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May 22, 2007
24 Day 6 -- the Season Finale
Posted by sarahk at 06:44 PM

Thank goodness it's over. See how low a priority this bleh season was for us? Even the season finale got saved for the next day.

Yeah, it always works well, that "going through the motions of handing stuff over" thing. Nothing ever goes wrong when they do stuff like that. And they never find those tracking devices, right, Berus?

Oh yeah, apologizing to the Russians. That's a good move. All the strong presidents do that.

CTU's really good about letting people in custody use cellphones. A lot.

Suh-NAPP! Bill isn't taking Shrill's phone calls. And that lasted all of two seconds. It must be love. Aww. But they're no Tony and Michelle. Who are dead, allegedly. I love how CTU's all up in Bill's business. "This subpoena covers your family photo albums, plus all your Playboys. Hand them over. We're particularly interested in July 1986."

Nadia (Yassir) is a mole, just like I said all along. Just you watch. "You're not going off-book on this." How 'bout I smash a book in your face? He's an innocent kid being pawned off against his will, not a piece of furniture, and we should be kicking Russia's pinkytoe for even threatening to pee in our general direction.

That's kind of crappy of Milo's brother to say, that Milo wasn't actually brave. He just did it because he was in love with Nadia (Yassir). Yeah? Well earlier in the day, he had someone to protect out in the field, and he did some pretty cool, brave stuff, so maybe you should just shut your face. Furthermore, SO'S YOUR FACE!

OOH! I'M AWESOME! I totally called that. Right before Doyle opened the component thingy, I said, "Or that could be a bomb. They have no reason to play nice." Boom. This is why you don't negotiate with terrorists. Have I mentioned that before?

Has our side done anything right since Jack kicked the guy out of the back of the subway car and made him explode in the tunnel instead of at Union Station?

"I should have listened to you Jack." "You did what you thought was right." Is Jack EVER going to say, "You know what? Yeah. You shoulda. And since you didn't, more people are probably going to die, stupid. You're a horrible leader. You should quit before you screw up something else. Remember I used to run this place." Of course, that's before he was tortured for two years by the Chinese...

Nice. Doyle will be blind in at least one eye. Good job, Yassir (Nadia).

I think Milo's brother poisoned Chloe by sticking her with something or touching her with something when he hugged her, and that's why she passed out. Or Nadia did it. She couldn't be less concerned about her. Oh yeah, there's option #3. She's preggers. That would explain why she's been a complete cranky bore for 23+hours.

BTW, Brother Biscuit has been pretty much the only character I liked this season.

Hey, VPOTT, do you really think the Russians are gonna be happy if they don't see the circuit board to know for sure it's destroyed? You're not thinking clearly.

Nadia (Yassir) to Jack: "I can't authorize that mission." You forget he doesn't work for you.

Evil Granpappy Bauer says that Josh is behaving like a child. Maybe because he is one.

I swear, EGB is gonna tell Josh that he's his father. Wow, I'm impressed the kid had it in him. Jack: "I promise, you do not want to live with the pain of killing another person." "Yeah, but I also don't want to live with the Chinese. They're communist!"

Jack's a moron. His dad is so not gonna just die. He should have finished him off. And who wants to bet that Chang doesn't have the component? Betcha EGB has it.

Total Sunglasses Moment. Suvarov is talking to VPOTT, and they're on speakerphone, and Suvarov, in a moment of complete melodrama, picks up the receiver on his end of the line. He's not asking any questions of VPOTT or anything, just saying that he regrets that his country almost killed itself and stuff. He doesn't ask the people in his office to leave the room, and he doesn't say to VPOTT, "Hey, could you take me off speaker, please? I want to say a bunch of stuff I don't mean." Just takes him off speakerphone on his own end.

Oh, and how about that whole, "We just heard the Chinese saying that they have a sub 10 minutes off your coast." We wouldn't know if the Chinese had a sub 10 minutes off our coast? How much do we suck if that happens? And if Russia hears it first, we're so screwed. Y'all know those guys are totally BFFs, and we're like the third friend that they both pretend to be friends with but then as soon as we leave the lunch table they're all talking about how ugly our shoes are.

Wow, Laura Ingraham's walk-on role was in the season finale. The show should feel honored.

Brother Biscuit is a good guy.

Yes, Chloe is pregnant.

They always say that to Jack. "Jack, I understand you're angry." "Audrey's all I've got." Her? I keep waiting for her pop her eyes open all sudden-like and say, "Jack, we need to talk about our relationship."

Wow, when the main action was over, there was still a half hour left in the show. We kept waiting for something to happen. It didn't. Yet we also kept seeing commercials for "Do you want more? Go see the Day 6 Debrief after the season finale!" and every time I would just say, "Actually, no. I don't want more. I want it to stop."

I guess they just tied up most of the loose ends, let Jack cry some more, and showed that basically they can take the show in any direction next year (rework, anyone? I vote for SD-6 or APO). One loose end I don't think they tied up is what they gave China to get Jack back at the beginning of the season. Did I miss that?

