This can’t be true, can it?

Family Told Obama NOT To Wear Soldier Son’s Bracelet… Where is Media?

Barack Obama played the “me too” game during the Friday debates on September 26 after Senator John McCain mentioned that he was wearing a bracelet with the name of Cpl. Matthew Stanley, a resident of New Hampshire and a soldier that lost his life in Iraq in 2006. Obama said that he too had a bracelet. After fumbling and straining to remember the name, he revealed that his had the name of Sergeant Ryan David Jopek of Merrill, Wisconsin.

Shockingly, however, Madison resident Brian Jopek, the father of Ryan Jopek, the young soldier who tragically lost his life to a roadside bomb in 2006, recently said on a Wisconsin Public Radio show that his family had asked Barack Obama to stop wearing the bracelet with his son’s name on it. Yet Obama continues to do so despite the wishes of the family.


Radio host Glenn Moberg of the show “Route 51” asked Mr. Jopek, a man who believes in the efforts in Iraq and is not in favor of Obama’s positions on the war, what he and his ex-wife think of Obama continually using their son’s name on the campaign trail. (h/t D. Keith Howington of

Jopek began by saying that his ex-wife was taken aback, even upset, that Obama has made the death of her son a campaign issue. Jopek says his wife gave Obama the bracelet because “she just wanted Mr. Obama to know Ryan’s name.” Jopek went on to say that “she wasn’t looking to turn it into a big media event” and “just wanted it to be something between Barack Obama and herself.” Apparently, they were all shocked it became such a big deal.

But, he also said that his ex-wife has refused further interviews on the matter and that she wanted Obama to stop wearing the reminder of her son’s sacrifice that he keeps turning into a campaign soundbyte. This begins at about 10 minutes into the radio program. (Download radio show HERE)


Brian Jopek: Because of some of the negative feedback she’s gotten on the Internet, you know Internet blogs, you know people accusing her of… or accusing Obama of trying to get votes doing it… and that sort of thing.

Radio Host Moberg: Yeah

Jopek: She has turned down any subsequent interviews with the media because she just didn’t want it to get turned into something that it wasn’t. She had told me in an email that she had asked, actually asked Mr. Obama to not wear the bracelet any more at any of his public appearances. Which I don’t think he’s…

Moberg: It has been a while since he’s brought it up.

Jopek: Right. But, the other night I was watching the news and he was on, uh, speaking somewhere and he was still wearing it on his right wrist. I could see it on his right wrist. So, that’s his own choice. I mean that’s something Barack Obama, that’s a choice that he continues to wear it despite Tracy asking him not to… Because she is a Barack Obama supporter and she didn’t want to do anything to sabotage his campaign, so, if he’s still wearing the bracelet then, uh, that of course is entirely up to him.

Moberg: Maybe there’s a difference between wearing it and making a point to bring it up in your speeches?


Even the snow job that the radio host tried to pull off to cover for Barack’s refusing the wishes of the family of the KIA soldier who’s bracelet he wears doesn’t pass the smell test. After all, now that Obama has made it a big point in the debates, I guess the silent observance of Sgt. Jopek is no longer so silent and Obama is back to exploiting the death of a soldier even when he was asked NOT to do so by that soldier’s parents.

To pile insult onto injury here, the Mother doesn’t even want to force the issue of telling Obama to stop exploiting her son because she wants to see him win the election. Obama is not only taking advantage of this brave soldier’s death, he is taking advantage of the good wishes of the man’s Mother who doesn’t want to hurt the campaign.

And, why is the media not playing this story? The radio show on which this interview is heard happened all the way back in March. How is it the media missed this? Is it because they are also don’t want to hurt Obama’s campaign?


I can only say that if the parents of the soldier whose bracelet John McCain is wearing had said in public that they want him to stop wearing their son’s bracelet the news would have been coast to coast, and wall to wall, not just ignored in Madison, Wisconsin.

Obama’s use of this soldier that fell in the line of duty is tainted by his ambition and callousness. And the media is letting him get away with it.

