Supporting the auto industry bailout

Posted on November 20, 2008 11:05 pm

After much consideration, I am in favor of the auto industry bailout.

I don’t make this decision lightly. I considered many factors, and have decided that it would be best if the U.S. government bailed out the Big Three auto makers.

The thing most people forget is that the U.S. auto industry is more than Ford, GM, and Chrysler. Those are the big auto makers that are headquartered in Michigan. But that’s not where all the cars are made.

Tennessee, for instance, has GM plants. And Volkswagen is building a plant there. Nissan builds vehicles there, too.

And Alabama. Mercedes builds vehicles there. Yes, there are Mercedes built in Alabama. Betcha didn’t know that. And Honda vehicles, too. And Toyota.

Georgia is getting a new Kia plant. They’re hiring, by the way.

What all this means is, while things are rough up north, the auto industry in the south is doing well. Or a helluva lot better than Detroit.

I live in the south. Born here. Live here. Love it here.

And that’s why we need to bail out the auto industry. Up north.

You see, all those blue states — the ones with Democrat governors and Democrat Representatives and Democrat Senators and Democrat Legislatures — have let the Democrats in power screw up their economies while down here in the red states — the ones with Republican governors and Republican Representatives and Republican Senators and Republican Legislatures — have had better economies.

What I’m worried about is that all those folks that keep electing Democrats that screwed up those northern economies will move down here where the jobs are, register to vote, then elect Democrats to power that’ll screw up things down here as bad as it is up north.

So, I say bail out the auto industry.

We’ve got enough problems down here in the south without a bunch of damn Democrats moving down here and screwing things up even worse.

Bail them out.

Or build a fence. Right about the Mason-Dixon line ought to do.

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42 Responses to “Supporting the auto industry bailout”

  1. PinkKaarz says:

    Yes, we work harder and we are better educated in the blue states. So if we get laid off it is true that we will move to your red states and take your jobs because we can do them better than you dumb slackers can. If you want to really learn about the automotive industry check out

  2. Kent says:

    Don’t block us all. Some of us northern republicans would like to move somewhere nice and red. Your women are hot, too. I dated a Nashville girl for a year and a half – worth every damn Southwest Airlines flight, that woman. :)

    [Oh, it’s just the dummies that keep voting for Democrats that screw them over that we want to keep out. The rest of y’all, come on down. We’ll have a good old time. – B]

  3. Kent says:

    BLEAHHH!!!! Didn’t mean to put that Frank image at the end!

  4. MarkoMancuso says:

    Great, so, I’ve got two options. I can live in Pennsylvania and watch everything go to Hell, or I can move south and listen to a bunch of late model loving (If you get that, you’re a redneck) Southerners constantly brag about how much better their football is.

    [But SEC football is better. Everybody knows it. Just not everybody admits it. – B]

  5. 5 of 7 says:

    “Watch out w’en youer gittin’ all you want. Fattenin’ hogs ain’t in luck.”
    Uncle Remus: Plantation Proverbs

  6. Joseph says:

    Marko, everybody knows SEC football is top of the line…notwithstanding the performance of my alma mater, Mississippi State University, on the gridiron.

    I welcome all ye right thinking conservative Yankees into our midst; verily, the women are hotter, the beer is colder, and the football is better. Just don’t try to tell me how you did it back in (insert non-Southern region). I don’t really care.

  7. MarkoMancuso says:

    Sigh. This is all Ohio State’s fault. From ‘91 to ‘08 they’ve gone 0-for-7 against the SEC in Bowls. If they beat Florida or LSU, then we wouldn’t be talking about this.

    Heck, the Big 10 (Who cares about the other conferences?) as a whole is 19-for-20 against the SEC in bowl games in that time period. Are you better than Ohio State? Certainly. All I can say is that my Lions take care of business in their bowl games.

    [Just one question: What’s a Nittany? – B]

  8. MarkoMancuso says:

    notwithstanding the performance of my alma mater, Mississippi State University, on the gridiron.

    All right! I love the Croominator!

  9. Terry_Jim says:

    How about a land sale?

    Michigan has a Canadien born Governor who has led the
    state to recession long before the rest of the Country,
    why not sell the depressed , socialist state to Canada.

