Obama Seeks God Like Power

Posted on April 9, 2009 10:30 am

If we don’t stop the leprechauns global warming, Obama is threatening to use radical technologies to affect the climate like purposely putting pollution in the air. How is this not going to kill us all? We’re adversely affecting the climate without even trying, so now we’re going to purposely screw with things? I wonder if that’s what killed the dinosaurs: They elected an Obamasaur (largest ears of any land animal) and it tried to “save” them.

This is where conservatives need to put their foot down. Obama can screw up the country (that’s his right after being elected president) but he cannot be allowed to render the earth inhospitable to life. No weather machines for him!

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22 Responses to “Obama Seeks God Like Power”

  1. Tim says:

    This is probably the most likely reason for dinosaur extinction I’ve ever heard. It was probably an Obamasaurus however.

  2. huh says:

    wasn’t Cobra always trying stuff like this?

  3. MarkoMancuso says:

    If I close my eyes, everything will be better.

    Dang. Didn’t work.

  4. T.N. Amaps says:

    I believe it was called the Obamaskrewus.

  5. DesertElephant says:

    Where the hell did he get this idea? Watching The Animatrix? if he does this, it means that humanity is going to become a bunch of batteries for mean spirited killer robots. On the other hand, we’ll know Kung Fu.

  6. NunyaB says:

    Obama was elected? Really?

    I do know that his administration is historic: the first time in 233 years that this nation the media selected a non-American-citizen Communist as leader of the free world.

  7. Gun Nut says:

    I wonder if W left his weather machine behind when he left office? You know, the one he used to steer the hurricanes to kill minorities who wouldn’t vote for him and level their cities. Apparently the Bushs didn’t take out truckloads of furniture like the Clintons did when they left office, so I bet he left the weather machine at the White House.

    Sorry Frank, I think Obama already has one.

  8. Tim says:

    … I see… because our experiments with “tweaking” the ecosystem have had a stellar track record.

    1# Tim says:
    April 9th, 2009 at 10:37 am

    Hey! An impostor! Hehe… just kidding. 😎

  9. Mikee says:

    Silly people, having enormously large ears does not allow one to control weather, or to cause extinctions, big ears just let one hear extremely well and fly like a bird (although having a magic feather and a personal trainer in your clown hat can help, see the Disney classic Dumbo for details).

    Obamascrewus, Obamasaurus, either and both would be unique in the dinosaur world in that other dinosaurs would know they meant sure extinction, but would let them lead the migration off the beaten tracks of their ancestors and into the swamp the very first season they appeared on the scene anyway, because of their nifty color and their ability to bellow well.

  10. SRPwrd says:

    Huffpo ads on this site make me puke, but
    “Are you a socialist?
    Socialists fight racism, sexism, homophobia, and war. Find out more!”
    makes me laugh almost as much as
    “Classy Obama Posters
    Exclusive Posters of Young Obama with 1980s Photos & ‘Dream’ Quote.”

  11. Rightjabs says:

    #7 Gun Nut

    I wonder if W left his weather machine behind when he left office? You know, the one he used to steer the hurricanes to kill minorities who wouldn’t vote for him and level their cities.

    Don’t worry, I have it on good authority (DailyKos and HufPo) that Karl Rove sneaked the machine out by shoving it in his sock. They want him indicted for theft of government property.

  12. STORM19111 says:

    Knowing what we do about Obama’s past, I’d be very concerned about what kind of powder he wants to launch into the atmosphere. If it’s that white stuff he used to get from Pakistan, getting it “high” up there may take on a whole new meaning.

  13. Thomas says:

    Storm, the article specified Sulfur powder, which if I remember my history correctly means acid rain. Silly Nobel prize guy should know that the acid dissolving everything would be an exothermic reaction providing even more heat.

  14. shane says:

    quick, someone send the white house a copy of highlander 2 on dvd. just make sure it has the right region code….

  15. IH8Socialist says:

    Obama seeks god like power……..what do you mean he seeks god like powers, according to my Obot neighbors he’s already got god like powers. As for Obama’s weather machine pollution thing…. WHAT THE HELL IS HE SOMKING?

  16. Gun Nut says:

    #11 Rightjabs-Don’t worry, I have it on good authority (DailyKos and HufPo) that Karl Rove sneaked the machine out by shoving it in his sock.

    I certainly hope you are correct and look forward to the first hurricane in history obliterating Chicago. Or maybe a hurricane chasing Air Force One around the country. Who knows what Karl Rove has up his sleeve. Or in his sock.

  17. 4 of 7 says:

    – Job 38:2
    “Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?”

  18. Terry_Jim says:

    A volcanic eruption pumps more stuff into the atmosphere than Obama’s stupid plan would.
    I want to see the WWII type posters imploring us all to “Do Your Part…” by burning all the styrofoam and tires you can get a hold of.

    He misses the source of the problem.
    How about doing something to get the Sun to ease up on us?

    Send Obama there to smile at it, bow to it, and thus fix this ‘problem he inherited’.

    Tell him it will be a safe trip to the Sun,
    because he will land at night.

  19. IMAO » Blog Archive » I Question the Wisdom of This links:

    […] As Frank mentioned, Obama is considering using hi-tech wizardry to drastically alter the entire planet. […]

  20. Son of Bob says:

    Even dinosaurs, with their tiny walnut-sized brains, were smart enough to buy into the Obamasaur. Leftists and college kids, however, do not possess such a level of intellect.

  21. Live Free Or Die says:

    For O-bah-muhh, maybe the polution he means is unicorn farts and fairy dust, surely these are the ‘pollutants’ that will heal the earth. However, it’s more likely he was smoking his Kools ( or something stronger ), read about all the awesome tecnology over at IMAO and thought, we could thunk up stuff like this. Alternatively, he might have watched “The Avengers” movie( possibly before giving it to Gordon Brown ), fell asleep, and dreamed of Barak Steed and Uma Peele saving the planet.

  22. Live Free Or Die says:

    If all the world’s a stage, shouldn’t Hollywood movie solutions to all our problems work?

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