Capitalist Propaganda: “Tokyo Woes”

From 1945, one of a very-little-known series produced for the Navy featuring Mr. Hook, “Tokyo Woes”:

[YouTube direct link]

Lessons to take from this:

Part of fighting a war is mocking, belittling, and dehumanizing your enemy. Then you kill him. Assuming, of course, your goal is victory.

Someone who spreads enemy propaganda to Americans during a time of war is not a friend, even if they mix in peppy dance music with their lies.

Purchasing government debt (i.e. War Bonds) is ok if the money will be spent on killing people who threaten to destroy our nation.

Cash, fancy clothes and a spiffy new car are GOOD things to have, and not something to be cursed as the vices of a greedy, materialistic society.

Oh, and pretty girls have curves.

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  1. Heh, this toon has Bob Clampett written all over it, never seen it before. I liked it when the dude was accidentally given boobs. And it’s comforting to know those animators spent their pay on booze, the track and loose women.


  2. Wow Corona, your right they accidentally gave him boobs, just like the idiots that voted in Nov. of 2008.


  3. Mocking the enemy mercilessly is the cornerstone of our patriotic duty. When engaged in a conflict that requires the enemy assume room temperature, it’s very important to think of them as targets of opportunity and not people. And, given our current enemy and the haste with which they murder their own children, they really aren’t human anyway.

    Man, I was born 45 years too late.


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  5. Lmao-caricatures aside..that’s f***ing great…as if he wasn’t wild enough, this seems to be Bob Clampett completely set free…I love the animation on the “Tokyo Rose”



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