Up From the Memory Hole: Proof That Obama is a Racist

Posted on July 24, 2009 8:49 am

In 2008, after Time Magazine headlined an article about Obama winning the South Carolina primary “Obama’s Rout Rejiggers the Race“, they were met with a storm of criticism for using the word “jig”, because it’s racist.

During Obama’s answer to that irrelevant softball on the arrest of Professor “I’ll talk to your MAMA outside!” Gates, Obama used the word “jigger” to describe the act of a black man forcibly entering a house:

“There was a report called into the police station that there might be a burglary taking place. so far so good. Right? I mean, if I was trying to jigger in — well, I guess this is my house now so it probably wouldn’t happen. Let’s say my old house in Chicago — here I’d get shot.”

I wish Obama would stop hatin’ on the African-American community.

Racism makes me sad.

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13 Responses to “Up From the Memory Hole: Proof That Obama is a Racist”

  1. DamnCat says:

    According to Obama if the Secret Service saw a black man trying to break into the White House they’d shoot first and ask questions later?

    Obama better be careful considering his tendency to try to enter through the windows.

  2. seanmahair says:

    Ok let me see if I can get this straight.
    1.Someone sees two men (black or white doesn’t really matter here) attempting to shoulder in a door to an empty house that had already been burglarized once.
    2. When the responding officer arrives he finds someone (once again race irrelevant) inside the dwelling.
    3. Attempts to verify person actually lives in this house are unproductive. Suspect/victim uncooperative.
    4. All attempts to pacify individual unsuccessful.
    5. Person continues to act in a disruptive fashion causing concern among neighbors and other police officers.
    6. Individual arrested.

    Now if this had happened anywhere else but a college town in New England it wouldn’t have even made the news. If it involved black officers and a white professor it wouldn’t have been news. It’s news because the “black” professor used racial profiling to decide from the very beginning that the police officer was RACIST. He didn’t even give the officer a chance to be racist, he (Gates) assumed he was racist just because he (the officer) was white.

    Gates should be charged with disorderly conduct and hate speech. Crowley should sue not only Gates but the potus, the city of Cambridge (who apologized) and the other self proclaimed representatives of the “African American” community.

    Besides if racism is so rampant here in the US maybe Gates should take his act on the road. I’ll just bet there are several countries in Africa (from where he has just returned) who need liberal college professors, hate mongerers and professional victims to round out their liberal arts curriculum.

  3. cactusod says:

    I just want to apologize to everyone…everywhere……for everything.

    I’m just very sorry, and sorry I’m taking so much time to apologize. Sorry about that.

    Hey! This is good! No matter what…just apologize. Tastes great…and less filling.

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  5. RockThrowingPeasant says:

    He’s trying to drink himself in?

  6. IH8Socialist says:

    I wish Obama would stop hatin’ on the African-American community.

    Racism makes me sad.

    Racism make me sad too, it’s sad how racist liberals really are.

  7. AlanABQ says:

    I don’t think Obama’s any more (or less) racist than, say, Robert C. Byrd. I just think he’s yet another stupid black man who refuses to act civilly when the cameras are on him, which is usually all the time.
    That’s not racist; I’m just acknowledging his blackness here. This niggardly attitude about which words may be uttered is irritating like a bad case of chiggers.

    Is “chiggers” the right way to describe those little skin-dwelling pests? Or would it be more PC to say “chegroes”?

  8. Cnet says:

    “Numerous police officers, including African-Americans, have spoken up on Crowley’s behalf and portrayed him as a good and fair officer. Crowley, who is white, had once been chosen by a black police officer to teach a police academy course on ways to avoid racial profiling.” CNN.com

    The officers were simply responding to a burglary call. It’s their job to get his ID, search the house for HIS safety and leave. As soon as they asked for his ID, Gates lost his composure and went crazy. According to CNN, there are recordings from the police trying to radio in the call, with Gates saying “I’ll meet you and yo mamma outside.” He wasn’t arrested for “breaking into his own house.” He was arrested because he wouldn’t cooporate with police. He obviously realized that he would have to turn this into a race issue to keep his prestigious job as a professor…hence the media hellstorm. It’s nobody’s fault but his own that he got arrested. Cops were just doing their jobs.

    And Obama apparently still thinks (like most of the ill informed people reacting to this story) that Gates was arrested for breaking into his own house. Hence his own stupid comments about the cops.

  9. Cnet says:

    Another important fact here…. That was NOT Gate’s house. It was Harvard University’s house and they changed the locks. So you can’t blame the woman who called in a potential burglary and you can’t blame the cops for simply attempting to check the house and Gate’s ID. Remember Gates is the one who was acting irrational, spewing racial remarks, and keeping the cops from doing their job. It’s his own fault he was arrested.

  10. Son of Bob says:

    I’d pay to see Obama try to bust in a door. I’ve seen him try to throw a baseball. The door would win. But, you’d have to wonder what type of pants he’d choose to wear for the occasion…I’m thinking festive knickers.

  11. HandyAndy says:

    And to think people actually spend good money to send their kids to Harvard to be lectured by a jackass like Gates. Amazing.

  12. Live Free Or Die says:

    Chris Rock needs to teach the professor a thing or two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj0mtxXEGE8

  13. Rob says:

    This is such crap. Here Obama goes with his promises of everyone getting along and the economy improving, and then he goes and calls a policeman racist for arresting someone who was being uncooperative. Just starting to show his true colors, maybe?

    If it was a black officer arresting a white man, the white man would be ridiculed for resisting arrest, and it wouldn’t even make it to country-wide news. But of course when a black man gets arrested, it must be a result of racism. Hypocritical politicians make my blood boil… I wish they came any other way.

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