    Detroit already has a NHL team,
    and the Lions could be way more competitive in the CFL.

  10. MarkoMancuso says:

    [Just one question: What’s a Nittany? – B]

    I don’t really know. I think it comes from the Delaware word “Nit-ah-nee” which means something, I’m sure.

    Anyway, who cares? It just sounds cool.

    [Joe Pa probably knows. Dude’s been around forever. I hope he sticks around for many more years. We need more old school coaches in college football. It’ll be a sad day when he finally retires. – B]

  11. MarkoMancuso says:

    When, er, if Joe Paterno ever retires, expect the central portion of the state of Pennsylvania to disappear and be replaced by a landmass in the shape of Joe’s head. Just a heads up.

  12. Shinygoon says:

    At first, I thought you were nuts. But after reading it all, you make a good point. I am in Florida. We have plenty of yankees around here already. (As of now, we are a blue state, YUCK). Still red when it comes to state elections, US house, half and half senate. Last thing we need here is more freaking whiny yankess. They leave the north for plenty of good reasons, but then they get here and say,”we don’t do it that way up north.” Well maybe that’s why you left the north, you morons?
    Anyway, as Florida has never truly been the South, I am trying to figure out a way to get the hell outta here. Georgia is still holding out, maybe Texas. (I lived in Texas for 4 years, I miss it).
    But in the meantime, any yankee scum that is moving South, please leave your yankee-ness north of the MD line, k?
    BTW Marko. I think nittany has something to do with head lice. Not sure though:P

  13. HCG says:

    Its all Marx’s fault. His unions are crippling US auto makers. In the early 80’s, my sister had a summer job at a GM plant while she went to college. The union jerks would literally lay down on the floor and go to sleep during their shifts, because they knew they couldn’t be fired. I wouldn’t give GM, Ford, or Chrysler a dime until they kicked the unions out. If they declare bankruptcy, then hopefully the UAW will die.

  14. moonshine_philosopher says:

    Say it like you mean it Basil: damn Democrats = damn yankees. ANd while we are at it lets build the wall south of Texas too.

    GO DAWGS!!!!!

    [Honestly, I did originally write that. But, during a review before publishing, I thought the better. There are plenty of good folks that live up north that we’d be proud to have living next door, just like we got some real jackasses that live down south that could use a one-way trip outta here.

    “Damn yankees” is what we often say down here; “Damn Democrats” or “damn liberals” is what we really mean. – B]

  15. Shindolf says:

    Ok if you southerners think all of us up north are bad…we’re taking back Palin…find your own leader!

    [Hold on a second! I didn’t say all of y’all up north was bad. Just those that keep voting for Democrats that turn around and screw you over. Those of you that helped come up with Gov. Palin and others such as her are one with us; we’re just separated by geography. – B]

  16. Dav in LA says:

    I vote for the fence. We may need to secede from the union again before everything is said and done. Besides, I have seen my fairshare of snowbirds.

    [We don’t need to secede from the Union. The Union seems to have seceded from us. – B]

  17. IP727 says:

    PinkKaarz says:

    November 20th, 2008 at 11:28 pm
    Yes, we work harder and we are better educated in the blue states.

    Is that why your rust belt states are on their asses???
    I would prefer a dumb ass redneck to a smart ass yankee anyday.

  18. MarkoMancuso says:

    moonshine_philosopher said:

    GO DAWGS!!!!!

    You know, if the University of Georgia was really a prestigious academic institution, you would think its alumni and fans would be able to spell the word “dogs”. And don’t even try to blame that on General Sherman, you treasonous rebel.

    [We not only know how to spell “dogs,” we also know how to spell “dawgs.”

    And don’t get me started on Sherman. Yes, he did what he had to do. But his men threatening to kill my great-great-great uncle (an infant at the time) in order to get my great-great-great grandmother to turn over supplies, well that still chaps my butt. – B]

  19. JFH says:

    You forgot about the BMW factory in South Carolina!!

