Wolfman George of Monkeys on Horses! has honored IMAO with the “Monkeys on Horses ‘You Blew It Up! Award” Award.

Why did IMAO blow up the Statue of Liberty? Several reasons:

* Because replacing the statue costs less than having Obama do fly-by photo-ops over it.

* Anything to prevent Letterman from calling her a slutty airline stewardess.

* We didn’t blow it up, we just “restructured” it.

Besides, Obama told us that if we didn’t blow up the Statue of Liberty, he’d declare IMAO “too big to fail” and have it come out of bankruptcy as a cat blog.


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  1. “What’s that thing coming out of her nose?”


    “Oh shit. There goes the planet”


  2. “Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty leftist!

    Gee, I wish I had said that!

    I didn’t mean to imply that IMAO blew up the Statue of Liberty, I was trying to tie the award into the whole Planet of the Apes theme I have going on…

    Perhaps I should have titled it the “They Blew It Up Award”.


  3. GEJ – No, no… IMAO blew up the Statue of Liberty, and – unlike liberals – we’re willing to take responsibility for our actions.

    The Statue was destroyed during a tragic accident we had while testing a new dinosaur-mounted rocket-launching system for a mysterious client know to us as only as “Chick Deney”.

    IMAO regrets any inconvenience this may have caused.


  4. Harvey! You let it out! Chick Deneywill soon visit you with a secret assassination squad.
    Or a purple nurple. Bwahahahah


  5. And, let’s not forget, the statue was a gift from the French. If “the Obama” can piss off real allies each and every day, like England, Israel, Germany, etc., who cares if we piss off the French?



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