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October 11, 2006
Wild Bill Interview
Posted by spacemonkey at 11:54 AM | View blog reactions | Comments (8)

Wild Bill, the writer at Passionate America and past host of The Carnival of Comedy, was recently a newsbreaker. He and another blogger, Ms. Underestimated, researched and released the name of one of the alegedly underaged Foleygate interns. Their investigtion, contained in this heavily linked post revealed this particular intern was neither underage nor an intern at the time the released IM's, which are disgusting, were made. This resulted in Mr Bill being interviewed on a number of media outlets. I caught up with Wild Bill in the middle of the chaos. When I realized this was a somebody who was a former nobody to whom I probably appear to be a somebody I decided to interview him and completely un-euphemistically grab the coattails of his sudden rise to fame.

A Spacemonkey Interview with Wild Bill Kerr (incidentally through an IM interface.)
[The following interview was lightly edited for humor, and to correct some of my misssplllellings]

spacemonkey: Wild Bill, may I call you Wild for short?

Wild Bill: yep

spacemonkey: Ok Wild, how about W.B., can I call you W.B. for even shorter?

[time passes]

Take your time. The questions are going to get tougher you know.

Wild Bill: yep
holly crap I didn't prepare

spacemonkey: That may be your undoing.
Why am I interviewing you today? Have you broken some story about something? Or am I wasting my time here?
Oh yeah I remember.
The Foley page thing.
What did you uncover?

Wild Bill: I didn't break a story some guy named "the blogger" did but I think I heard something about the Folly thing.
I saw this guy on TV a while ago that looked a lot like me talking about this

spacemonkey: Was this person, in fact, you?

Wild Bill: I forgot let me ask someone smarter than me like my wife..........she said yes it was me.

spacemonkey: Ok good, what did you say? I am in Alabama where all we get is Mama's Family.
A fine show, but not very current eventish.

Wild Bill: Well I said wholly crap and they played it, can you say wholly crap on the TV? Oh and I said something about the follow thing I forget. You might have to go to my site and read it. Mama's family sons intersting.

spacemonkey: It is.But I digress.

Wild Bill: sounds I told you I can't spell. and about 1000 other people told m that today

spacemonkey: Well, I've been told that a few times myself about myself but this interview isn't about me or my spelling or yours for that matter.
Its more about you and something you said or did or something with regard to Pagegate.

Wild Bill: Oh yeah,

spacemonkey: Or Foleygate or whatever they're labeling it.
When you say wholly crap I asume you mean that phonetically.
Because something tha's wholly crap is literally, completely crap.
and the only thing that is wholly crap would be in fact, crap.

Wild Bill: I never did the hooked on phonics thing. Hey I found this guy on the radio taking about the Follygate thing you might want to interveiw him. http://www.msunderestimated.com/2006/10/05/wild-bill-on-atlantas-96rock-regular-guys-show-audio/
He sounds smart

spacemonkey: Your story isn't wholly crap I'm guessing.

Wild Bill: No a set of scientificaly train money faced liberals tried to throw poo at it and it just feel off.
trained there I go again

spacemonkey: I see.

Wild Bill: monkey arrrggghhh!!!

spacemonkey: Yes monkeys can be maddening.
Now, assuming that my readers are not familiar with your, if I may, meteoric rise to talkingheadiness.

Wild Bill: Where have you BEEN, man?

spacemonkey: Well, I was at work, then I went home, and then went and took my family to supper at Waffle House, came home and... wait, that was rhetorical wasn't it?

Wild Bill: Oh did I tell you I'm gonna be on something they call the radio tomorrow

spacemonkey: Yes, lets talk more about OTHER INTERVIEWS.

Wild Bill: Waffel house we can't afford the Waffle House you must be rich or something.
Oh this guy I think he is on Fox Gibson I think talked to me on the phone and I heard from someone that he played it on the AM radio and I thought that was a dirty trick.

spacemonkey: Compared to many, I am.