    [Yes, I did. An oversight. More proof the auto industry is doing just well down here without a government bailout. – B]

  20. RightWrath says:

    Louisiana born, LSU (defending national champions) fan here. I know its hard for yankees to figure out the whole football issue vs. SEC teams. so here is some help- Its a Religion down here. we are as passionate about football as we are about our guns, freedom, festivals, food, women, resistance to change and politics. Southerners will fight to the death for what they believe in and will never flip over and show their bellies to a region of the country who’s best football coach wears a gay sweater vest (whats up with that?).

    BTW – hang in there Joseph, State has some good times coming. And ouch! nice beating by Georgia this year Basil (love the post)

    [Thanks. Some days, things go right. Some days, things go wrong. Things went bad wrong for UGA against Alabama. And Florida. Oh, the pain. The pain. – B]

  21. MarkoMancuso says:

    I’ll have you know, RightWrath, that while Jim Tressel is very scary and drinks the blood of puppies much like Glenn Reynolds and Nick Saban; he is not the best coach in the north. The best coach in the north is an old Italian guy from Brooklyn, New York. And he actually gives a rip about the idea of the student-athlete, unlike many of his fellow coaches in the southland.

    [You are dead on target there. As much as we like to rip the 11 schools in the Big 10 (talk about academics!) football for being a “pretender” conference, we do have nothing but respect for Joe Pa and his philosophy. And not just on the field. He’s a class act off the field, too. – B]

  22. Dave says:

    I know it’s something of heresy in the South, but a more laid back approach to football can really work. We may not look like it, but us Southern Californians really do know something about football. Granted, it’s possible to overdo it (see former Syracuse coach Greg Robinson).

  23. MarkoMancuso says:

    I love Greg Robinson. I wish they hadn’t fired him. As a Penn State fan, Syracuse’s pain is my pleasure.

    And what the crap kind of mascot is a freaking orange, anyway?

  24. MarkoMancuso says:

    I prefer Big Televen to Big 10.

  25. labcat says:

    it’s too late. they’ve been here since saturn opened in spring hill, TN. proof=we have SOCCER teams. wth?

  26. PammyV says:

    Back to original topic:

    Bush needs to assign someone to orgainze the Auto bailout BEFORE Obama gets into office. That’s the only way to save the industry and undo a bunch of the union stronghold. ONce Obama is in office, wwhatever he does will bend over to the union.

    I say throw Romney in there to fix things up. He did it with a faultering Olympics in Salt Lake, plus his dad was an industry exect….he knows the business.

  27. RightWrath says:

    Everybody loves Joe Pa, even web-footed Cajuns like me. I say give the auto industry to him to save. He can whip em into shape and make them learn what to do if they want to get into the game. Heck, dealing with the unions and all their idiocy cant be much worse than dealing with the NCAA.

  28. Shiningcity says:

    As a displaced Texan (now living in Colorado), I will say Harvey, you have a point.

    All the Californians are bringing their trash politics here, and it’s ruining the state.
    The last election was a damn shame. (In Texas, a “damn shame” is worse than just a “shame.”)

    I can’t help the southern states anymore, but I can affirm: Don’t let the Yankees in.
    Or the Californians, whatever they’re called……..What are they called?

  29. SmokeyBehr says:

    Don’t blame all Californians. I’m in that dark red spot in a sea of blue. Even in the last election, my county voted over 60% for McCain. We’re getting screwed by San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles.

  30. RightWrath says:

    Hey smokey,

    open a business in those cities selling pogo sticks. they are good liberal “green ” modes of transportation so they should sell like hotcakes. all the vibrations from the pogo sticks should encourage that part of the state to go ahead and slide off into the ocean. Viola! red state again.

  31. EW says:

    I am a Nashville girl, very familiar with the local auto plants and the illuminati plan for the bailout. In our local news, we have been told that our plants will remain, regardless of a bankruptcy. aren’t there some lessons to be learned about how some of them do it right that could be duplicated in Detroit (other than, say, eliminating the private jets)?

