Do you think it would be possible to start a class action lawsuit against Microsoft for mental duress?

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Nuke Free World

When Obama pledged to give us a nuke free world, I was thinking that everyone was going to be skeptical, but I was wrong. Iran and North Korea have already put their support behind the idea and said, since they already don’t have nuclear weapons, all they need is for everyone else to disarm. And here I thought those guys were up to something.

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Sing for North Korea

The North Korean missile fell into the ocean, but North Korea claims they put a satellite into orbit and that it’s “broadcasting patriotic songs”. Why does the media even tell us what North Korea claims? Why don’t just say, “And North Korea claimed some deluded crap that no one believes.” Still, it got me thinking: What are North Korean patriotic songs? I did some Googling and here is what I found:

* “North Korea: The Second Best Korea”

* “I’m Starving, But I Don’t Care,
‘Cause My Leader’s Got Poofy Hair”

* “Fear Our Powerful Dongs!”

Anyway, I assume Obama will respond forcefully to all this as soon as he gets his head unstuck from a bucket.

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More Racism

Some people have gotten up in arms about Chia Obama, and I guess I’m still kinda racism ignorant because it took me a while to figure out why. I guess because basically you’re growing an afro on him, and it’s a little racist to see a black man and say, “Hey, let’s put an afro on him.” IMAO would never do such a thing.

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I Hope He Fails

When Obama tries to evade capture by using black magic to turn himself into a goat, I hope he fails.

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