Wild Bill: And a paper I think one of them that my birds poop on talked to me with a recorder thingy and I said some really stupid things. I think.
I hope my mom does not hear it.

spacemonkey: Tell me, are you stupid, W.B.? My momma always says "stupid is as stupid does"'. Nothing was mentioned about what stupid says, though.
That may have been Forrest Gump momma, not my own.
That said that.
Back to the meat of the interview.
I know it can be dizzying the fame and fortune that come from being suddenly famous,but tell me. WB.
Did that other starmaking event, of course the time you hosted the carnival of comedy prepare you for this media frenzy?
Or is this less maddeningly crazy that that was?
By your silence am i to assume you have gone media-catatonic?

Wild Bill: The COC has made all of this possible I give all the credit to IMAO and my wife said I should probubly thank you also but I don't always listen to my wife.
What is the moon like?

spacemonkey: Hole-y.

Wild Bill: Is it made of cheese?

spacemonkey: That's a myth. It's not nuked enough for my tastes, but tell me...wb, W.B. is the talking head racket all it seems? hollow, shallow and kooky?

Wild Bill: Paul Zahn (is that her name?) she is on some CNN thing she was nice and said I could eat all the cookies in the green room if I come on her show.

spacemonkey: Technorati has 104 links to your story where you detail the investgation into the Foley IM Page's Identity and age. How many hits has your site gotten as a result?

Wild Bill: And Glenn Beck said he would like to have me on his TV show if it doesn't get canceled first.
Is that that sitemeter thingy?

spacemonkey: Glenn can count on the spacemonkey household watching .
between momma's family episodes.
Yes site meter, what be the hit rate?

Wild Bill: I just click on it right?

spacemonkey: I went all pirate for moment.
I looked but didn't see a sitemeter link

Wild Bill: 41,000 and there is a bigger number that says page veiws today 70,000
what does that mean?
Oh wait you are supposed to ask the questions.

spacemonkey: Holy crap!
35,000 yesterday and 41,000 today
If you go on Rush and Hannity, you may kill blog-spot.
An outcome which some may applaud.
Not me but ..... some.

Wild Bill: I think I might have fried a few of there servers today. I am sorry from now on I will just do fart joke on my blog.

spacemonkey: Fart joke are all the same joke.
The same hillarious joke.
Pooty much the same, any way.
If it does go down, May I mirror your story on my blog?

Wild Bill: this story?
this IM?

spacemonkey: nah this is going On IMAO.
your "name that page" story

Wild Bill: well I am a comedy blogger at heart this politics stuff is crazy.
yes mirror it. you will take a lot of heat, so make sure you say I am an a**hole

spacemonkey: All of us is one to a degree, at least percentagewise.
since we all have one and all and well, nevermind.

Wild Bill: I love what you guys do over at IMAO. I read it all the time, but who am I? I'm just a guy that got big balls one day and kicked in them the next.

spacemonkey: Better to have them and be kicked in them, than to be French and never know what it's like to have them.
Jump up and down on your heels, that helps.
I hear

Wild Bill: Yeah I might have over estimated my ball size.

spacemonkey:Ummm. I'm not comfortable.

Wild Bill: Can you do me a favor

spacemonkey: Look, I'm over 18, and I'm straight.

Wild Bill: haha

spacemonkey: Actually I'm double 18.
And double straight.

Wild Bill: Can you ask me about Ms Underestimated and add it to the post? She helped so much with this story and she is not getting the credit she deserves.

spacemonkey: Is Ms Underestimated, being underestimated?
AND Ms-ed. (pronounced 'missed')

Wild Bill: yes she was the brains and I was the balls. Can I say that?
Ms. Underestimated

spacemonkey: I think you just did.
She did the brainwork? And you made the testosterone?

Wild Bill: Oh and one last thing, you are not gonna save this IM and let a lib get it so they can use it against me before an election are you?

spacemonkey: A little bit, yeah.

Wild Bill: crap you can call it Billgate, isn't that a rich guy?

spacemonkey: I think he owns the copyright to that one.
Hey, WB, thanks for being my guinea pig for my first non-self interview.
For those of you just tuning in, scroll up.

Wild Bill: I had a great time.

spacemonkey: Me too.
go to bed

Wild Bill: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Rating: 2.7/5 (27 votes cast)

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