Fred Thompson Nails It

Posted on March 31, 2009 7:34 pm

Just wanted to share this mp3 of a clip from the 3-31 Fred Thompson Show (starts at the 11:50 mark, if you want to go to his site & download the whole episode. Which is free because, unlike Rush Limbaugh, Fred cares more about spreading ideas than about skimming your wallet).

GM Customer Service Hotline at the Whitehouse

(1 min 22 sec; 1.25 MB)

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15 Responses to “Fred Thompson Nails It”

  1. Son of Bob says:

    Oh Harvey, please. Bashing Rush Limbaugh? It’s not like there’s a shortage of people who are destroying your world and that of your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren that deserve snarky comments. Let me give you a few hints: Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Clinton, Frank, Dodd. There, that should get you started. Rush is one of the few good guys. If you have forgotten that, just watch 10 minutes of MSNBC to see Satan’s retarded stepchildren in action.

  2. Basil says:

    Rush is sort of like a TV preacher. Preaches the truth, but then wants your money.

    I’m not saying Rush is wrong for doing that. Just that he’s sort of like a TV preacher.

  3. Mgbfred says:

    At least Rush stands by his convictions. Fred lost my support when, during the campaign, he crawled into a corner, fell asleep, and didn’t wake up ’till AFTER the election!

  4. Harvey says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Rush is all that & a bag of chips. But $57 to listen to his archives? Feh.

    If he wants to use a proprietary marketing strategy and take all his profits on the front end, that’s fine. Works for Apple.

    I’m just saying it erects barriers to the ability of his ideas to spread virally on the internet. But if he’s comfortable with that, so am I.

  5. Mickey says:

    There is a reason Fred did not do well in his latest run for office.
    Perhaps some of them are listed here:

  6. Shona says:

    $57 a YEAR to have full access to all his website as well as daily podcast downloads. That equals pennies a day for the convenience of listening to his show any time and anywhere on my MP3 player. Well worth the price so I don’t have to listen to all the radio ads. Well worth the price for the flexibility. I hate it when people who should be defending the right of anyone to put a price on their intellectual capital start snarking about someone making $$ like a whiny lib. I’m betting that the price he charges barely covers the costs of maintaining a great, up-to-date site along with the daily podcasts. Save your bitchin’ for the real moochers who take our money and give us nothing of value for it!

  7. Ernie Loco says:

    I think what Harvey’s saying (and I agree), is that it’s fine for Rush to charge whatever the heck he wants for whatever services he’s offering. But, I’m not forking over money to get access to the archives, so I’m more likely to go get something from the Fred! Thompson Show archives.

    Oh, and is it too early to start the Fred! 2012 campaign?

  8. Jimmy says:

    That “GM Customer Service Hotline at the Whitehouse” clip sounded like something Frank J. and Sarah K. would / could / should make. (Hint hint.)

    So, El Rushbo’s words are only worth $57/year, eh? Wow. I’d rather listen to his show periodically – for free – because I’m a “maximize my value capitalist” and free is a very good price.

    Oink. Burp. Slurp. Chortle.

  9. Ed the Pastor says:

    I’m waiting for the “Big O’s Auto Repair Shop” sign to go up on Pennsylvania Ave. I think Joe Biden would make an excellent detailer. Hey Joey make sure yous sucks up all da crumbs outta da back seat. I would give El Rushbo a 100 bucks a year if he can make that one happen.

  10. IH8Socialist says:


  11. Taggart Snyder says:

    If ya don’t want it, don’t buy it. No need to take shots. Simple as that.

  12. Kent says:

    The piece is excellent – pretty much exactly what I was thinking when Obama said the government was going to back up maintenance. Oh – gee – how? Democrats are great at saying things and having no idea how they should happen. Existentialism and leadership DO NOT MIX. Living in the moment is not planning, execution, or refinement.
    It’s as dumb as when Democratic Illinois senator Paul Simon – when the air traffic control system was still using old DEC vacuum tube computers and they were crashing – said that he passed new legislation to fix it immediately. As if software and hardware can be conjured out of thin air instantly.
    As for Rush, meh. Most of his key content is on his web site for free anyway, and it spares me having to listen to Seattle Sutton ads with that annoying voice for three hours. BTW, iTunes radio lists WLS, which plays Rush, so listening via the internet is possible for free.
    As for IMAO doing content for Fred Thompson’s radio program – sounds like a win-win to me. You guys clearly love each other. Fred lost me as a leader when he made some cracks in the debate about Huckabee’s work as a pastor. They both work out well in media, though.

  13. Son of Bob says:

    Rush is available for FREE on radio stations across America, each weekday. You can hear him without spending a dime. As a supporter of capitalism, I believe if someone offers you a product you want, you pay for it. Sorry, I really don’t grasp the new-age “Internet” mentality of “everything should be free on the Internet.” It has led to musicians being ripped off with free downloads (and then if they try to fight it, they’re supposedly the bad guys – just ask Lars from Metallica), authors being ripped off with their work posted illegally on the Internet, copyrighted editorial from publications being cut-and-pasted onto message boards. Sorry, it’s still reasonable for people to expect to be paid for their work.

  14. Harvey says:

    Son of Bob – If I read you correctly, you seem to be assuming that by making his show archives available for free download, people would listen to the mp3 instead of listening to his show, thereby reducing his audience and ability to charge advertisers.

    I disagree.

    People listen to Rush on the radio because they have a radio nearby when Rush is on. These people will still listen. But making the mp3 available for free would allow Rush to reach non-radio listeners – a currently untapped audience – allowing him to charge more for his in-show product placement ads without reducing the listenership for his radio broadcasts and their advertisers.

    As it stands, Rush is forgoing market share & the advertising revenue from the mp3 crowd in favor of getting money up front from 24/7 subscribers.

    That’s a business decision that Rush has made.

    However – mostly for ideological reasons – I think he made the wrong choice, because pursuing market share would help to spread the ideas that people need to fight Obama’s rampaging socialism.

    I’m not anti-capitalist. I’m not anti-Rush. I just disagree with his choice of marketing strategy.

  15. Son of Bob says:


    I can understand you thinking that he should have made a different business decision regarding his website and whether or not in the long run it would lead to the generation of a larger audience, and I ALWAYS enjoy your writings on IMAO, but “skimming your wallet”? Please. Rush is doing nothing wrong, and he is one of the few voices of conservative sanity in the world today.

    We really need to support strong conservative voices, not find trite reasons to attack them. The Republican party, led by jealous, self-centered RINO children, is doing a fine job attacking all real conservatives without our help (For reference, read how the RNC just threw Sarah Palin under the bus, disinviting her from an RNC speaking engagement and bad-mouthing her anonymously because of some sort of misunderstanding over booking her to speak in the first place…certainly sounds like something that could have been straightened out with one phone call, then backed up by a unified announcement regarding either her or Newt appearing as speaker. Or, reference how many Republicans threw Bobby Jindal’s entire political career out the window over one mediocre TV appearance. Or, reference many of the comments by Republicans regarding Ann Coulter. Or, of course, Michael Steele and the other Republican wimps that attempted to throw Rush under the bus.) There are plenty of people now in power that are currently stealing your retirement from you, and are very deserving of ridicule. Rush is not.

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