Keith Olbermann vs. Steven Crowder

Since I was all gone and stuff, I missed that Crowder had his first video out for PJTV with new PJTV production values. Here he is getting beat up on by Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow:

I always knew Crowder was a member of the Klan from how he doesn’t like taxes!

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So What’s Been Happening?

I’m back from vacation and haven’t really followed the news the past couple days. Anything interesting happen? Did Obama do something wrong? Did Obama do something right? Did Obama accidentally suffocate himself in a dry cleaning bag?

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D-Day +65

It saddens me when bad presidents are in charge during important anniversaries.

I can only comfort myself with the fact that come D-Day +75, President Palin will make the sort of speech that the fallen deserve.

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