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August 11, 2005
A Story, Bit-by-Bit
Superego: Part 9 - Mecha-Allah
Posted by Frank J. at 03:00 PM | View blog reactions | Comments (5)


I was being shot at.

Actually, everyone was being shot at by five sentients screaming what my translator was interpreting as, "Mechanized Allah is great!" People were falling dead or wounded all around me from the rapid, slug-firing guns the attackers were using with a crazed zeal.

My luck: A terrorist attack. I had heard of these guys. They were a number of humans and aliens that worshiped a gigantic city destroying robot - Mecha-Allah - that they believed to be their god taken corporal form. Since so many people were out to destroy Mecha-Allah based on him commanding his supporters to kill unbelievers, they hid him. This made the CyberIslamists even more crazed because they were supposed to pray five times a day towards Mecha-Allah but didn't know where he was. This meant lots of praying in random directions.

Yeah, it's really stupid, but you don't know how much I sometimes wish I was able to have religious faith.

The scene at the cafe was pure random mayhem and it annoyed me to no end. I mean, I have little regard for "innocents" when converging on a target, but to go out of one's way to kill them seemed so silly. As soon as I grasped the situation, I was about to pull out two guns and take the terrorists down in a seconds time.

But that puts all my cards on the table. No question I'm a great killer then, and then many questions follow from the authorities.

So what now? Inaction could get me shot and almost had already, so I quickly pretend I'm someone else. Decided I'm a police officer on vacation who brought one gun with him out of habit. Killing five would be a feat, but I could make it look lucky - be skilled but not too skilled.

I drew a gun with my right hand and fired twice at one, the first missing on purpose and second burning the terrorist, the lizard like creature letting out a dying shriek to his robotic master.

Three more shots as I went for cover (cop would only use inanimate objects and not other people as cover, so I had to watch myself). Two of those three struck a human terrorist, and the remaining three attackers now focused on me (I was really the only one in the crowd with a gun? That's sad when a criminal is the first defense). I partially hid behind a lamppost and fired back.

These guys weren't aiming. They were just doing automatic fire in my direction and were quite pathetic about it. I fired two more close but missing shots before killing a third. I then noticed some bullets hitting near my feet and decided to commit to the part I was playing by sticking out my leg.

After the bullet ripped through my calf muscle, I let myself fall to the ground. As I fell, I ended the fight with two shots that got two kills. One hand on my leg and the other on my gun, I looked around the fire of the former cafe and the panic around it to see there were no more "bad guys" left to shoot. I set down my gun and began bandaging my leg with a cloth napkin.

"You saved us!" gasped a middle-aged woman clutch a child.

False modesty - that seemed to be the norm for this sort of thing. "In the end, I was just saving my self." (completely true). Would I get in the news for this? That would not be helpful.

"Can I help you with..."

"I'm fine," I interrupted the woman as I tightened the bandage, "Keep watch on your son." Others were gathered around me. "Look for the wounded to help the authorities when they get here," I commanded calmly, "I can handle myself." This role-playing was kinda fun... other than how much the bullet hurt.

I thought it was a good acting all in all and the wounded leg sealed the deal, but I knew the real police would be there any moment to test how great my "vacationing cop" act really was.


Rating: 2.2/5 (32 votes cast)

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