The government is taking over the auto industry and probably going to dictate they make smaller, less-safe cars. They also want to take over healthcare. So basically, one way or another, they’re out to kill us all, right?

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Book Review: Contact with Chaos

I finished reading Contact with Chaos by friend of IMAO Mike Z. Williamson, and it’s quite a departure from his previous novels in his Freehold universe. While they’ve been military SF (and his last book — which I really enjoyed — was kinda like an action move), this is more traditional hard SF with like actual science and stuff. For someone still aspiring to write a novel one day, it’s actually pretty intimidating because it looked like a lot of hard work. He wrote most of it while sick while deployed and did actual research talking to scientists with lab coats and everything. I want to write scifi so I don’t have to do research and can just make stuff up.

Anyway, I was too excited to read this novel at first because it seems like first contact with a sentient alien species has been done to death, but I had never seen it like this and was hooked after the first chapter. Not to give too much away, but the alien species due to their planetary conditions have been stuck in basically the stone age by lack of metals while still becoming culturally quite advanced. This creates challenges for the human visitors who want to establish relations with them while not completely upsetting their society with a rapid introduction of new technology. Actually, it sounds kinda boring from my description, but I really really enjoyed it. I think it’s my favorite novel of Mike’s so far and I really hope there is going to be a sequel.

Interestingly, the U.N. is one of the good guys in this novel and its the capitalists who cause most of the trouble trying to quickly establish trade deals with the natives. Next an Obama like character is going to lead Freehold away from its harsh libertarian principles. I kid! Actually, with the liberal fascist U.N. which rules Earth and numerous other planets being the main villain in many of the other novels, it was nice to have a change of pace.

So, I like the novel a lot, and if you like science fiction and are literate, you should give it a try. It’s available now from Amazon and should be in bookstores within the week. Here’s another review from Laughing Wolf at Blackfive and here is the first five chapters available for free so you can decide for yourself (which is stupid because I already decided for you).

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Got Your Goat

This story seems like a good opportunity to make fun of lesser cultures, but what if criminals actually were able to use black magic to turn into goats to avoid prosecution? Currently, our legal system is incapable of handling goats in a criminal manner, but apparently Nigeria has at least thought that out. I guess the next step it to compel the goat to turn back into a person, but I’m not sure how you bring that matter before a judge. And you’ll need some sort of hard evidence that the goat is really a human in a magical disguise. Would that take black magic? And would is it illegal to use black magic even if it were in the pursuit of justice?

It’s complicated. I guess this is really more of a matter for the Volokh Conspiracy than my blog.

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For Madonna’s next African adoption, we suggest…

Madonna’s getting everyone’s panties in a wad again. Seems she’s adopting another little child from Africa.

She adopted a little African boy — from the nation of Malawi, actually — in 2006. She caught some flack over that.

Now, she’s adopting a little African girl — also from Malawi — and catching flack.

Perhaps she’s just trying to get a complete set.

Or, perhaps she truly wants to make the world better, one person at a time.

Assuming the latter, we have an idea for Madonna’s next adoption. He’s from Africa, and if Madonna would take possession of him, keep him out of sight, for the next, say, four years, that would make the world better.

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April Fools!

No, I forgot and didn’t come up with an April Fools joke today. I mean, I make up stuff every day, and then today I’m supposed to extra make stuff up or something? I don’t have time for that; like how much do you think I get paid for this? Less now, because the Pajamas Media ads are gone (they do now have me writing a weekly column for them, though).

Anyway, no jokes today. Only serious.

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The Obama of Automobiles

My Pajamas Media column is up. Now that Obama has taken over the auto industry, I’ve got the specs for the new car he’s working on.

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I Hope He Fails

When Obama tries to play a cute little April Fools joke on his kids, I hope he fails.

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The ultimate April Fool’s Day prank

The ultimate April Fool’s Day prank has been pulled.

And it’s been pulled on the entire world.

Everyone fell for it.

And some of you helped.

Click to view.

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