Capitalist Propaganda: “The Philosophy of Liberty”

Another modern piece (2002), this is a flash animation based on the epilogue of Ken Schoolland’s book, “The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible.” I present Kerry Pearson’s “The Philosophy of Liberty”:

[YouTube direct link]

Be sure to show it to your kids before their school makes them watch “The Story of Stuff“.

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What Sotomayor Meant To Say

In 2001, Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Sonia Sotomayor, said:

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

Embarrassed by the unspinnably blatant racial prejudice contained in the remark, Obama did his best damage control by claiming “I’m sure she would have restated it” if she had it to redo.

Which is fine. Everyone misspeaks from time to time.

But that begs the question: “What did she mean to say?”

I speculate thusly:

“White men can’t judge.”

* “Did I say ‘better’? I meant ‘racister'”

* “White men is stupid, y’all! Can I get a HELL YEAH?”

* “I was a white man before the surgery, and I learned a lot from the experience.”

* “I. Have. Issues.”

* “You have not experienced Black’s Law Dictionary until you have read it in the original Spanish.”

* “Sonia, Sonia, Uber Alles… everybody sing!”

* “I get overturned by the Supreme Court 60% of the time. Basically you could replace me with a brown Magic 8 Ball and come out ahead.”

* “Para Espanol, oprima numero dos.”

* “When you got a tan, you ain’t The Man.”

* “My decisions are based on the plain meaning of the written law. My job as a judge is to set aside my personal biases and make the decision that the law demands. If the politicians don’t like it, they’re free to write a new law, but that’s THEIR job, not mine.”

Any other possibilities?

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Capitalist Propaganda: “Me Is Mine, You Is Yours”

Something from the modern era (2007) from Nick Silby, a jingle-writer from Missouri, “Me Is Mine, You Is Yours”:

[YouTube direct link]

Sort of a 4 minute whirlwind tour of the history of civilization which reaches its pinnacle in the free nation of America.

Be warned, this guy writes catchy tunes for a living, and chances are this thing will be stuck in your head for a while.

Might be a good earworm to infect Obama with, though.

For more about Nick, check his website, or this interview in 417 Magazine. You can also check out his band’s MySpace page, where you should be able to find his song “It’s An Obama Nation”.

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Kim Jong Il (via his pinko factotum Ron Rockstar) has honored IMAO with the “Kim Gives IMAO Big Dong Award” Award.

This award means a lot to us here at IMAO, since Frank & I are long-time admirers of Kim’s work. Sure, we tease him occasionally about his glasses, hairstyle, and megalomaniacally ruthless oppression of his citizenry, but it’s all in good fun.

I hope that someday Obama will take a page from Kim’s book and realize that just because you’re a fanatical supporter of communism doesn’t mean you have to be a humorless enema bag all the time.


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Now get honoring!

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What to Riff

Man, I’ve done all this pimping of and now I just found out they have an affiliate program and I could have been making money. Anyway, after the live show debacle, I have a ten dollar gift certificate and was wondering if you guys have seen any and have any recommendations on what riffs to watch.

BTW, they are soon coming out with a riff of Casablanca which I think will be their first time to riff a classic move; quite a change from Manos, Hands of Fate. They have a clip up now and it looks like there is plenty of material just making fun of the era.

If I had more time, I’d try doing my own riff on a movie, but they don’t make it look easy.

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What’s Up?

Man I got nothing today. I’m tapped out. Actually, I might be taking a vacation next week; probably a good time.

Still, it seems like there should be some things to say about politics. Like, I’m pretty sure Sotomayor wants to round up and exterminate all non-Hispanics, but strictly speaking I don’t think that’s unconstitutional so I’m not sure if it’s a disqualifier. Anyway, protesting Sotomayor could anger the Hispanic community which only get us rounded up and exterminated all the sooner.

And then there’s all the nuke tests from North Korea. It’s nice to see they’re taking a cautious approach to starting a nuclear holocaust and doing plenty of missile tests first. An American general says we do have enough military power to take on North Korea which is good to know since, as bad as Obama is, I don’t want to be ruled by Kim Jong Il. He has a funny little pot belly and I’d have to make fun of it even if it would get me executed. I’m a humorist; it’s what I do.

And the economy is still imploding, which is bad. I don’t know if Obama will do anything useful since our economy is based on capitalism and he hates capitalism. Also, our economy is in America and he hates that country.

That’s it. That’s all I have to say right now. Be honorable, ronin.

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Random Thoughts

So how long do you give the Archie-Veronica marriage? I say two years tops.

So is everyone else having to battle the dead risen from their grave, or is that just a Boise thing right now?

Might not be zombies and instead be stoned hippies. Either way, they’re dead now and the crisis is over.

Aliens have landed nearby. They keep asking to be taken to our leader, but I’m ignoring them because they look like dorks. Anyway, if they ask how Obama became our leader, I’d be kinda embarrassed to explain.

If they’d trade a death ray for one of my .45s, do you think that’s a good trade? I’d still have two left for dual-wielding.

If Iron Man saves you, exactly how rude is it to stick refrigerator magnets to his back when he isn’t looking?

Everyone who voted for Obama is a moron. That’s something that should be repeated every day.

Bowing to reality is for dumb squishy moderates! I impale them with my unicorn!

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Steven Crowder Announcement!

Steven Crowder has an announcement and reads some hate mail.

BTW, I’m the large Mexican who wrote him.

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Capitalist Propaganda: “Your Safety First”

From 1956, a short from the Automobile Manufacturers of America called “Your Safety First“:

[Internet Archive direct link]

The setting is the “futuristic” year 2000, and there’s plenty of cute Jetson-esque predictions that aren’t even close, but eventually [at 4:31, if you want to skip ahead] it gets to the heart of the matter – a documentary on the historical development of the automobile.

I like this bit because it makes you really appreciate how hard the auto industry works to keep improving their product, year after year.

It also makes you wonder what cars would be like if serving the customer were their only goal, and they didn’t have to keep meeting insane & arbitrary government standards and regulations which only serve to add cost without providing benefits to the consumer.

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The Unthinkable

Jonah Goldberg thought it would be an interesting plot for a novel would be the repercussion if there was a nuclear strike and a liberal president refused to retaliate. My guess on what would happen is that Obama would eventually find himself tied to a nuclear missile heading for the enemy.

I hope its basic policy that a nation can’t nuke us or an ally without totally getting nuked the crap out of it. That would be hugely bad precedent if an enemy could get away with a nuclear attack without the direst of consequences. I bet even Obama knows that. Which is why if he wants to stop a nuclear holocaust, he better grow a pair and start dealing harshly with Iran and North Korea now.

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