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October 12, 2006
Frank Discussions: Dr. Bob Bowman
Posted by Frank J. at 09:35 AM | View blog reactions | Comments (54)

Democrat Dr. Bob Bowman, a Vietnam combat veteran, is running in my district, Florida District 15, for Congress against Republican Rep. Dave Weldon who has served at the Space Coast's representative since 1994. Dave Weldon won his last reelection with 65% of the vote and seems to not be expecting much of challenge, but recent event have shaken things up, including the scandal involving another Florida Congressman, Mark Foley.

Dr. Bob Bowman recently got a bit of notice in the blogosphere for his views on government complicity in 9/11, and I decided to request an interview. He accepted, and I sent him some questions through e-mail. A request for an interview with Rep. Dave Weldon was unanswered by his campaign staff.

Here's the interview:

Q. You state that there is mounting evidence of the U.S. government's complicity in 9/11. What do you think is the most compelling evidence of this?

A. Lack of intercept and the fall of WTC 7.

Q. You've said before that you think Vice President Dick Cheney is a key suspect as the architect of the 9/11 attack. What do you think he had to gain?

A. I said (in an answer to a hypothetical question) that IF someone in our government was involved, the key suspect would be Cheney because of his role in running the exercises which masked the "hijacked" airliners. He, along with Wolfowitz, Libby, Perle, Feith, Rumsfeld, etc., put forth the PNAC document which planned the occupation of Iraq in 2000. They saw Iraq as key to military control of the entire Middle East and perhaps ten trillion dollars worth of oil and gas. Cheney has already gained many millions through his Halliburton stock options from the Iraq War justified by 9/11.

Q. One position you've written on your website is that, if the CIA cannot be reformed, it should be abolished. Don't you think that will be a tough sell with terrorism still an important issue to many Americans?

A. We would not be the target of terrorists if we didn't have a foreign policy which uses military power to subdue third world countries so our multinational corporations can steal their resources. The intelligence analysts at the CIA are actually quite good. They were right in saying that Iraq was no threat and had no weapons of mass destruction. They were not listened to. But the "dirty tricks" side of the CIA has been responsible for millions of deaths. Yes, it will be a hard sell because so many Americans have swallowed the phony War on Terror. I propose it because it's right, not because it's easy.

Q. I had never heard about video games being used to decondition recruits from a reluctance to kill. Are these regular video games being commercially sold or special training simulators made by the military?

At first they were all regular commercial video games. I think the military has made some of their own now.

Q. When you refer to the "rape of Yugoslavia" on your campaign site, what do you mean?

The dismantling of Yugoslavia ordered by George H. W. Bush and completed by Clinton with 70 days of bombing of Kosovo in violation of the War Powers Act and the Constitution. I've written extensive articles on this. See, for example, the Kosovo article on www.rmbowman.com/ssn.

Q. You state on your site "If I were President, I would pardon thousands of nonviolent offenders and political prisoners." Who are the political prisoners you refer to?

Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal for starters.

Q. What do you consider to be the biggest threat to our nation right now?

The fascist regime of George W. Bush.

Q. Your running in what's considered a very safe district for Republicans. Are you just trying to make a point, or do you think you can win?

A. I intend to win, and to win big.

Q. Why do you think Dave Weldon doesn't deserve reelection?

A. He is merely a rubber stamp for the Bush Administration. He votes against the interest of the people of this country regularly. His voting record is rated as absolute zero by such groups as the Disabled American Veterans and the Association for Retired Americans.

Q. In closing, do you have a message for our nation's youth?

A. We need a government which serves the needs of the people, not their own financial interests. Go to www.Bowman2006.com and read my Vision for America. We can have such a nation if we work together and take back our country. Study the issues, then register and vote. You are our future.

Rating: 2.3/5 (34 votes cast)

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