Bush and Obama vs the U.N.

Did you notice that the Obama administration did a couple of things recently that smacked of the Bush administration?

First, the decision by Obama to boycott the U.N. conference on racism. Back in August 2001, the Bush administration did the same thing, and was roundly criticized. The left said that it showed just how much contempt Bush had toward the world community and how insensitive it was to issues of race.

But now, Obama did the same thing — for the same reason Bush gave: wording in the text for the conference were out of line:

The United States, under the Bush administration, and Israel walked out over attempts to liken Zionism — the movement to establish a Jewish state in the Holy Land — to racism. The reference was later dropped, but concerns about anti-Semitism remained in the final text.

Plans to reaffirm the 2001 document were of particular concern to the Obama administration.

“(It) singles out one particular conflict and prejudges key issues that can only be resolved in negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians,” (State Department spokesman Robert Wood) said.

Follow that up with Obama’s decision to not pursue prosecution of CIA operatives that used interrogation methods that Obama sees as torture that Bush saw as reasonable.

The U.N.’s top torture investigator doesn’t like that:

Manfred Nowak first made the remarks to an Australian newspaper and later to the Associated Press.

According to Nowak, it’s illegal under International Law for the U.S. government to announce that it has no intention of prosecuting low-level CIA officers.

Bush was roundly criticized for not bowing to the U.N.

Obama might bow to the king of Saudi Arabia, but apparently is not yet ready to bow to the U.N.

Good for him.

And I’m looking forward to what’s next. That is, those on the left who won’t be able to get over Obama acting like Bush on two key issues. They love Obama. And they love the U.N. But what do they do now?

Do they applaud Obama? Or do they support the U.N.?

I’m going to watch the liberals’ heads explode as they try to figure out what to do.

I hope I get pictures.

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  1. This is an example of the old saying: “You’re born a liberal but you grow up to be a conservative.” Those of us on the right can notice a leftist president do something right, like Obama boycotting this ridiculous racism conference or refusing to prosecute the CIA for doing their jobs and we can say, “Good for him.” We’re mature and objective like that.
    When Bush, Bush Sr., Reagan or Nixon do anything, anything at all, the left automatically denounces it as wrong, no matter what it is.
    What must it be like, to live without the ability or the will to engage the world with critical thought?


  2. He couldn’t find anyone not too cowardly to discuss race for us? As for the torture, you know behind closed doors they have to laugh when hearing about specific cases. Friggen caterpillars for cripes sake.


  3. I wrote something here earlier but forgot to hit Submit Comment before I closed the tab. I guess Frank’s right: we’re babies and morons.

    Basil: once or twice since Nov 5, 2008, I’ve wondered if Obama is basically a hoodwinking trickster. Each time, I finally go: NAH!! He really is an American communist. After reading your post, I had a similar twinge.

    [You’re right, he’s a communist. But even a blind hog picks up an ear of corn every now and then. – B]


  4. Basil you best be careful. Pointing out that O’vomit is just like every other Washington insider is going to get you sent off to re-education, sensitivity training camp.

    Repeat after me one bazillion times;
    O’vomit is not like Bushmcchimpyhitlerhalburton, O’vomit is not like Bushmcchimpyhitlerhalburton, O’vomit is not like Bushmcchimpyhitlerhalburton, O’vomit is not like Bushmcchimpyhitlerhalburton.


  5. There’s a lot of this kinda stuff going on. It’s beautiful. It’s like that Star Trek episode where Mudd has all the androids working to satisfy his desires, then CPT Kirk comes in and spoils all the fun by confusing the hell out of the robots.

    This will be fun to watch.


  6. “International Law” Isn’t that cute how farty little countries make up pretend rules and wish we cared about them.

    Violating an International law is like driving against the arrow in a grocery store parking lot. Nobody cares, and if somebody points it out they look stupid.



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