The Left: Unparodyable

Headline from satire piece written yesterday by Marge N. Ferrer of America is an Obamanation:

Experts, Polls and Focus Groups All Confirm That Biden Stomped Palin in Tomorrow Night’s Debate

Line from body of an e-mail I received today (before the debate) from

Millions of voters are going to come away from tonight’s vice-presidential debate with a raft of new doubts about voting for the McCain/Palin ticket.

When your talking points are indistinguishable from your opponents’ punchlines, don’t be surprised when people stop taking you seriously.

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  1. before the debate? oh brother! no surprise there.

    now i guess you’ll get another – this time stating “Pay no attention to what only SEEMS like WasillySarah’s successful seating of herself at the kitchen tables on Main Street… “


  2. Shy, you just don’t get what Harvey is saying. Too advanced – usually is for Liberals. Oh, E X C U S E me! Progressives.


  3. Hey folks! Just rambling through the blogoshere, and thought I’d leave this hand grenade.

    The satire: “Experts, Polls and Focus Groups All Confirm That Biden Stomped Palin in Tomorrow Night’s Debate”.

    Real life before the first debate: In this ad his campaign (accidentally) released, McCain smiles triumphantly amidst a swath of red, white, and blue, with the words “McCain Wins Debate” proudly in the foreground. Obviously, the ad has since been pulled, and at least one person in the McCain camp is putting his resume on Craigslist.

    Another ad which was spotted this morning on the online edition of the Wall Street Journal showed Rick Davis, McCain’s campaign manager asserting, “McCain won the debate- Hands down.”

    Now that’s humor you just can’t make up!



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