Helen Thomas (via her shameless boy-toy FormerHostage) has honored IMAO with the “Zombie Helen (No Brains!) Worst Blogger Since Herbert Hoover Award” Award.

First, I’d like to congratulate Helen on bravely coming out of the closet on her status as an Undead-American. I mean, sure, it was kind of an open secret like Adam Lambert’s homosexuality or David Letterman’s fetish for airline stewardesses and their underage daughters, but still, we gotta give Helen the credit she’s due.

And double credit for admitting that she’s part of the shunned “no brains” community of re-animated corpses, who prefer to feast on the crunchy, empty skulls of Democrats, rather than the sweet, chewy brains of Republicans.

It’s a hard existence. Sorta like being a vegan in Texas.

As for Hoover being a bad blogger, well, in his defense, he didn’t have a Democrat president to make fun of like IMAO does.


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  1. Ugly on the outside; ugly on the inside. At least she’s consistent. None of this redeeming inner beauty crap. LOL


  2. She fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down and then the ugly tree fell over on her and bounced several times. Once they pulled her out her momma took a stick from the fallen tree and hit her with it several times every day…hard!!!


  3. I hear Undead-Americans are making real strides in representation in Minnesota… 2812 of them turned out to vote for Franken in November.


  4. The term is NOT Undead-American. The proper term is “Differently Alive.” We hate it when you breathers get it wrong.



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