Monkeying around

Racism abounds.

From liberals.

They’re finding racism all over the place. It’s amazing where people find racism. Frank J. pointed out how silly it is that people are calling a cartoon in the New York Post racist, because it has a monkey in it. Okay, chimpanzee. Still, you get my point.

So, are monkeys off limits for humor?

No more funny monkey videos?

That’d be a shame.

The good news, though, is that you can still use monkeys in political humor.

You can do this:


You cannot do this:

Obama reach Curious George reach

Any questions?

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  1. Those pictures of Scrub are reminding me that the Bush crime family might try to run again in 2012 or 2016.

    IMAO better get serious and start supporting Ron Paul instead of crappy Fred Thompson next time.

    [Ron Paul is an idiot. As are Ron Paul supporters. – B]

  2. Bush is a war criminal. We need to prosecute that monkey so we can be done with him and his followers,

    Ron Paul should have been the nominee, but Fox is stacked with neocons so it’s hard to gain tractions.

    [Ron Paul is an idiot. As are his supporters. – B]

  3. Ha! I’m laughing just seeing Fred Thompson and Ron Paul in the same sentence. You know what would be really funny – a Fred Thompson vs. Ron Paul death match. Now, it would be over in like 3 seconds, but it would still be hilarious. And myabe then the Ron Paul twerps would go away for good after their candidate had been physically torn to shreds on pay-per-view television.

  4. I’ll bet my stimulus check that they doped those chimps up to the eye balls on Xanax to get them to do the river dance that well. Try it yourself, its a hard dance to perform accurately. A friend of mine recently broke his ankle performing this dance and make no mistake, it was really funny. Of course chimps do have the average strength of ten human men, so it must be easier for them; plus they are more nimble and quick than us humans too. Either way I believe that if we can gleam anything from this tragic isolated incident which centers around this Travis fellow it is truly for hope and change in the right type of pharmaceuticals for chimpanzees. Ones which have manageable side effects such as oily discharge, hives, loss of sleep, loss of appetite, unable to sleep, etc., these are manageable. Not the violent and brutal side effects which ultimately occurred.



  5. I think that would be racist, yeah. But after the signing of the ‘stimulus’ bill, or as I like to call it ‘the abomination’, in Denver on Tuesday, comparing Obama to Travis is a straight up fair comparison.



  6. The chimps were on massive doses of either purple haze or orange micro dot. (Acid) for you that didn’t have the “Haight-Ashbury” days of my youth.

    When this experience is over they are going to be eating some face. River dancin’ is totally gay and chimps hate teh gays!

  7. My brilliance as The One has apparently so blinded you that you have forgotten that I am only half black.

    So why don’t you playa-hatin racist crackaz get off this chimp thang and bust out some “dozens” with a zebra-theme?

    Oh, that’s right, you totally white folks don’t know from tha dozens like us who came up from the rough streets of Hawaii and Chicago.


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