R.I.P. Perez Hilton

Crowder shoots a big fat fish in a barrel:

Heh. Rednecks are funny.

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“We Will Not Let Them See Us Run”

Here is a neat anecdote about Fred Thompson on his reaction to 9/11 when they were evacuating the Capitol building. A lot of people had the right attitude on 9/11, and it’s quite disheartening to think of all those who died so horribly and we now feel we have the luxury to worry whether putting a caterpillar in the same room as a terrorist is “torture.” We should have remained strong. Any time we look weak, they strive. A society that isn’t sure of itself and its own worth is not going to last.

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Magazine doctored pix of Obama

CNN reports that a magazine recently doctored some pictures of the president:

Washingtonian Magazine changed the color of the president’s shorts and made a few other touch-ups, but media critic Howard Kurtz calls the small adjustments “unethical.”

“While the alternations of this picture might seem to some people to be kind of minor, it is absolutely unethical,” he said.

Our crack research team has found the original pictures. And, sure enough, the color of the president’s shorts was changed. As were “a few other touch-ups.”

Here’s the picture that Washingtonian Magazine published:

Here’s the original:
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Rusty of Musings of a Nut Job has honored IMAO with the “Mutagenics Honorary Tentacle – Awarded to IMAO for Innovative Dinosaur Research” Award.

In addition to bringing about world peace through the use of dinosaur-mounted rocket launchers, IMAO also hopes to end world hunger by making protein-rich dinosaur eggs widely available for consumption as food. Low in cholesterol, one Tyrannosaur egg can feed an entire Somali village, thus also ending the scourge of piracy.


To join the exclusive club of blogs who honor IMAO and have your award featured on our sidebar with a link to your blog, make up a fancy award image honoring IMAO, blog about it, and drop a link in the comments.

Keep it PG-13, and if it doesn’t suck too terribly bad, your award will be duly noted in a post (Current estimated wait time – 4 Award posts), and placed in the sidebar with a link to your site.

As added incentive for people to honor IMAO with worthless, made-up awards, those who do so may proudly display this worthless, made-up Participant Ribbon:

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For the Photoshop-impaired, here’s a guide to making mediocre fake pictures with Microsoft Paint

Or try the free lolbuilder from I Can Has Cheezburger.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Maximum sidebar image width is 190 pixels. Please make sure text is at least barely legible at that size.

Now get honoring!

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Go Green with the Help of a Marine

Marines have always been environmentally conscious, but now they’re starting a new program that should really make liberals happy. They’re going to be selling lifetime carbon offsets. You pay them their fee, and the Marine will then kill someone in a foreign land, effectively offsetting your entire carbon footprint.

The Air Force plans to get into the act too. For a fee, they’ll permanently offset the carbon footprint of an American business by blowing up factories in another country.

Liberals haven’t always been the most supportive of the military, but hopefully that will change when they realize the military does the most good for the environment out of any group out there due to their carbon offset program they’ve been implementing since their beginning. Go green; support the military.

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Random Thoughts

I wonder if liberals have defense courses where they learn how to properly chastise a violent attacker?

Know who is the greenest in government? The Marines. Do you know how big a carbon offset it is if you actually kill someone?

Is there anything as beautiful as a well-formated SQL statement? Maybe a sunset. Maybe.

I don’t care what logic, common sense, and thousands of years of history tell you, TORTURE NEVER WORKS!

I wonder if the reason liberals claim torture doesn’t work is because they consider locking a guy in a cell with a caterpillar torture?

No matter how much you torture a caterpillar, you’ll never get it to talk. It may pupate, though.

If we were able to mate a gorilla and an orangutan, we’d get an orange gorilla. It would be unstoppable.

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Who Really Is Obama?

My latest Pajamas Media Column is up. I exposing a shocking truth about the Obama administration.

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