Sean G of Too Much Liberty has honored IMAO with the “Too Much Liberty Official Seal of Approval: ‘You know you’d hit that, man'” Award.

As much as we at IMAO enjoy receiving awards, I gotta say that I find that image a little disturbing. I mean, sure, it’s merely implied, and maybe it’s even just photoshopped to look that way, but still…

It’s just CREEPY how Canadian that guy looks.



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  1. So if that guy is a canadian, my money is on the seal.

    If a canadian goes to club a seal and misses more than 4 times, do we get to shoot him?

    Is canadian skin as warm as seal skin?

    Do canadians know which end of the club to use on a seal?

    The seal is safe, canadians were afraid of the dark, seals,clubs, and anything masculine.


  2. The seal is likely to bite the guy’s leg off. Send in Palin’s chopper. I hear ussjimmycarter gave up his White House job and went back to shoot for Palin.


  3. This is indeed a very disturbing award.

    For instance, the fellow pictured is wearing IMAO red and black. And, at least symbolically, the blue ribbon appears on the path of the club to its proper target, the hostile seal enemy. That implies that the award will prevent the club from ridding the world of this menace.

    Further, the image highlights the person controlled by the club, and not the weapon itself. Since we know from battles over the Second Amendment that it is the weapon which is to blame, and not the criminal wielding it, this image is troubling.

    But it’s a major award from a site which dominates its web category, so on balance I’m glad IMAO beat out the competition to win it.


  4. That guy may just be a pirate. In which case, in 3 or 4 days President Barack Hussein Obama will give an order allowing someone to defend that seal. Of course the seal will be long dead by that point, pummeled to death just moments after the photo was taken, but the mainstream media will still profess Obama’s courage for giving the order, nonetheless.


  5. A baby Harp seal’s fur is snowy white and ideal for winter coats and seat covers for ’64 Impalas.

    Also, go easy on the Canadian. It’s better to finish off the little guy with one wack rather than inhumanely clubbing it to death.

    What are you guys, a bunch of freakin’ monsters?


  6. Here’s an idea for an award which I lack the skilz to create:
    IMAO 6 star award,
    for when 5 stars just ain’t awesome enough.


  7. IMAO has just earned the “You Blew It Up” award over at my Monkeys on Horses! blog! (Hope there is room on you mantlepiece for it!



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