Obama Apologizes For Using Wrong Finger

WASHINGTON (AP) – During the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, President Obama was caught on tape during an embarrassing moment where he absent-mindedly scratched his face with his index finger after referencing someone with whom he disagreed politically.

Obama’s controversially innocuous gesture toward Michael Steele.

In previous speeches, the President has casually scratched his face with his middle finger while referencing both Hillary Clinton and John McCain. While some right-wing extremist groups have cited these actions as “punk” moves that showed “contempt” for his opponents, defenders of the President’s clean, articulate nature were quick to point out that questioning Obama’s “normal and natural” gesture is childish, absurd, and prosecutable under the USA PATRIOT Act.

“The scratching in question at the Correspondents Dinner,” said White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, “took place while the President was referring to RNC Chairman Michael Steele. Obviously the presence of an African-American who didn’t support him unquestioningly was surprising and disturbing to Mr. Obama, like owning a horse that gives birth to a unicorn. It’s just freakishly unnatural. This so unnerved the President that he may have inadvertently used an inappropriate finger to soothe his tingling Spidey-senses. He, of course, apologizes if anyone misinterpreted his uncharacteristic non-derisive gesture toward a despicable race-traitor.”

Michael Steele, the non-object of the non-scorn, made no comment specifically on the finger issue, but WAS shocked by some of Obama’s verbal offerings during the dinner, stating during a recent press conference, “Heezy?… HEEZY?… Yo, G, the wor’ is ‘HIZZY’!… Damn, homey, you street cred be illin!”

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  1. You know, we just don’t KNOW where that finger has been. We do know that his middle finger has been up our a$$. But his index finger? I’m concerned. What ever you do, don’t touch it. It might have SWINE on it. Or kooties.


  2. Obviously the presence of an African-American who didn’t support him unquestioningly was surprising and disturbing to Mr. Obama

    So, according to Obama, African-American’s do not have the freedom to choose who they like and don’t like? Just because of the color of their skin? That is absurd!!!


  3. That is SUCH a passive-aggressive thing for a Liberal pansy like him to do, using his middle finger to “scratch” – not once but as you pointed out 3 times now. He knows exactly what he’s doing with that gesture; absentminded my fanny.

    I don’t feel sorry for McCain; that’s what “bipartisanship” with Demoncrats will get ya.

    As for Hillary, I don’t feel sorry for her either. Now that she has a post in Obie’s administration, she’s officially tainted now and will have to either speak out majorly against her employer in order to be viable in 2012, or Vince Foster the four in line ahead of her now in order to be Presidue; and I don’t think even she is willing to take the blame credit for that.


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