If there is one thing that probably best epitomizes my humor, it would be Mystery Science Theater 3000. I always wanted to see that humor applied to something other than bad B-movies, though. The closest they came was a summer blockbuster special where they made fun of short clips of the summer releases, but they probably couldn’t ever afford to get the rights to anything other than old, really bad horror and scifi.

Now, though, the makers of MST3K have RiffTrax. You supply the movie, and then sync up their running commentary to get the full MST3K effect (just use the mp3 they give you to manually do it, or use their player to sync it up automatically). SarahK had been watching Twilight over and over, and when I saw through Twitter manly micro-blogging site that limits you to 140 characters that they had a track for the movie, I finally gave it a try. I did my own impromptu riff when I was first forced to watch, but the professionals are even funnier. I think we’ll try out a Potter one next.

So, check it out if you want to get a little more use out of some DVDs you might have lying around; it’s some damn funny stuff. Plus, I have my own suspicion (with evidence!) that Michael J. Nelson is a right-winger.

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