Capitalist Propaganda “Going Green With Cap and Trade”

[Hat tip: Hot Air]

From 2009, The Tax Foundation explains the Cap & Trade bill with a sprightly little ditty, “Going Green With Cap and Trade”:

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Lyrics below if you want to sing along:

We’re gonna…
Cap and trade
all carbon emissions
gonna cap and trade
that will be our mission

We’re gonna cap and trade
see what I mean
the government is
going green today…
We cap and trade.

See cap and trade
charges folks for releasing carbon
like companies that use
vehicles that park and

utilities and factories
who pass the cost
to people who will pay
for cap and trade

It sounds like cap and trade
is a tax we pay then
No sir, cap and trade
is just a regulation

See tax is when there’s
money spent
this is just a fee to the government
It’s cap and trade.

So with cap and trade
won’t things be more expensive?
Well just…everything
but don’t be so apprehensive

Just clothes and food
and heating bills
and anything that needs
to be shipped will
be raised
with cap and trade.

But how is cap and trade
not a tax there, sonny
when we all have to pay
the government our money

You don’t seem to understand my friend
we’re going green, doesn’t that make sense?
they’ll pay
for cap and trade.

Sounds like cap and trade
is some sort of weird humor
because these fees will just be
passed on to the consumer

Yes, but check this chart
you’ll see for sure
the biggest burden will be
on the poor who’ll pay
for cap and trade

See who cares if cost of most goods go higher?
And household income levels all go down?
and if estimated environmental impact is not really calculable,,,

Oh, what a scene, I’m really keen
the government is going green
We’re going green
with cap and trade!

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  1. This guy is funny! He’s done several other vids for the Tax Foundation and had his video on taxes in the Dem YouTube debate last year.


  2. Taxing the people
    is the new green,
    It’s all obscene.
    You knew it was coming
    Cuz big guvment craves:
    Cap and Trade,
    Crap and raid.


  3. PS: If they played this little ditty once a night on oh, say, Fox News for a week; The left would never dare mention the term “Cap and Trade” or “Green Jobs” again for fear of being laughed to scorn (or lynched).
    Now I won’t be able to hear the word “Cap” without thinking of that ‘toot-toot’ note and the accompanying hat-tip!
    Now THAT is effective propoganda!
    Thanks Harvey, you made my day!



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