Palin Legal Defense Fund

Beyond just the disgusting treatment Governor Sarah Palin has received, she’s also been hit with a lot of frivolous lawsuits like when someone tried to claim her strangling a moose with piano wire is “animal cruelty”. It’s called hunting where I come from. So now she’s got a legal defense fund if you want to help out. Any extra funds will go towards shooting hippies from a helicopter.

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IMAO has all the wholesome goodness of a Wonder Bread and Kraft American Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product sandwich, but with only half the fat and calories. No wonder Moms love it!


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Ladies Fight

The Taliban has a new thing to complain about: All the women we’re sending over there to kill them. And there’s an odd bit of racism to it to. The Taliban spokesman warned the Pakistani prime minister about “Western white women who take up arms and come from 20,000 miles away to fight against us here.” Why is he only worried about the white women? The other races want to shoot him in the head just as much.

It will be pretty cool, though, when they’re whining about all the dinosaurs we’re sending over there blowing them up.

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Random Thoughts

Do you think the NEA becomes enraged every time a poor kid gets a good education?

You miss the series finale to Prison Break, and the only way to know what happened is to jab a terrorist with a hot poker. Would you do it? I’d do it, and I’ve never even watched Prison Break.

So do liberals watch 24 and think Jack Bauer is the bad guy?

If innocent lives could be saved by harming an evil man, only a sociopath would object.

Torturing a hippie into admitting torture works doesn’t actually prove torture works, but it doesn’t disprove it either.

Actually, have there been any scientific studies on torture? Like have we tried torturing monkeys? I have, but not in a lab setting.

If the liberals do arrest Cheney, that would make an awesome season of Prison Break.

With this swine flu, all the Muslims are going to be like, “We warned you, infidels. We warned you.”

I thought torture was compassionate conservatism. Usually we don’t let them live long enough for that to even be an issue.

They’re really getting worried about the swine flu. The CDC is locking up anyone who smells like bacon. Poor Rosie O’Donnell.

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