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February 01, 2008
Start Your Morning Off with Two Scoops of Crazy
Posted by Frank J. at 09:06 AM | View blog reactions | Comments (68)

Voter fraud in Iowa and a plot by Mitt Romney to assassinate Ron Paul (which isn't all that unusual since Bush the elder killed JFK and Bush Jr. killed his son) -- it's all laid out by this Ron Paul supporter on a Ron Paul site (hat tip to reader Pantera):

CORRECTED VERSION: Sent via email & fax on Jan. 7th, 2008


Hello Dave & Joyce.

I'm sending this without having proof-read it for typos since it's getting late. It's also attached as a word document so that you can correct any typos should you want to publicize part or all of it. I may send over a better or longer version of it later after Ted has reviewed it (which he has not yet done). As I said below, I have more information than what I've presented here…but, this should do for now.

Here's what I know, believe and reasonably or, perhaps, unreasonably presume or hypothesize about the apparent Iowa caucus VOTE COUNT FRAUD and possible assassination plot that targeted Dr. Ron Paul.

Dec. 2nd, 2007

1. My wife and I arrived at the Ron Paul rally that was held at the Ft. Des Moines
Marriott Hotel located a 1000 Walnut St. We sat on the last role at the back since we arrived late at 7:40 p.m.

2. I went to the front and engaged Carol Paul, introduced myself and handed her a large manila envelope containing information for Dr. Paul from Ted Gunderson and marked: "Personal and Confidential – For Dr. Ron Paul's Eyes Only." This packet contained a personal letter from Ted Gunderson offering Dr. Paul his professional "security consultant" services…since Ted had the latest information about the high-level Neo Con plot to assassinate Dr. Paul; this "latest information" was included in the packet. The packet also contained DVDs that Ted wanted Dr. Paul to have. I remember Carol telling me: "well, you sure delivered it to the right person" before thanking me.

3. At the conclusion of Paul's speech, Linda and I were the first to leave because I wanted to drive round and round the block to promote Dr. Paul with my large lighted sign I had affixed atop my green van. Dave, you may recall me driving repeatedly around the block.

4. While we were circling around the block, I observed four brand new, SUVs with "suits" inside and all of them had a cell phone to their ear. The four vehicles were positioned east, west, north and south around the Marriott Hotel. The black SUV that was parked at the 10th Street double doors where most of the people were entering and exiting had Virginia License plate: "KO1" and not registration decal. A 2nd SUV also had Virginia tags, the 3rd one had Tennesse tags and we did not get the license of the 4th one.
I was suspicious of these vehicles as Linda and I discussed whether Dr. Paul had Secret Service protection. We still need to find out whether he did or not!

5. I observed an orange (or red) car [make & model not noticed] come to stop on the northside of the Ft. Des Moines Marriot that was illegally parked on Walnut St.—in the street/not curbside—about 40 or 50 feet from where Dr. Paul would have exited from the eastside double doors (presumed). This suspicious vehicle remained in this location for at least 20 minutes while the public was exiting Dr. Paul's event. I had driven around the block at least 5 or 6 times and kept noticing that it never moved. This may be inconsequential… except for the audacity of parking illegally for so long a time and so close to the exit door. A long-haired individual [did not notice if male or female] was sitting at the wheel as though waiting for someone.

6. While we circled the building about 14 times, I had observed you, Dave, walking up and down the east-side sidewalk and talking into a microphone (presumed). Another fact I determined to be highly suspicious was that Hannity & Colms just by COINCIDENCE happened to shooting a show inside the bar (i.e. Raccoon River Brewery) adjacent to the Ft. Des Moines Marriott—on the same night and at the same time as Dr. Paul's rally. I mean, what's the chances of this happening? What most alarmed me was the name "Kauffmann" for "Kauffman Broadcasting" that was the logo on the door of the huge broadcasting truck parked on the southside of the Raccoon River Brewery/on Mulberry St. Now, this may not mean anything to you…but, it means a helluva-a-lot to Ted and me because we have the proof that the name "Kauffman" is heavily involved in CIA covert operations—both domestic and foreign. In fact, the assassin crew that was stalking Ted and I in Las Vegas and that succeeded in poisoning both of us was affiliated with Carlton and Kauffman out of Guatemala, evidently a CIA "cutout" company. Visit the following link for more information about this true fact:

