Reader Joel (who has some fiction for your perusal over here, but is mostly blogless and settles for occasionally de-lurking in IMAO’s comments) has honored IMAO with the “GOLDEN SPACE MONKEY AWARD: This prize has been awarded to IMAO because we excavated a radioactive crater on the moon and all we found was this lousy Golden Space Monkey. It should be safe as long as you don’t lick it” Award.

It’s nice that Joel put a warning label on this, but I served on board the USS Enterprise and I was collecting photons from the reactor long before that filthy commie Chekov snuck on board my nuclear wessel. Radiation doesn’t frighten me.

Although it SHOULD frighten YOU. Ever notice that my posts tend to glow just a little bit brighter than Frank’s?

Leave all the comments you want. Just don’t lick the screen.


To join the exclusive club of blogs who honor IMAO and have your award featured on our sidebar with a link to your blog, make up a fancy award image honoring IMAO, blog about it, and drop a link in the comments.

Keep it PG-13, and if it doesn’t suck too terribly bad, your award will be duly noted in a post (Current estimated wait time – 3 Award posts), and placed in the sidebar with a link to your site.

As added incentive for people to honor IMAO with worthless, made-up awards, those who do so may proudly display this worthless, made-up Participant Ribbon:

If you don’t have a blog, then send your image to and include a link to one of your favorite IMAO posts.

For the Photoshop-impaired, here’s a guide to making mediocre fake pictures with Microsoft Paint

Or try the free lolbuilder from I Can Has Cheezburger.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Maximum sidebar image width is 190 pixels. Please make sure text is at least barely legible at that size.

Now get honoring!

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  1. That spacemonkey shows up at the oddest times and in the strangest places – kind of like Data’s head in TNG.


  2. Just for the record, golden space monkeys don’t throw golden poo. But, it would be cool if they did.



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