The Center for Disease Control (via their bright-eyed eager-beaver intern/gofer cptnmoroni) has honored IMAO with the “This Blog is Swine Flu Free” Award.

We at IMAO know that the only way to prevent swine flu is to kill all pigs. Then eat their flesh because it’s incredibly tasty. And use their fat to lubricate the barrels of our rifles when we go out hunting Islamic terrorists.

Please note: although Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman have incredibly prominent nostrils, they are not pigs, just Democrats. Do not kill, eat, or vote for these people.


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Keep it PG-13, and if it doesn’t suck too terribly bad, your award will be duly noted in a post (Current estimated wait time – 3 Award posts), and placed in the sidebar with a link to your site.

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Now get honoring!

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  1. It’s nice to know the Captain has certified this blog as safe and Swine-free. But I think it is incumbent upon him to periodically provide a free check-up, just to be safe. We do have infected liberal trolls from time to time.


  2. I think Henry Waxman picks his nose. That is why his nostrils are horribly misshapen.

    It’s like when South American tribes put stuff in their lips, ears, or wherever. The skin stretches to accommodate. So, too, with the finger of Henry Waxman placed firmly in his nose.


  3. Waxman’s 15 minutes of fame should be long over. That episode of the Twilight Zone he and his family starred in was many, many years ago.


  4. But if you should happen to kill and eat these people, contact Poison Control immediately. While you wait for help administer an ipecac, or watch MSNBC.



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