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December 12, 2006
There's a sickening conference of hatred going on in the world right now...
Posted by Laurence Simon at 09:38 AM | View blog reactions | Comments (8)

Since the Iranians are holding a conference questioning the Holocaust, but I guess that's only fair since they're only just countering the world-famous Conference of Mohammed Denial going on in Tel Aviv right now.

Haven't heard about it?

Well, of course not. Jews control the media, right, Mel Gibson?

The organizers claim that this conference is being held because there's so much anti-Muslim sentiment out there, and there's no better solution to Islamophobia that getting the truth out about the solid foundations underneath today's Religion Of Peace, right?

But in reality, it's just a racist, Islam-denying group of haters and propagandists looking to generate anti-Muslim sentiment among government figures and hard-right Christian pro-Zionist agistators looking to wipe every member of the Arab League and OIC off of the map.

A careful examination of the agenda reveals the sick underbelly of these creatures:

  • Did Mohammed actually happen, or was he some kind of articulated mannequin made from various readily-available materials such as wood scraps and meat byproducts?

  • Did Mohammed happen to the extent claimed by historians, or was it just an excuse used by Muslims to steal Christian holy land?

  • Did Mohammed actually hear revelations from the Angel Gabriel, or was he just nuts?

  • Did Mohammed actually rape and then marry Aisha, or was he actually a homosexual that would never rape and marry a female child?

These pretty much cover all the major issues that Mohammed-deniers constantly bring up today. Sure, they say that they are coming up with well-researched answers on each controvery regarding Mohammed, wishing to finally put the endless debates to rest, but these so-called academics and religious figures attending the conference are nothing more than deranged psychopaths looking for an excuse to continue their endless crusage against the Islamic world.

They may say that questioning aspects of Mohammed is not meant to diminish his influence over civilization today, but we know the truth. They aren't treating the subject matter with the same intellectual curiosity that participants in the Iranian conference on the Holocaust are doing with that (alleged) historical event, completely absent of genocidal rhetoric and hatred, and they should be ashamed

What shacks me to the core are the photos of a fringe group of imams attending the conference who deny the divine nature of Mohammed, deny the legitimacy of every Islamic state and institution, and feel that any talk of the caliphate by any means other than Allah's direct intervention is just an excuse of dreams of Islamic conquest. These self-loathing Muslims, oh how they make me sick!

Oh, worst of all was their contest to come up with a logo for the conference. I mean, come on... did they really need to go looking for more cartoons?

Oh well. Hopefully, the conference will end without incident, and there won't be any reports of six rabbis working together to do a dry-run of a repeat of 9/11.

Rating: 2.4/5 (18 votes cast)

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