At least it's done for now. Let's hope for a much more exciting next season. And as I've said before, Frank and I are willing to write for the show, as long as we can telecommute from Texas, don't have to work Sundays or Wednesday nights, and I can still snark it.

Rating: 2.6/5 (23 votes cast)

Comments (10)
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May 15, 2007
24 Day 6 -- 3 a.m. to 4 a.m.
Posted by sarahk at 09:29 PM

Yeah, we watched Heroes and got ready to deflea the house last night instead of watching 24. But we're watching it now, and then we'll watch American Idol after we eat. I can't fully blog AI and eat. AI blogging is way too involved, dawg.

See, Morris was brave enough to step up and cover up Milo with the jacket because Morris is probably toasted. Chloe was right all along. And wow, Mrs. Petrelli! Your super-secret mutant power is not shutting up!

I don't know. If a terrorist tells you "We're moving you to a secure room, do what we tell you and you won't be hurt," I'm not so sure I'm trusting that guy to feed me Wheaties and let me call home.

"We're moving you in two groups. Group One, on your feet. You're through to the next round. Group Two, I'm sorry. Hollywood week ends for you here. You're all winners for making it this far."

Hey, that was pretty cool, but where was Chloe in that big fight scene with Jack, Nadia (Yassir), and Morris? I guess she was in Group Two. They've really ruined her great character this year. She was great with one-liners, great with guns and taking out bad guys, and now even when she has a chance to be Chloe, she shows up at the end of the scene with "That was really brave." What, is she gonna turn out to be a mole or something? Yawn.

Wow, finally an action-packed day. Until now, I felt like I was watching a twenty-four hour real-time serial about a guy named Ivan Denisovich. I mean, yeah, I loved that book, but can you imagine watching him eat a bowl of soup for an hour? If you've watched most of this season, then the answer is yes!

"Lisa Miller is spying for the Russians?" "No, the man she's romantically involved with is." "Who, you?"

How does Lisa's boyfriend not see the camera that he keeps staring at?

Aaaaaaand there she is going crazy, and here we are EXACTLY at Season One. Only he didn't die. I guess that's one difference? Whatever.

Oooh. Crazy Old Man Bauer totally just that'll do lil pig'd Chang.

Mary Lynn Rajskub totally looks beaten down that she's even in this season. And that new Division guy looks just like Brian Williams. His looks alone are an error in judgment. Even Nadia puts (Yassir) after her name when she tells people her name. She even says it like that. "This is Nadia (Yassir)."

Maybe Josh isn't Jack's son. Maybe he's Jack's dad's son. And that's why he's "his legacy."

Hey Russia. You're about to tick us off. You should back the heck down before we shove some well-placed circuitry down your communist throats. You're not dealing with President Waynewreck anymore. VPOTT has actual testosterone and would probably retaliate, dipstick.

It's good the serial number of the component was flashing on Bisquick's PDA, because that made it easier for we, the viewers, to see that it agreed to the number Crazy Old Man Bauer said it would be.

As soon as Jack told Josh to wait over there, I'll meet you in the car, I said, "No, don't do that..." Dumb kids, never listen to me.

Man I have a headache. The kids on American Idol better sing on key tonight.

Oh, it looks like Chloe is unconscious in next week's two-hour finale. Apparently, she is that bored with her character this season, too. Mary Lynn, we know it's not your fault. It's the writers'. Hey, we heard on Laura Ingraham's show today (while we were driving down A1A with two cats and a dog, yes, we're that stupid) that she has a walk-on role next week. So look out for that.

Rating: 2.5/5 (24 votes cast)

Comments (1)
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May 09, 2007
24 this week!
Posted by sarahk at 03:16 PM

Hey y'all. I've started the AI post for last night, but I've been painting all day, and on my lunch break, Frank is making me watch the inanity that is Day Six of 24. My prediction for this week's episode: Nadia (Yassir) is a mole, and "Audrey" is really Anna Espinosa.

I'll update this post if I have snark. I don't even care about this show this season. Not after they killed Rico Suave.

Oh look! I have snark. Lisa Miller is such a generic, white bread name. Hi, I'm Jane Smith, and I've been unknowingly committing treason. And isn't the Lisa Miller plot the same plot from season one where that girl from Palmer's camp was sleeping with that terrorist guy? Don't go rendezvouz with him, Lisa! You'll second-degree-murder the only lead to the leak inside the beltway!

Nadia said, "If Chang gets out of the country with the component, Russia will hold us responsible and will strike back at us." That should have been followed by, "And we will be forced to obliterate Russia." Translated roughly, "If we do not get the component back from Chang, Russia will be forced to commit a violent suicide."

So... are Nadia (Yassir) and Doylie an item or something? They sure are having a lot of "moments." My eyes are going to pop out, they're rolling so hard.

Jack says "please" A LOT. He did that even before the Chinese got ahold of him, right?

"The objective is to obtain The Package."

Seriously, are we looking for a Rambaldi device? I really wish I hadn't seen the previews. I wouldn't know what The Target was. CTU? :-O Too bad Rico Suave and Soul Patch Tony aren't around to help out. But at least they have one badpinkytoe on the premises.


Rating: 2.7/5 (28 votes cast)

Comments (11)
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