So Frank shoots me an email saying “This blog needs more nepotism! My Uncle Bruce gave IMAO an award. Post it so that I can tell my stupid little sister that I already filled my quota of family-member blogging for the year and she’ll stop nagging me to mention her costume-designing credits

Thus Uncle Bruce has honored IMAO with the “The War Against Wall Street Award” Award.

What Frank didn’t mention is that Uncle Bruce is one of those diabolical Wall Street types himself, who goes around tricking people into sending him money, which he then squanders on worthful stocks, leaving unwitting investors with nothing but their principal plus capital gains and dividends.

A low creature, indeed. And one to be avoided.

If you MUST invest, remember to only do so for purposes of spreading the wealth around, because that’s good for everybody. It’s ok not to punish yourself for your success, but DO make sure that everyone behind you has a chance for success, too.

NOTE: Still caught up. Non-Frank-family-member submissions now being accepted!


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  1. Nothing screams “nepotism” quite like allowing your multiple personalities to post on your blog as if they’re real people.


  2. They are real people, Marko. It’s just that they’re all the same real people: Frank. Or Sarah — I never knew which came first.

    Back on topic, for the first time in my adult life, this award makes me proud of my country.


  3. How disgusting! Naked capitalism on display for the world to see. Here in the South we used to keep those kinds of Uncles locked in the attic. Next thing you know, congress will start READING the bills before they vote on them. This must stop!


  4. Sgt. Relic, Hell, they might even demand the bill be fully written before they read it and vote on it. I know it’s a pretty out there concept, but a guy can dream.


  5. Naked capitalism?

    I’m not aware of any common portrayal of Capitalism as a woman, but maybe we should start looking into that. A three-way with Liberty and Justice could be hot.


  6. George,

    That very same 3-way gave rise to the strong, turgid, tumescent pillar, upon the tip of which our nation rests.



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