E-Mail from Pelosi on Ted

Somehow I’m on Nancy Pelosi’s e-mail list and just got sent this. I wonder if they’re being a bit opportunistic about Ted Kennedy’s death and a bit obtuse of how he’s perceived by the public at large: I have great news! Ted Kennedy just died! The nostalgia from his death should be just what we …

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Random Thoughts

No, Senator John Kerry is not as bad as Kennedy. The people he killed probably had it coming. The way Ted Kennedy continued on in the Senate while everyone acted like that was normal makes me think of Kitty Genovese. The death of Ted Kennedy is a lot like 9/11 for amoral, callous, partisan shills. …

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The Improbable Political Existence of Ted Kennedy

My Pajamas Media column is up in which I try and fail to comprehend how Ted Kennedy had a political career. I still don’t get how anybody could work with that guy and pretend that’s normal. BTW, I forgot I drew Ted Kennedy is a comic once. Send to Kindle

Crowder Goes Undercover with Liberals

Wow. $33,000 plus benefits to fight those Astroturfers! Plus, he stumbles onto the next big conspiracy: BEARS!!! Send to Kindle

Frank Advice for Life

Never settle for awesome when you can be super-awesome. Send to Kindle

Less Useless People

If Republicans want a winning platform, it should be the anti-useless people platform. It seems pretty much all of the Democrats are career politicians who’ve never accomplished anything in their entire lives yet for some unfathomable reason think they’re smart and should be able to tell us all what to do. The reason people are …

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More Ted Kennedy Rememberance

I wrote my thoughts for Pajamas Media and hopefully that should be up tomorrow morning. Anyway, here are a couple articles on Kennedy that I thought were worth sharing: Andrew Klavan Carl M. Cannon Leon H. Wolf The Onion Send to Kindle

Random Thoughts – Ted Kennedy Edition

In my whole life I hope I don’t do something as stupid and morally blind as a vote to reelect Senator Ted Kennedy. Ted Kennedy dies and all I feel is this intense anger at Massachusetts. I mean, really, how could they keep electing that guy? There was just no way of taking Massachusetts seriously …

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Ted Kennedy Jokes

Frank J., despite having a wicked sense of humor, has class. Or as close to what passes for class when it comes to bloggers. He was no fan of the Edward Moore Kennedy, late of Massachusetts. But, when he got word of Kennedy’s death, he wrote a post where he encouraged his readers to “try …

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Links of the Day Part 1

Is there ever a Part 2? Will you ever know the answer to this question? First. Rachel Lucas visited Auschwitz-Birkenau. You must go read her post about it. Do it now. Time’s 50 Best Websites 2009. IMAO isn’t on there, so Frank says it’s a bogus list, but maybe you’ll find something to interest you. …

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