Capitalist Propaganda: “Yankee Dood It”

Posted on June 22, 2009 4:00 pm

From 1956, a Looney Tunes piece that ends up slipping in a plug for capitalism, “Yankee Dood It“:

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After a good five minutes of goofy cartoon antics, the Shoemaker eventually pops the question:

“But I want to stay in business. How can I do it?” Whereupon the helpful elf gives him an earful of free-market know-how.

Were this cartoon made today, I fear the answer would be “give a few hundred thousand dollars to Barack Obama in the form of ‘campaign donations’ that don’t trigger the reporting requirement, don’t give your executives bonuses that are ‘too big’, and for heaven’s sake, DON’T GO TO VEGAS!”

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15 Responses to “Capitalist Propaganda: “Yankee Dood It””

  1. Doug says:

    While we’re doing Capitalist propaganda, came across another awesome cartoon from 50+ years ago on redstate:

    via youtube:

  2. cjtony97 says:

    Was the whole Sylvester plotline even necessary in this one? I think not.

  3. Jimmy says:

    I love those old Merrie Melodies.

    Oh, but cjtony97. it’s much better with the Sylvester – always getting stymied.

  4. Harvey says:

    I’m gonna go overboard and declare that Sylvester is a metaphor for government interference in the free market.

  5. cjtony97 says:

    Thufferin’ Thuccotash!

  6. cjtony97 says:

    Doug, I liked that video as well. And I love the irony in that a lot of these videos hold up the automobile industry as the pinnacle of capitalism.

  7. Harvey says:

    cjtony97 – before they were eaten alive by arbitrary government standards and government-backed unions, car companies WERE the pinnacle of capitalism.

    If these cartoons were made today, they would feature consumer electronics.

    Thank God the government doesn’t set standards for computer chips, and what a coincidence how rapidly the technology keeps improving 😉

  8. cjtony97 says:

    Harvey – Exactly, they screw up EVERYTHING they get their hands on. The wife and I spent a weekend recently in Philadelphia. We were told during the walking tour that the Federal banking system was established during George Washington’s tenure. I was shocked to find that the constitution didn’t make it unscathed out of our first president’s term in office. Truly disheartening.

  9. Harvey says:

    True, but incompelte. Federal banking was established and killed twice before becoming a permanent fixture:

  10. cjtony97 says:

    Good stuff. Thanks for the lesson.

  11. Live Free Or Die says:

    “But I want to stay in business. How can I do it?” “Well Mr. Nike, you would cut costs considerably if you built factories in Communist China, Communist Viet Nam, Islamic Indonesia, where the labor force has been brutalized for so long that when you pay them $3.00 per day,bunk them in company dorms, and have them shop at the company store, it will be an upgrade in their living standards. Just sign right here Mr. Nike.”

  12. Live Free Or Die says:

    “But I want to stay in business. How can I do it?” “Well Mr. Thneed, if you hire our marketing firm, our international conglomerate of witchdoctors, mind control innovators and evil jedis will so inundate the ignorant masses with your product message that they’ll be clamoring for it. Think of it! You Need A Thneed! See, catchy slogans are all you need in today’s world. I bet we could even elect the Junior Senator from the state of Illinois, hell make him black, maybe Muslim, questionable birth situation, it doesn’t matter! Just a catchy slogan, like “Hope and Change!”, Have him flash his pearly whites and read from the Teleprompter, and we can even get a Socialist elected!

  13. comatus says:

    The US shoe industry was centered in Massachusetts, and at the time this was made it was protected from competition by a heavy tariff endorsed by their Senator, young John Kennedy. I think I remember him changing his mind about it later. Anyway, it ain’t in Mass anymore.

  14. IMAO » Blog Archive » 12 Things Obama Sometimes Forgets About Besides the Economy links:

    […] Remember that Warner Brothers cartoon where an elf that looked suspiciously like Elmer Fudd explained how capitalism works? Obama […]

  15. BigSoph says:

    Live Free Or Die, time to up your meds

    In the countries in question, standards are better at US controlled factories than life under the excess of government. Frequently the factories protect their people from government apparatchiks

    The companies in Vietnam faced government restrictions because doctors were leaving hospitals for the better conditions and better pay fo American owned factories

    You might say “Well, why don’t we pay them at rates like in North America?” Well, I might say you really are a simpleton.

    Funny how the most poor countries on Earth are failed Muslim states or heavily interventionist socialist states. Are you learning something from this? Anything? No? Wanna go scream and demand things? Alroght off you go, little boy. We will let adults talk now

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