(Photo credit: Washington Post)

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  1. Seems the bracelet incident is being overshadowed by Palin’s extreme stupidity at the moment. Give it time. I’m sure the story will get in the news. It would be a bigger deal if Obama had stolen the bracelet but it seems the soldier wanted Obama to have it. This story iss likely to be quickly overshadowed by McCain dumping Palin early next month.


  2. if barack stole the solders bracelet he should give it back to the family. its not right to keep whats not yours. i now someone on other day here said they are soldiers. i think it was WAL. thanks Wal. we are so proud of you. thank you for fighting for my freedoms!!


  3. “Seems the bracelet incident is being overshadowed by Palin’s extreme stupidity”

    And I’ll just bet you’re an expert on ‘extreme stupidity’. A fine living example, even.

    The short bus is here for you. Don’t forget to zip up your jacket.


  4. Isn’t it strange how when you’ve got a valid point about what a douchebag Obama is, some troll magically appears to try to change the subject and hijack the thread?

    Not so strange after all, for the party of intellectual bankruptcy.


  5. It’s all about the money and power, now, dkirk. They just want it. Free food, free healthcare, free abortions, free freedom. The power to control what you say and do, what you read and listen to, what you can buy, who you can vote for, what you can do with your land, how to raise your kids, how you live.

    We’re still not accustomed to the old Democrat Party being gone. I know I’m not. It’ll take at least a generation for it to come back, if it ever does.


  6. Wow…I mean, wow. Could we please get some reaction from Sen. Obama on this? Maybe “yes, I was using the memory of a lost loved one to furthur my political agenda against the wishes of his family?” Ouch.


    THE SEPARATED , DIVORCED, FATHER is the one saying they don’t approve.
    The Dad sounds like he has a “McCain Problem”.


  8. From today’s Chicago Tribune:

    She acknowledges e-mailing the campaign in February asking that Obama not mention her son in speeches or debates.

    Looks like the ex-husband was telling the truth. Which means you’re the one with the McCain problem


  9. Space Cadet:

    It is not true: [Ed. Remember, it was the FATHER complaining]

    “The mother of a Wisconsin soldier who died in Iraq says she was “ecstatic” during Friday’s debate when Senator Barack Obama mentioned the bracelet she gave him in honor of her son.

    Tracy Jopek of Merrill told The Associated Press on Sunday she was honored that he remembered Sgt. Ryan David Jopek, who was killed in 2006 by a roadside bomb.

    She criticized Internet reports that suggested Obama exploited her son for political purposes.

    She acknowledges e-mailing the campaign in February asking that Obama not mention her son in speeches or debates.

    But she says Obama’s mention on Friday was appropriate because he was responding after Senator John McCain said a soldier’s mother gave him a bracelet.

    Jopek says Obama’s comment rightfully suggested there’s more than one viewpoint on the war.”

    I think that is pretty clear. [Ed. Except for the whole father thing, of course.]

    However, perhaps you have a different interpretation of what the words “estatic”, “appropriate”, “honored” and “rightfully” mean than I do. [Ed. I would be honored too if a politician used my dead son’s bracelet as a prop, without even bothering to remember what his name is.]

    Any other questions?


    Monkey Faced Liberal

    Ed.: You don’t bother to explain how they can go ahead and use a dead soldier as a prop against the wishes of the father, and without even asking the mother after she specifically asked them not to do so. And you ignore the title of the post indicating the story is evolving. But other than that, you’re comments are right on the mark.


  10. MFL:
    > She acknowledges e-mailing the campaign in February asking that Obama not mention her son in speeches or debates.

    You seem to be overlooking that bit. She asked Obama to NOT mention him. He didn’t get permission from her before he did.

    Hey, perhaps you Obamacrats are right. He IS the Messiah. He knows all. He knew she’d be okay with it, because, despite her asking him not to, he is The One. And that makes it right.

    And, sure enough, Tracy Jopek says “oh, it’s okay, even though I asked him not to, he did anyway, but he’s Obama and it’s okay.”

    Wow. You’ve convinced me. I now believe. Obama is our Savior! All hail the Obamalord! Please forgive me for my unbelief.

    You reckon if I got a sex-change operation, Obama would let me have his baby? That would be like SO AWESOME!!


