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June 23, 2005
3^2-th Carnival of Comedy
Posted by spacemonkey at 11:59 PM | View blog reactions | Comments (17)

Welcome to The 3^2-th Carnival of Comedy

Short intro this week and yes I know the carnival is later than advertised. And for good reason. What is the good reason? Exactly.

We are asking for constructive criticism on the entries this week, so I numbered the entries to make it simpler to reference the ones you are giving the critique of.
The object here is NOT TO CRITICIZE SPACEMONKEY. Simply put, I can't take it. I can however, dish it out.

Constructive criticism is what we are looking for here.

If you as a submitter to the carnival don't want to read criticism of your work, don't read the comments.

If you as a reader love an entry, comment in both places assuming they have comments.

Surf with care this week as I have not previewed all the posts for content. There may be some profanities or vulgarities might encounter that there are no warnings about. I wanted to review them for the first time after posting the Carnival.

Ok short intro got long. Several multiple submissions this week. On with the Carnival of Comedy #3^2 i.e. 9. Now with more and improved reader feedback!

1) Dana at Northshore Politics says criminals need to just Curl up and dye She submitted it twice for good measure.

2) Loren Kohl at Almanac of the Mundane presents a news satire piece, Darwinists agree to end evolution

3) Bill C at Brain Droppings presents The Boy hunt continues....

4) Gullyborg at Resistance is futile! presents The Montana Free Zone

5) a4g at Point Five presents Bush to Unveil New "Border Defense" Policy

6) Mama Duck at Texas Ducks presents Holy Crap or "She's Pooping the Distance!"

7) Ironman at Political Calculations presents Differences Between You and Your Boss

8) Steve the Pirate at Steve the Pirate[net] presents I'm a Genius

9a) Holly Aho at Soldiers' Angel - Holly Aho presents The 101 Things E-4 Skippy Canít Do While in the Army and
9b) The Woman Who Stole a Dead Cat

11) Peemil at Where are my socks? presents What to do if the television eats you and puts you in a porno movie.[adult themes and artwork]

12) Dr. Phat Tony at Dr. Phat Tony's presents A Softer Side Of Phat

13) Jason Pomerantz at Fiddle and Burn: A Daily Comic Strip in Prose presents Jesus vs. Superman

14a) David at satire presents Larry King, Serial husband, monogamous Polygamist and the joys of multiple fatherhood [Images Probably Not Work Safe] and
14b) Michael Jackson Wins 4 Official and 1 Unofficial Oscar Verdicts (Part 1) [Images Probably Not Work Safe] David, only these two entries had valid urls, sorry.

15a) Damian G. at Conservathink presents Obviousman couldn't have said it better and
15b) Can you say, "Karma"?

16) Mustang 23 at Assumption of Command presents What is the Most Humid place in Iraq?

17) Buckley F. Williams at The Nose On Your Face presents "Shecky" Muhammad Opens Up Israeli Tour

18) alsocanadian at IAM(also)CANADIAN presents You Might Be A Jedi CANADIAN If...

19) Jim McCarthy at Letter From California presents Rock of Old Ages

20) bob at either orr presents The Khadr Family

21) Doc Rampage at Doc Rampage presents a sewing machine I actually want

22) The Man at GOP and the City presents Fox Outsources "24" To India

23) Pamela at Atlas Shrugs presents Contrary to whatever you've heard, He's not my boyfriend

24) The Evil Emperor Mindstation at Point Five presents Assassination Attempt Against Michael Moore Fails

25) Citizen Grim at Right Hand of God presents Gitmo & Aruba: A Tale of Two Resorts

26) David Brazeal at Horn+Swoggled presents Lakewood Launches Scientology Takeover Bid

27) Big Picture Guy at Big Picture, Small Office presents Throne for a Loop

28) Weisshaupt at Impossible Things to Believe Before Breakfast presents Liberals and Star Trek

29) Editor at Editors in Pajamas presents Statement

30) Mark A. Rayner at The Skwib presents The Lost PowerPoint Slides (#4)

31) Urthshu at Urthshu presents LGF Parody

32) John Hatch at Ideas Hatched presents One year of blogging

33a) Clupbert at Extra Strength Boredom Relief presents Northern Ireland Still Bored and
33b) baseball game rules

34) Stephen Feher at 411Mania - Politics presents The Weekly Monitor - 06-17-2005

35) Two Dogs at Mean Ol' Meany presents Dr. Akeith Responds

36) Will Franklin at WILLisms.com presents Creative Taxidermy.

37) Patriot Xeno at Right Hand of God presents Reviews of Movies I Have Not Seen Based Solely on Their Title:

38) jimmyb at The Conservative UAW Guy presents Durbin the [bleep]. Oops, I Mean Dick Durbin.

39) Kit Jarrell at Euphoric Reality presents The Time-Life Album That Never Quite Got Released

Thanks for taking part in the 9th Carnival of Comedy. Your comments welcome.

Info on entering the Carnival of Comedy can be found here.

Rating: 2.6/5 (26 votes cast)

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