Capitalist Propaganda: “Propaganda Techniques”

This is the piece I probably should’ve started the whole Capitalist Propaganda category out with. Coronet Film’s 1949 production of “Propaganda Techniques”:

[YouTube direct link]

You might’ve thought I was being tongue-in-cheek when I referred to the previous videos as “propaganda”, but I was quite serious. Propaganda is, after all “the systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause”.

Although the word picked up heavily negative connotations due to its effective and pervasive use by the Nazis and Communists, propaganda is not necessarily wrong or evil. It can also be used in support of the right and the good. It’s up to the recipient of a propaganda message to determine the worth and accuracy of the content of any particular message.

The first step in doing so is to become aware of the techniques of propaganda, so that you can analyze whether a message is accurate, or merely persuasive. This film is an excellent start.

As an exercise for the viewer, feel free to discuss Obama’s use of propaganda in the comments.

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I’m on vacation this week, so don’t expect posts from me. Also, Thursday is my thirtieth birthday, so please give it proper celebration in my absence. You can also see if there’s a Senator’s seat opening up since I’ll be old enough now. Also, my birthday, June 4th, is National Gun Safety Day, so don’t shoot yourself with a gun or you will bring great dishonor upon me.


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You Can’t Get Anything You Want, At Obama’s Restaurant

That One sure has a thing for burgers. Maybe it’s because he thinks he’s stimulating the economy by giving some run-down burger joint 15 minutes of fame. Or maybe it’s because his Secret Service guys keep telling him “Presidential slavery went out with the Lincolns, get your own f’n burger!”.

But I think it’s because he’s planning to open his own restaurant in the D.C. area, and he’s just checking out the competition.

What do you think he’s gonna call it?

“Welcome to ‘Some Kind of Meat on a Bun’. Here’s what you’re getting. Shut up and eat it.”

* McDeficits

* Burger President

* The Wise Latina

* Michelle’s Arms [actually, that one might be better for his hotel]

* No Bonus For You!

* Beef & Borrow

* The Queen’s iPod

* The Natural Born American

* Windy McSolarton’s

* Chénge

Anyone else have a notion?

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Reader David has honored IMAO with the “IMAO Awesomeness – When Only A Major Award Will Do” Award.

If you don’t recognize that picture, it’s a scene from “A Christmas Story”, wherein Papa bursts with pride over his acquisition of a leg-shaped lamp, much to the chagrin of his wife, who is probably a little put out that her own legs lack such delicious curvature and definition.

And so it is with every other blog in existence, gazing with the bitterest envy at the awesome curvature and definition of the chortle-fest that is IMAO.

I weep at the miserable existence of these lesser beings.

As a mercy, we should invade their blogs, kill their authors, and convert them to IMAOianity.


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Now get honoring!

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