http://www.1-free-dvd.com/About_more_info_on_CIA_Assassin.html and

A search of the name "Kauffman + CIA" shows how embedded the Kauffman family is with the CIA. As a side note concerning vested financial interests in the Marriott Hotel chain, Mitt Romney is one of the owners [not yet verified].

So, I was alerted by these COINCIDENCES but at the time I did not hypothesize that a plot may have been afoot to assassinate Dr. Paul on the night of Jan. 2nd, 2007. I did not realize this possibility until last night when I awoke from my sleep with this crazy [or not so crazy] idea in my head. Now, Dave, it is you who articulated so very well about "conspiracy theories" in your 9-11 In Plane Site film…so please bear with me while I attempt to put these puzzle pieces together to form a reasonable hypothesis.

The reason I say that you, Dave, could have foiled a planned assassination [presumed] is because any conspirators would have seen you roaming up and down 10th St. [or perhaps, my circling van troubled the presumed conspirators…or…something else]. Were the Spooks in the black SUVs protecting Dr. Paul or coordinating a plot to assassinate him [or protecting Hannity & Colmes or some other celebrites; unlikely, of course]? Also, guess who would have had the "exclusive" film footage of Dr. Paul's assassination [other than you], FOX News via the Hannity/Colms film crew. This would have skyrocketed FOX off the charts; the corporate stock probably would have skyrocketed to. Imagine, FOX being there on location to get the assassination film footage. Look how valuable the JFK film footage became. Think about this!!

More information regarding "assassination" hypothesis provided below for Dec. 3rd.

Relevant questions at this point:

What is the chance of Dr. Paul's arch enemy FOX/Hannity & Colms filming on the same night and at the same time at a location right next door to where Dr. Paul was speaking?

Is the "Kauffman" Broadcasting logo of on the door of the parked truck the same "Kauffman" whose crew attempted to harm Ted Gunderson and I in Las Vegas – i.e. "Carlton & Kauffman"…and…could "Kauffman" be involved in other assassination plots beside the one that targeting Ted Gunderson and I in Las Vegas…specifically…that of Dr. Ron Paul. "Kauffman" certainly does qualify as a "high level" Neo Con as provided us in Daniel Estulin's recent information about the plot to assassinate Dr. Ron Paul.

Why Des Moines? Is this not the city that the FBI warned was a target for a briefcase nuke attack because of its "shock & awe" benefit should a Midwestern town be hit by terrorists?

Is it possible that the Neo Cons want to assassinate Dr. Paul—not only because he is a threat to their desire to get "their man" into the White House—but his is the catalyst that is inflaming this entire freedom social movement across America? Is Mitt Romney involved? Assuming he was, he'd become a "made" man should Ron Paul had been assassinated. Bush Sr. was photographed in Dealy Plaza at time of the JFK assassination [see film: JFK II – The Bush Connection" and Bush Jr. is said to have been involved in the assassination of JFK Jr., his wife and her sister [see film: The Assassination of JFK, Jr.].

Dec. 3rd, 2007. More on suspected Iowa GOP VOTE COUNT FRAUD and the possible assassination plot of Dr. Ron Paul

My wife and I arrived at Stowe Elementary School, the 32nd precinct for the Iowa GOP caucus, where she wanted to vote for Dr. Ron Paul [she maintains her primary residence in Des Moines even though we are living and working with Ted Gunderson]. At this precinct Dr. Paul took 2nd place with 16 votes…behind Huckabee who had 40 votes. Romney, Guilliani, McCain and Thompson had 0 to 8 votes (we lost our score list later). Linda's family also voted for Dr. Paul. Her sister Lavonne reported that Ron Paul took 1st place in her 94th precinct. Her Mom and Dad reported that Dr. Paul took 2nd place at their precinct. This information is important because it would cause me to question Guilliani's claimed 13% showing (at one time during the vote count) which we observed on the big screen at the Ron Paul Rally that was scheduled to start at 7:30 pm at the Downtown Marriott, 700 Grand Ave. I would later end up being escorted out of this rally by police.

