Links of the Day Part 1

Frank practically lives on the TV tropes website, so he almost peed his pants when he found out he’s mentioned. I’ve ever been prouder.

John Hawkins’s poll on health care is up.

Andy Levy (@andylevy) tweeted this as the best local news video ever, and I agree, if you exclude the one of that weather dude flipping his head over a cockroach.

Breitbart: The end to two grim fairy tales.

Sunday’s Dilbert was funny.

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Frank Advice for Life

You can really hurt your hand punching a dog in the face because of their big bony snouts. Only punch pugs.

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Top Ten Ways the Health Care Bill Is Like Ted Kennedy

Democrats are considering naming the health care bill after Ted Kennedy, which is actually kind of appropriate if you think about it.


10. It’s bloated beyond belief.

9. Liberals love it while completely ignoring the harm it will do to people.

8. While you’re dying, it will do nothing.

7. It has no concept of morality in its actions.

6. It will only make empty gestures of helping others while primarily being concerned about preserving its own power.

5. People in the Beltway think it’s great, while everyone else is like “WTF?”

4. Death of others considered only a mild inconvenience to it.

3. It’s often incomprehensible.

2. You shouldn’t let it near your daughter.

And the number one way the health care bill is like Ted Kennedy…

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Internet Takeover

There’s a bill out there that could let Obama take over the internet in case of a cybersecurity emergency. For Obama, that probably means something like someone said something bad about him on the internet. Don’t worry, though: IMAO has a contingency plan. If you get us your address, we’ll mail to you postcards of us making fun of stuff in case the internet is shutdown.

Let’s just hope that an emergency won’t cause a government takeover of the mail.

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Random Thoughts

Liberal commenter to my PJM column called us racist for hating Ted Kennedy. I think that charge just jumped the shark.

Liberal responded saying Ted Kennedy was concerned with “justice.” Must restrain urge to strangle monitor.

Maybe we should name a term limits bill in honor of Ted Kennedy.

I have to get off this Kennedy stuff. It’s actually starting to wear out my faith in humanity.

I can’t believe some people are saying the death of Kopechne was worth it. I thought people like that only existed in the movies.

I missed the funeral. Were they able to roll him back into the ocean, or did they have to use dynamite?

Can I also suffocate a liberal if I promise to be an advocate for progressive causes afterwards? It’s tempting…

Can I strangle someone if I promise not to successfully run for president?

Has anyone polled yet on whether naming the health care bill after Ted Kennedy would be helpful or harmful for it? “You know the fat, philandering drunk who drowned that woman? Here’s what he thought on the issue…”

Lots of conflicting opinions on laser sights on guns. Guess I should just get one and try it out. Better yet, I could get a laser gun.

Actually, is a laser sight on a laser gun apropos or silly?

Maybe in the Fringe universe where the Twin Towers still stand, it was Mary Jo who survived and not Ted Kennedy. Or maybe in that universe the citizens of Massachusetts decided they didn’t want someone who would leave a woman to die to represent them. That would be crazy!

People are now pretty suspicious of get rich quick schemes. I wonder if I could trick people with a get rich slow scheme?

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Proof That Dogs Are Smarter Than Liberals

via Glenn Beck:

[YouTube direct link]

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“Leave Barack Alone!” Implores Distraught Castro

WASHINGTON (AP) – In a bizarre, rambling internet video, former Cuban President Fidel Castro implored the “extreme right” to stop their constant attacks on American President Barack Obama.

“You’re lucky he even bothers staging town halls for you bastards!”

“How dare anyone out there make fun of Barack after all he’s been through!” wailed a tearful Castro, filming himself beneath a blanket, “His poll numbers are slipping! Fox News won’t even carry his press conferences. He had two kids and his wife turned out to be a political liability who feeds the homeless while wearing $500 sneakers. All you crazy racist right wingers care about is voters and scoring cheap political points off him! He’s a human! What you don’t realize is that Barack’s making the Democrat party a laughing stock and all you do is make a bunch of Joker Socialism posters about him!”

When asked later about his unhinged rantings, a more sedate Castro sheepishly explained that he’d just gotten carried away.

“Look,” he said, “I only meant to say that the extreme right hates him for being African-American. But then I started thinking about the how the racist right will do everything possible to wear him down, the tears flowed, my mascara dripped… not my most Presidential moment. Still, 26 million views on YouTube – TOTALLY worth it!”

Although some pundits speculate that the whole video was staged & scripted to draw attention to a lonely old dictator/attention-whore, Castro reaffirmed that he was deadly serious about defending the American President.

“Leave Barack Obama alone right NOW! I mean it! Anyone who has a problem with him, you deal with ME! Because he’s not doing well getting that bucket off his head.”

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I’m Holding Him Accountable

Dude, if you fall off that bike and crack your skull open, you’re not getting it fixed on the taxpayer’s dime.

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Frank J. and SarahK Meet Their New Neighbor Part 2

Part 1.

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Frank Advice for Life

You’ll save yourself time picking out what to eat at a restaurant if you stop reading any menu as soon as you reach the word “nachos”.

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