  32. TerribleTroy says:

    First EF Foolsball all you Bobby Bousche’s! Average per person UAW Hourly wage (benefits and wages) is 78$ per hour…. that is insanity for a person that does a repetitive task 45 times a day…. same task.. takes what 3 hours to master? is this Skilled Labor? Oh yeah squeezing the trigger of that pnuematic screw gun really takes a “craftsman”. Give me a freaking break! Unions are Dinosaurs…. but guess what…. anyone wanna bet that Bama and company sign a bailout up entering office? Dont really matter none.. they are just putting off the inevitable… they are going to fail within 12 months…. and why? Cause the Union was freaking GREEDY. You work manufacturing how in the hell can you justify a upper middle class income? Arrrrrgh.. KILL THEM ALL!!!! Go on a rampage! Go to the Union Hall find that fat “Business Agent” and send to the other side!

  33. Paul Gross says:

    Good idea, but too late! The influx of hippy yankees has already turned North Carolina into a haven of left wingnuts.

  34. Tommy the Towelhead says:

    Out in Oregon, guess which car manufacturer is going to set up shop for US sales in 2010?

    FIAT! Yes, the Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, Fix It Again Tony, Failed Italian Automotive Technology, whatever you want to call it.

    Despite the jokes, they actually make better quality cars than GM these days. What a strange world we live in!

  35. 4 of 7 says:

    Seperate out the plants that make heavy trucks and military equipment, place them under new management, and then declare bankruptcy on the rest.
    We don’t want to have to buy our tanks and armored vehicles from Fiat or Kia, but the rest is just like any other business.
    Start over from scratch, including new labor contracts, and see if they can survive if they’re allowed to make cars people actually want.
    Or maybe they should all just merge into one huge mega-company.
    GenChryFordralsler Motors?

  36. Houizi says:

    You forgot Kentucky. It’s not only where Toyota has a plant (Georgetown), but Ford trucks (Louisville) and Chevy Corvette (Bowling Green) as well.
    I worked on Toyota and Ford installing some of the robotics.

    [Again, an omission on my part. More proof that the auto industry in red states beats the pants off the auto industry in blue states. Life is so much better where Democrats aren’t in charge! – B]

  37. Chef! says:

    I just got back to the beautiful middle Tennessee hills after a brief business trip to Detroit. The libtard problem up there is magnified by the weather. Poor fools brain cell froze…not a good thing when you only have one. Unions have killed the economy with their idiotic wage/benefit demands, management are just as bloated, and the gummint is straight out of every failed socialist policy handbook from Marx to Alinsky to Obama. If you want a preview of how screwed up the USA is going to be after The One is finished, just take a look at Michigan. My advice would be for all you iceheads to stay up there and take your lumps…you voted these idiots into office, so now you have to deal with it like adults. We don’t need your whiny crybaby antics down here. Try that crap around me and ya’ll will be wearing your teeth as a necklace. That’s a promise.

  38. NunyaB says:

    #30, that was funny.

  39. Thomas says:

    The “Nittany Lion” is a mountain lion named after the Nittany Mountains.

    [Is Nittany on its mother’s side? Or father’s side? – B]

  40. Will President Obama Bailout Auto Makers | Funny Pictures | Political Humor by Radioactive Liberty links:

    […] needs to be done before issuing any more bailouts. Basil at IMAO Right wing humor explains he is supporting the automaker bailout. Similar Posts John McCain’s VP Pick Sarah Palin is […]

  41. Barley says:

    In short, I agree. However, if it is deemed to a bailout, then let’s include getting rid of the union as part of the negotiations.

    In addition, I personally know several individuals that either own their own dealership(s) or are associated with the auto industry (i.e. tire companies and others) that have been very successful financially (millions) and/or are compensated with exotic trips (sometimes 3 a year for those I know).

    The union workers are so short sighted, that many would rather lose their jobs than disband the union. I have worked for a unionized organization and saw firsthand, those who reap monetarily though they didn’t carry their weight. While those who were dedicated to their jobs and the organization were not compensated for their efforts. Needless to say, I was disappointed and frustrated to see what went on. I left the organization for private industry, the best decision I made. I am now very happy professionally and financially. I owe my employer a good days work, I love my job and the people I work with. If they don’t work as a team, the company gives them a chance to change. If they choose not to change, they are out the door. Get rid of the union!!!

  42. Paul says:

    i just don’t like giving out money. i think that usually leads to enablement. the auto companies have had time to make adjustments that most everyone else has – if they are going to survive. where does the line between business bailout and enablement divide?

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