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October 12, 2005
A Story, Bit-by-Bit
Superego: Part 43 - The Calm Before the Storm
Posted by Frank J. at 04:32 PM | View blog reactions | Comments (18)



* * * *

"I think I have an anger problem, Dip."

"Perhaps because you don't have much experience dealing with it, Rico."

I trekked through the busy streets towards the convention center. If everyone had their orders right, no one would try and start the festivities before I got there. Still, I kept my eyes peeled in case one fool wanted the glory of killing me.

"How are you?" Dip asked.

"A little battered, but I'll be fine." I laughed. "I think she was trying to save me, but her knocking my head around could end up being the death of me if it affects my combat. Now, that's irony."

"I have a few inquiries."

"Since this may be the last time we talk, I will answer one question for you conclusively, Dip. So chose carefully."

I suspected what that question would be, but I wasn't quite right.

"Do you think you're evil, Rico?"

"No," I answered immediately. I then thought on it for a moment. "But I'm probably wrong."

"I don't think you're evil."

"You don't think at all, Dip; you're a computer program."

"It was just an expression."

"You ready on your end?"

"I am, Rico. Are you ready?"

"More than ready." In fact, I was more excited than I ever remembered. I guess it was bloodlust. I'd have to keep my emotions neutral, though, if I wanted to survive this.

Do I want to survive?

Doubt. I didn't usually have that, but now I was questioning myself. It was like having my own Diane living inside my head. I guess that's what a conscience is. Well, I didn't have time for it, so I kept focusing on the plan and trudged on towards my destination.

"Rico, Diane did give me a way to try and clear the civilians before the violence takes place. Would you like me to implement it when the time comes?"

"Will it interfere with my plans any?"

"Doubtful. There isn't much to it."

"Then do it. Let's keep this fight between us bad people."

The convention center was packed with sentients waiting for the great Galactic Senator to speak about the uniting of the world and species to a common cause. I didn't know how many there were hitmen just waiting for the signal, but it would become quite obvious in a few minutes.

I headed to a back room where Gredler was waiting. He was surrounded by armed guards, Randatti thugs in Galactic Alliance garb from the look of their weapons.

"You're late."

"I don't remember giving a time I would show up." I casually looked to the door in the read of the room which was Gredler's escape path. That might be important later. I then took a quiet inventory of the rest of the room. Eight thugs ready for battle and one Senator. "I'd like to get in a few shots myself if that's okay. Otherwise, I'll take my money and be off."

"We can handle this ourselves," the Senator answered. I could have asked why he asked for me to be here then, but I knew the answer was to kill me. It was the smart thing to do.

"Implementing crowd control," Dip said in my ear, "I'll indicate when the main phase is about to start."


Despite the warnings, there were screams of panic. I could see on a monitor that most were fleeing the main auditorium.

But some stayed.

"What's happening?" the Senator demanded.

"I'm clearing out the civilians," I answered.

"That's losing us our cover!"

I laughed. "It will still be plenty crowded here." I looked to the monitors and saw there were a lot who stayed... including a number of females (guess who they were with). "The Corloni and the Randatti are waiting for your speech; are you going to give it?"

"I'm getting out of here!" the Senator announced.

"It's time." Dip announced to me.

I locked the doors behind me. "Not so fast, Gredler. You have your plans, but I have mine."

"And what does that mean?" Gredler looked scared, and the thugs looked ready to kill me.

"I've never failed to finish a job I've been hired for."

I drew my two blasters and fired on Gredler's guards, standing my ground the whole time. Only one got off an unaimed shot. It may have been my fastest shooting ever.

Gredler looked stunned... and it was stunning. "I can pay you whatever..."

"Not this time."

One trigger pull, and one Galactic Senator's head was removed. I took Niko out of my pocket, and the little spider robot went to confirm the kill.

"Dip, are you getting the information?"

"Have it."

"Broadcast on all frequencies and get my next statement on the loudspeakers."

I could hear a commotion outside, and the door rattled as people tried to open it.

I cleared my throat.

"This is Rico. Interested members of the Corloni crime syndicate, you should now all have confirmation that Senator Gredler is dead. Though the day of the speech was changed, I have killed him on that day in what is now a very public manner. As far as I am concerned, I have fulfilled my end. Instead of the usual monetary payment, I'm now going to extract a payment of my own.

"Interested members of the Randatti crime syndicate, I'm going to kill you all, too. Nothing personal, it just seems like it will be fun.

"Once again, this is Rico. If you survive today, best you remember that name."

Those outside were now firing on the door. I could see in the monitor that everyone in the auditorium had drawn guns and were trying to see who around were allies and who were enemies.

I closed my eyes and held my guns at my side feeling their lovely weight and the caress of their soft grips molded to my hands. I felt complete. To me, this was spiritual. My nirvana was the chaos that awaited.

There was a tremendous crash, almost like a moon had collided into the building. The place shook so much, I about lost my balance. The monitor was still working, and I could see that a giant transport had landed right in the middle of the auditorium, crashing through the ceiling. Islamic terrorists began spilling out of it shouting and firing, surprised to find that everyone left standing was armed and firing back. Dip had done it; he had decoded the information I gave him and found the terrorist plans... and then he "helped" them pull it off by passing them the information on the convention center Gredler gave me.

There was now a huge cacophony of gunfire and shouting outside, and I was already forgotten about. I couldn't let that stand; this was my game, after all.

I blew open the doors with charged shots from my blasters.

It was time for everyone to die.


Rating: 2.3/5 (28 votes cast)

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