Pork & Beans has honored IMAO with the “Cannon Manufacturers of America Top Site Award” Award, based mainly on our support of the Mexi-Cannon project:

Now I know the Department of Homeland Security says that being concerned about illegal immigration is a sign of right-wing extremism, but IMAO’s Mexi-Cannon actually DOES something about it – cheaply and effectively – which is a sign of right-wing efficiencyism.

Don’t get those two confused.


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Twitter Updates for 2009-04-18

  • I want to be the first today to say I’m awesome, because my opinion counts the most. #
  • Only reason to protest Obama: Racism! I swear there is not enough combined brain power at DailyKos to light an LED #
  • RT @basilsblog My problem with Obama is his color: he’s a Red. Except when dealing with terrorists. Then he’s yellow. #
  • RT @basilsblog: Drudge: “Journalists get PTSD.” I knew they had some kind of disorder. #
  • Time for my morning Fruity Snack! #
  • RT @JTlol The Beavis & Butt-head of News: The great @battonl does it again! #
  • Next: Cavemen on a Jet Ski. RT@justkarl Taliban biker gang: #
  • It would be cool if the torture memos were full of made up stuff to scare the enemy. “We regularly anally rape detainees with a pig.” #
  • New Obama approved harsh interrogation technique: Only serve terrorists flat soda. #
  • New Obama approved harsh interrogation technique: Deny hugs until they talk. #
  • So has CNN said what they’ve done with Roesgen? Did they put her into hiding? #
  • My wife is scared of caterpillars. I wonder if she’s a terrorist. #
  • I don’t get how you torture someone with a caterpillar. Can you even connect that to a car battery? #
  • If Jack Bauer ever finds out Garofalo is a mole and shoots her in the head, that will be ratings gold. #
  • Jack Bauer once tortured a confession out of a terrorist using just a caterpillar. #
  • If the Israelis do give the Palestinians their own state, that will make it easier to declare war on them. #
  • RT @justkarl Jack Dunphy links you to the Pew News IQ Quiz: The results are scary. And sexist! #
  • The Georgetown things isn’t unusual. When Obama spoke to Muslims he had Muhammad cover his face. #
  • RT @allahpundit Susan Roesgen now on “vacation” #
  • Texas already seceded? Well, good luck to them. #
  • I’m outraged! RT @allahpundit Janeane Garofalo: I totally snubbed Rush Limbaugh when he visited the “24” set #
  • RT @allahpundit The alternate history of Kurt Cobain: #
  • RT @RWSparkle @JTlol I say we stuff anderson cooper in a locker after school. He’s used to being in a closet anyway #
  • It would be awesome if one of Obama’s nominees not only didn’t pay taxes but is also a former Somali pirate. #
  • The both look like such nice guys; why are we mean to them? RT @jaketapper Another foto of Obama and Chavez — #
  • Watching Fringe. Monster kills animal rights activists that relased it. It’s funny ’cause it’s ironic. #
  • RT @JTlol Maybe @oprah will start recommending Tweeters like she does books. Here’s my audition: HEY OPRAH YOUR FAT LOL LOL LOL J/K #
  • I wonder what Garofalo’s reaction will be to the celebrations on the 4th of July (or, as she knows it, “White Supremacy Day”)? #
  • I think Obama’s highspeed rails will make some great settings for future action movies. #
  • When I met Morpheus, I took both the red and blue pills. I don’t know if what I saw afterwards was the true reality, but it was AWESOME! #

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Taking a stand against piracy

The UK is finally taking a stand against piracy.

This week, France — France! — captured 11 pirates. And, of course, the U.S. Navy took out the pirates that had captured the Maersk Alabama.

With all the problems there are around the world with pirates, there need to be more countries taking a stand against piracy.

And the U.K. is doing just that. They just sentenced four pirates to jail.

According to the report ….


Wait a second.



It seems that they are battling software pirates, not seafaring pirates.

Okay, the whole world has turned upside down.

France protects world commerce … and the U.K. protects iTunes.

I want my reality back.

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