Capitalist Propaganda: “Capitalism”

From 1948, another educational short from Coronet, “Capitalism“:

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While addressing the question “what is Capitalism?, these kids never reach today’s “obvious” conclusion that it’s a system for cheating the poor, exploiting indigenous peoples, and oppressing minorities.

Which, if you read some of the reviews at the first link, is this production’s major flaw.

But the question isn’t “who is unhappy under Capitalism?”, it’s “what IS Capitalism?”. This film is a good example of using a simple, concrete situation to give meaning to more abstract terms. It’s how learning is done properly – leftist pap like “there are no rights or wrongs, just arguments for and against” notwithstanding.

Sure, these happy, healthy, well-groomed children argue over Captalism like they’re arguing over “what is Christmas?”.

“It’s presents!”
“It’s a tree!”
“It’s cookies!”
“It’s family!”
“It’s pretty colored lights!”
“It’s a month of Christmas specials on TV every night!”

But they should discuss it like that, because under Capitalism, EVERY day is Christmas.

Just ask anyone who’s come to America from a place that didn’t have it.

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  1. What is amazing is that it is very clearly stated that this is just a presentation of the CONCEPTS of Capitalism and is by no means a full treatise on the subject. So how do they have no freaking clue as to how to interpret it. It states it right at the beginning.

    God Almighty, these leftards have earned the title time and again, ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

    Gotta say I really appreciate these videos. If only the tiny, screeching, angry minds of the she-t-shirt wearing tards could absorb and under stand it. Keep fighting the good fight.



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