Dennis Michael Tenney of 10eBrothers has honored IMAO with the “IMAO Wins #1 Blog Award Amongst Brain Eating Zombies” Award.

Now, if you’re like most people, you have mixed feelings about zombies. Sure, they’re fun to shoot in the head, but there’s always the risk that the shambling bastards will swarm you and eat your brains before you can make it to the truck with that hot chick that you met in that shack you were holed up in.

And it doesn’t help that zombie attacks are only slightly less common than swine flu these days.

But now there’s hope for you.

If you’re attacked by zombies, just tell them how much you love IMAO. They’ll give you a very slow high five, then totter off to feed on some guy in a suit who can’t believe his car picked today to break down and make him late for a very important meeting.

NOTE: Still caught up. Send ’em if ya got ’em.


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Now get honoring!

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  1. Harvey, I don’t know how you’re so funny (or even how to say I LOL’d without sounding trite – but that was f u n n y.)


  2. I question the validity of this award. I happen to be on the Brain Eating Zombies voting panel, and I ranked IMAO at #2 and I know one of the other zombies voting did as well. Only two other zombies voted, and one of them was disqualified after it was determined he wasn’t really a zombie at all, but only appeared to be a zombie (turns out he’s actually a senator from Nevada…who knew?). But you should still be very proud, as you scored very high marks with the roaming undead (formerly known as zombie) community.



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