During the day, prior to going to the 32nd precinct so that my wife could vote, we decided to drive all around north, south, east and west Des Moines to do a "sign analysis"– to determine which candidates had the most private yard signs. On the Democrat side Obama took 1st place with Hillary and Edwards running a close 2nd. On the Republican side, Ron Paul and Huckabee definitely won for the most private yard sign count. For the routes we drove, we did not see a single sign for Guilliani, Thompson or McCain. We did see a few for Romney. It is interesting to note that Obama, Edwards and Hillary had a 1-2-3 finish that exactly matched our sign analysis. So why did Ron Paul not take 1, 2 or at least 3rd since he had as many signs as Huckabee along the routes we drove? The signs remain today so anyone can conduct their own yard sign analysis as we did.

More circumstantial evidence that Ron Paul should have placed 1st, 2nd or at least 3rd is the true fact that he had standing room only turnouts at his scheduled events [we saw it, we were there]—far more than Romney, Thompson and McCain who purported whipped him in the caucus. Guilliani wasn't in town.

I developed other circumstantial evidence of VOTE FRAUD that I will not go into at this time. But, I want to tell you what occurred after we left precinct 32 and landed in the Downtown Marriot at 8:15 (approximate time) to attend the scheduled Ron Paul post-caucus rally.

1. When we enter the Hotel I began asking employees (who were wearing the Marriott uniform) for directions to Ron Paul's event. I was shocked to see that the first gentleman I asked looked like the man I had reported to Ted Gunderson was stalking me in Nebraska. A very muscular individual in his late 30's or early 40's with a military haircut. He had on a Marriott uniform and would not make direct eye contact with me—keeping his head lowered—and, he also told me "I don't know" when I asked him where the Ron Paul event was happening. In fact, 3 employees rudely refused to tell me…but, the 4th employee I asked informed me to go to the 3rd floor. When we walked into the ballroom, a band was playing and I got this real bad vibration about this area. Now I know "hunches" don't count in this business but I felt something was not right!

2. My wife and I grabbed some snacks, ordered a soft drink, then sat down to listen to the band and that's when I noticed on the big screen that the Republican vote count was reported as being "41%" completed on the big screen in front of us…with McCain, Thompson and Guilliani each scoring 13% of the vote. Right then…I became upset because I knew in my gut that there was absolutely no way Guilliani could have captured 13% or 15,600 of 120,000 Republican votes in the conservative State of Iowa. Besides that, I reasoned, what's the chances of these three guys hitting the same percentage—that would be like getting three sevens on a slot machine. I complained repeatedly to my wife about the evident vote fraud.

3. Only about 15 minutes had passed, Ron Paul had not yet arrived and the live band took a recess. At this point, I got out of my seat and walked over in front of the stage to address the crowd of Ron Paul supporter who numbered about 60 to 80 people at that time. I said (as I can best recall): "excuse me, may I have your attention please." One guy shouted back "yeah, sure" and everyone got quiet. Then I said: "My name is Clarence Malcolm, I work for Ted Gunderson, a former FBI Division Chief, and I think we have vote fraud occurring here in Iowa because I just came from precinct 32 where Dr. Paul took 2nd place. Can some of you people tell me what your precinct results were with regard to Guilliani?" People began to shout to me that he had gotten "0" or "1" or only 2 or 3 votes in their respective precincts (mostly "0s". The people were listening very intently as I went on to explain that the vote count was apparently fraudulent. Then I told them about the manila envelope that I had delivered to Dr. Paul for Ted Gunderson the night before and I mentioned the fact that it contained information about a Neo Con plot to assassinate him. One lady shouted out: "They're going to assassinate Ron Paul?"…then, suddenly, a uniformed Marriott employee accosted me and ordered me to leave the building. I believed he had no right to do it but when two police officers asked me to leave, I complied and asked the crowd: "do you want me to leave?" Several people indicated that they did not. A couple of news reporters approached me to get information as I was being escorted out of the building. As I exited, one of the police officers indicated to me that he and the other officer supported Dr. Paul and warned me that if I returned I would be arrested. I told him that I was familiar with "trespass" law and would not attempt a return. They were very professional, respectful and polite to me.