  11. the point isn’t that the moms ok with it now, its that obama deliberately disobeyed the wishes of a deceased soldiers parents. That fact disgusts me and just goes to show a little bit more that you can’t trust obama at all.


  12. MFL:

    Yes, I’m saying exactly that. He should have asked for, and received, permission before going against the wishes she expressed in writing (email) in February.

    But, that would have involved caring about the soldiers or the families.

    Obama doesn’t.

    She expressed her wishes, he ignored them, she said “that’s okay.”

    Don’t lose sight of “he ignored them.” That says a lot about character. Or lack of.


  13. Palin
    Takes me away
    To where I’ve always heard it could be
    Just a dream and the wind to carry me
    And soon I will be free

    It gets the best of me
    When I’m Palin
    All caught up in the reverie
    Every word is a symphony
    Won’t you believe me

    It’s real far back to sanity
    At least it is not for me
    And when the wind is right you can palin away
    And find serenity
    This lady can do miracles
    Just you wait and see
    Believe me


  14. Oh, so it’s like those women who never press charges after being battered and wronged, and because they won’t press charges because they’re that just that stupid and forgiving (time and time again), and even go so far as to sing the praises of and make excuses for the one who did that to them, law enforcement can’t do anything about it.

    THAT makes it all better.


  15. The media would only cover this story if the family asked John McCain to stop wearing the bracelet. No there selling the story that the “family is wrong” for asking the Messiah to stop wearing the braclelet.




  16. So, let me see if I have this right.

    Barry doesn’t believe in the “military action” in Iraq.
    He doesn’t believe in the “surge” or that it worked.
    He believes our military is wasting their lives.
    He wears the bracelet of someone killed in action.
    The family has asked him not to wear it.
    He’s ignored their wishes.
    He continues to not only wear it, but point out that he wears it.

    Ok. Why is anyone surprised at this? He doesn’t get it. He can do what ever he wants to do, and no one else can say anything because, he really cares and he’s so smart that whatever he does must be right. Why don’t the rest of us simply get out of his way. After all he is the messiah.


  17. i agree sean. everyone step aside and stop questioning the messiah /sarcasm Now where is Fred when we need him. Why did he drop out when he should have mounted a comeback. This Palin business is just humiliating the Republican party. She’s far worse than Quail. She’s more like that idiot Perot had running with him who kept shouting Gridlock! all the time.


  18. Reporting anything that is critical of the Obamassiah is negative coverage and, by offical definition, is therefore untruthfull and subject to prosecution by the offical Obamassiah “Truth Police”
    Any and all comments that are derrogatory toward any conservative or traditional American values are, again by offical definition, automatically true and must be repeated until no one doubts them as natural fact.


  19. Barack called and he is dispatching his lawyers to come after you guys! Seems there is a new interpretation of the Free Speech clause that is part of the “hope and change” thing that you will find “interesting”…


  20. Personally, I’d love to see Sarah Palin hunt down every troll in the US with a rifle a la the Kick Some @ss scene at the end of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

    I guess inauguration will have the same effect.


  21. The story has been confirmed.

    They’re putting the best possible spin on it, of course. Tracy Jopek is still an Obama supporter, and was unaware that he’d been using the bracelet after she asked him not to. But she forgives him.

    The AP did a story which was fairly neutral, then another one 90 minutes later with a very much more pro-Obama spin.

    But the first one still confirmed that she does not share Obama’s position on Iraq.

    ===|==============/ Level Head


  22. Seriously, would we not expect there to be a reasonable amount of family members of servicemen who don’t like the Iraq war? I knew plenty of folks that didn’t like friends or family enlisting in the military, because they pretty much think any military engagement is pointless.

    McCain has a bracelet. So does Obama. Doesn’t surprise me. I think both uses were a little cynical and political, for my taste. As long as Obama is not going down the Dick Durbin, John Murtha road of painting our servicement and rapists and murderers, I’m not going to hold the bracelet against him, even if it’s use in a debate was not approved by every member of the servicemen’s family.

    Of course, I’m voting for Palin. You know, the chick who actually has a son serving in active duty right now. Wonder if that counts for anything on the left? Oh, no. Bracelets count. Of course. How silly of me.



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