Posted on June 3, 2009 8:58 am

Derek of Awesometific American has honored IMAO with the “Awesometific American Awards IMAO: Over The Top Awesomeness – I’m Sorry, I Can’t Hear You Over The Sound Of How Awesome I Am” Award.

I think it’s very fitting that Captain Kirk is pictured in this award, since Frank J. was once buried under an avalanche of Tribbles, and I once beat the crap out of Ricardo Montalban in the Engineering room of the USS Enterprise using only my bare hands and an inexplicably handy vacuum cleaner attachment.

Very long stories, both. Remind me to share them sometime.


To join the exclusive club of blogs who honor IMAO and have your award featured on our sidebar with a link to your blog, make up a fancy award image honoring IMAO, blog about it, and drop a link in the comments.

Keep it PG-13, and if it doesn’t suck too terribly bad, your award will be duly noted in a post (Current estimated wait time – 2 Award posts), and placed in the sidebar with a link to your site.

As added incentive for people to honor IMAO with worthless, made-up awards, those who do so may proudly display this worthless, made-up Participant Ribbon:

If you don’t have a blog, then send your image to and include a link to one of your favorite IMAO posts.

For the Photoshop-impaired, here’s a guide to making mediocre fake pictures with Microsoft Paint

Or try the free lolbuilder from I Can Has Cheezburger.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Maximum sidebar image width is 190 pixels. Please make sure text is at least barely legible at that size.

Now get honoring!

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11 Responses to “Award!”

  1. AwesometificAmerican says:

    Guy, keep up the good work.

  2. IH8Socialist says:

    Will this award be know as the Kirk?

  3. DocBrown says:

    I thought Shatner was Canadian, like Trebek!

  4. Jimmy says:

    These awards be comin’ in like a Seattle rain.

  5. Jimmy says:

    That AwesometificAmerican guy is some kind of awesome. I’m not sure which kind, but I’ll figure it out eventually. 😉

  6. Son of Bob says:

    Did the Shatner toupee come with the award, or is that sold seperately?

  7. Socrates H. Obummer says:

    This is the most fully awesome major award of all. I am humbled by this, so I can’t accept it. Sorry, but accepting this would make me look conceited and arrogant.

  8. DesertElephant says:

    Honestly, Harvey, I think for our mental health, it is best you do NOT tell us the story some time. I suspect it is therapy inducing.

  9. ErikW says:

    I’m pretty sure that Shatner is a naturalized U.S. citizen and a resident of wildfire country somewhere in SoCal.

    Not sure of his Canadian roots but I think he was raised by a family of Kodiak bears somewhere in northern Sasketchewan. Or Toronto.

  10. Drewber says:

    Hate to be the first one to point this out, but on the award itself, the word “Awesometific” is misspelled (what an interesting quandary, considering that Webster has no idea that the word is awesome enough to exist…). The last “i” in the word is missing. Check it out and award me a similar award for my spell-checking awesomeness!

  11. AwesometificAmerican says:

    Dang it. I had to redo the image three times so that it would fit into the pixel restrictions. If you want you can view the original award on my blog. It looks a bit different from this one. Good catch Drewber, maybe I will create an award to honor you.

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