4. I waited a minute for my wife to come out and we left for the GOP Headquarters on 9th Street where I intended to fervently complain about the apparent vote fraud—which I did—to a Jr. Staff member after arriving there and introducing myself as an investigator working for Ted Gunderson. I was assured by this individual that the voting was being conducted fairly…but I nevertheless ardently insisted that it was a "fraud" and told the people listening to me: "there is absolutely no way that Guilliani could have 13% of the vote." Linda and I were told that the votes "for the precincts" would be published the following day. As it turned out, they were not and the GOP has unreasonably refused to release the precinct votes. We were at GOP Headquarters for only ten minutes before exiting to go to my wife's parent's home where we turned on the television after arriving there.

5. To my astonishment, Guilliani's percentage had suspiciously dropped from 13% down to 3%—and this occurred in the 45 minutes between when we left the Marriot till arriving here at Linda's parent's home. I knew then that my complaints about Guilliani at the post-caucus rally and/or at the GOP Headquarters—more likely than not—had caused this sudden and very suspicious reduction in Guilliani's standing. Also suspicious, was that Dr. Paul's percentage remained at 10% during the most of the vote count period. It was obvious that the GOP Headquarters persons had broken their promise the day before to do a "live" vote count. On Sunday, January 4th, the Des Moines Register reported only the county totals…hence, I have concluded that the VOTE FRAUD most likely occurred when the votes were translated from precinct-to-county. The corrupt GOP conspirators know that the public could only know the vote count for their particular precinct and would have no way of verifying "county" totals—unless the complete list of precinct results could be obtained…and, as I said…this isn't going to happen. Of course, Christopher Bollyn has exposed that an Israeli Defense firm counted the votes [personally unverified].

6. Now, here's my speculation about the assassination plot in Des Moines. Could it be that because…for one reason or other…the alleged plot to assassinate Dr. Paul on Dec. 2nd in front of the Ft. Des Moines Marriott [presumed, of course, with no hard evidence—only strange coincidences/circumstances] was dwarted; and isn't it reasonable to assume that the conspirators—the assassination crew that was already on location—would make another attempt the following night at the Downtown Marriot…unless…some guy who claimed to work for an internationally renown, former FBI "honcho" stood up and publicly announced to the Ron Paul crowd that there was a plot afoot to assassinate Dr. Paul? Could they go forward with their plan after this? Why, were Dr. Paul to be assassinated, Ted Gunderson would be surrounded by reporters the next day. Well, who knows anything for sure except God…and He works his "divine intervention" in mysterious ways.

But, one has to wonder…why was I escorted out of the Marriott? Why did the Guilliani—the specific candidate I complained about—percentage drop so dramatically in only a 45 minute period? This suspicious incident has been reported across the internet but few know that it COINCIDENTALLY occurred after I had raised a ruckus at the Ron Paul event and at the GOP headquarters.

Dec. 5th, 2006. I received a phone call from a Washington D.C. number from a "Skip Parish" [Do you know this guy, Dave?] He claimed to be from Sarasota, Florida but his cell phone was a Washington DC number. I had Ted's phone on "speaker" so that my wife overheard my conversation with "Skip" who tried to convince me that I'd go no where with my investigation and then he proceeded to inform me about "how serious" these elections were…and how people could get killed…which both Linda and I determined was a subtle THREAT against me to back off of this VOTE FRAUD investigation stuff. This guy also wanted to know where I lived.

I've probably missed some details…but, this is most of what I know at this time.


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