Capitalist Propaganda: “200”

From 1975, proof that at one time, not all hippies completely hated America. This funky little number was paid for by the government and animated by Vincent Collins, who is still alive and well and living in San Francisco and going by “Vince” these days. Most internet sources refer to it as 200, but at 2:46, it’s clearly titled “BI CENTENNIAL”

[YouTube direct link]

The music is chipper & upbeat, the images are all positive and patriotic. My only complaint is the stupid peace sign on the flag.

It was weird to watch, because I kept waiting for Mount Rushmore to morph into a 3-headed Hitler who sends his eagle-morphing-into-a-vulture flying into the ghetto to devour screaming, helpless minorities or something.

Never happened.

It’s all good. Right down to the cornucopia spewing out cars, hamburgers, TV’s, hot dogs & baseballs.

Bookmark this one for July 4th.

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  1. Because, when you REALLY love your country, you celebrate it with freaky animation with a porn soundtrack. As soon as the music started, I began to wonder when the bare nekkid wimmin would show up.


  2. ahh the 70’s before the war on drugs….. and the drugs were good! And conservatives where more fun. My thoughts were always “Reality is for those who can not handle drugs” …. that is to say if you can not handle your drugs eliminate yourself from the ecosystem and do everyone involved a favor. Much more relaxed time. Relaxed as in “the gays had not ruined sex yet” relaxed. You could put it anywhere without worrying.

    FYI: A true hippy == libertarian ( and not some Stalinist leftist )



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