Obama’s first 100 daze

Obama magazines
Time magazine covers of Barack Obama since April 1, 2009

Am I the only one who can’t go anywhere without hearing about Obama’s first 100 days?

It’s on every Website you visit. And not just news Sites like CNN or Fox News, but other Websites too. Like… [Note: some links are NSFW]

The list goes on and on. Obama’s first 100 days everywhere.

And on magazines. Every magazine on every news stand has Obama’s picture on it, and a story on his first 100 days.

Then, there’s the McDonald’s First 100 Days Happy Meals, Hallmark First 100 Days Christmas Ornaments … oh, the list goes on and on.

I, for one, will be glad when Obama’s first 100 days are behind us. Then there will be only 1,361 days to go.

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Kevin of Exurban League has honored IMAO with the “Lunar Renewal Agency Award of Merit Award – ‘For your tireless efforts to bring light to the dark side of the moon'” Award.

Well, SOMEBODY’S gotta do it, because the Lunar Renewal Agency has been sitting on its hands for decades now. The dark side of the moon has been dark since 1973, and it’s WAY past time someone did something about it.


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Ben Linus Read a Nursery Rhyme

I’ll need to learn to read them like that when I have kids:

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Quote of the Day

The mental image I will have in my head from now on, any time I hear the word “green“:

When it is broken down, the philosophy of environmentalism is the philosophy of life on earth without humanity at all. Green becomes the color of a forest that grows over unmarked graves.

Here’s a visual aid for the mental-image impaired:

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We Should Torture People Who Are Against Torturing Terrorists

I can see people opposing torture because they’re worried some innocent guy is going to get tortured, but I don’t see how people can act like they oppose the specific applications we’ve been told about. People are questioning whether waterboarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed led to actionable intelligence, to which I say IT’S KHALID SHEIKH MOHAMMED! No one think this guy isn’t a murderous terrorist, so frankly I don’t care if the CIA connected a car battery to his gonads because they were bored.

Anyone who has problems with a murderous terrorist being discomforted in an attempt to save American lives should be executed for treason. That might seem harsh, but I’m getting a little tired of all the mamby-pamby little sissies we have to deal with along with the terrorists trying to kill us.

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Monkey-Fighting Snakes

If there were monkey-fighting snakes on my plane, I’d feel safer.

Also, I’d feel safer with Samuel L. Jackson around. He’s one bad monkey fighter.

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Random Thoughts

Every day you don’t be as awesome as you can be, you dishonor those who died.

If you shoot someone with a sniper rifle from 800 yards, it’s hard to argue self-defense. Even if he had a knife

Why would we need oversight on spending trillions of dollars? If we misplace billions, there are still tons left!

I worry about dropping my keys into a black hole, because then they’d be gone. Forever.

Due to economic conditions, I will now recite Dem. talking points at the rate of $1000/mo. Please pass on to any interested parties.

Tyrannosaurus Rexes could really help the economy by eating poor people.

While an opposable thumb is useful, an unopposable thumb sounds more intimidating.

Chuck Norris has an unopposable thumb.

If torturing a terrorist could save five squirrels, I’d torture the terrorist and then kill the squirrels myself.

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