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Posted on September 18, 2009 10:34 am

My latest Pajamas Media column got linked by Fark, and while I always appreciate more readership, what a gaggle of morons. It’s almost unbelievable.

So the article is about how liberals like nothing more than to think they’re smart when they’re actually morons, and things aren’t working out so well with those smirt people in charge, so they’re lashing out angrily at every one instead of examining whether they’re as smart as they think they are. So here are most of the liberals’ responses:

“wee ar veree smirt! wee smirt! yue stoopid!”

“wee jus angree becuz yue all dum stoopid neocon heelbilly jues!”

“conservutivs jus no like intelligunt peepul like mee!”

And I think I saw one randomly posting things she found on teh internets and saying Republicans are racist until they formally denounce them.

I really hope everyone these people run into in real life just points and laughs at them or otherwise they are doing them a great disservice. We really have to examine our culture to see if we’re becoming too accommodating to useless morons. It’s not that bad being useless morons if they are cognizant of the fact they are useless morons. One of these days we have to work on a program to actually locate internet trolls to educate them on how unbelievably stupid they are. In America, you have the right to be as stupid as you want, but we also have the responsibility to make sure people know how stupid they are.

As Smokey the Bear says: “Only you can prevent stupid people from thinking they’re not stupid… and then maybe playing with matches… and setting stuff on fire… like a forest or something.”


Wow, I had no idea calling Fark a gaggle of morons was a controversial statement. I was just joshing you guys; you seem all right. People who comment about politics on the internet are the smartest people around.

Anyway, the favored argument seems to be “No, you are!” Touche!

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144 Responses to “Fark on Frank”

  1. Sane says:

    You people honestly think that his spelling of “smirt” instead of “smart” was an accident? Those two letters are on opposite ends of the fucking keyboard.

    I’ve never even heard of this guy, but I like him already. Fark, Digg, 4Chan, Youtube and hundreds of other ‘social’ websites are chock full of stupid. Digg was actually one of the best websites on the net until they started injecting all the social bullshit into it. Today, tho, it’s just another example of how self-absorbed people are, and an even better example of how even a great, useful, informative and original website can be turned into pure mindless dreck in the span of a year or two thanks to all the ‘Web 2.0’ social networking bullshit. I still find them mildly entertaining and useful, but none of these sites are as good as they were originally.

    Well, that’s not really true… 4Chan has always been a haven for the mentally defective. At least it was the couple of times I’ve stumbled onto it.

    People in general are fucking stupid.
    Most of the comments on this very article are simply giving more reason to believe that that statement is true. Just the ‘liberals’ are stupid, eh?

    Just keep believing that shit that Limbaugh tells you. Just keep believing shit without looking up the facts. Keep going to your little ‘tea parties’ – those fucking abominations are a disgrace to the founders of this country, by the way.

    I am by no means a liberal or a defender of Obama, but you fucking rejects on the right are just as bad. As someone standing on the outside and looking in, the view is unpleasant. 90% or more of the US seems to just go along with whatever the fuck the two parties want, simply because they’re a member of one of those two parties. It’s like you all think it’s a fucking sport or something, not something that’s vitally important. This isn’t a fucking game. It’s not about winning. It’s about compromise. It’s about running a country in such a way that will benefit ALL THE FUCKING PEOPLE LIVING HERE! Not just the right-wingers or the left-wingers.

    “they can be seen/read/heard blathering on about how “everyone else” should live, work, shop, reproduce (or not, primarily not, if you are in a monogamous, stable relationship)” – First of all, congratulation on giving your thesaurus a workout. I haven’t seen that many 4+ syllable words on the internet since.. well… ever, really. You sound just like Limbaugh. Congratulations. However, I find the quote a bit funny – as well as the bit about hypocrisy – when you consider the fact that the Right are the ones who continually go out of their way to force people into practicing good christian morality. You’re the ones saying that people shouldn’t be allowed to marry, that people shouldn’t be allowed to serve their country, saying that people shouldn’t have a right to choose what they do with their own bodies (and I’m not talking about abortion, either). At the same time, you also act as though it’s you who’s being tread upon. “Oh, poor us! There’s no more praying in schools! They hate us so!”. You also twist words like nobody’s business. I can’t think of the last time I heard a conservative talkshow host who didn’t have some condescending, derogatory nick-name for someone they didn’t like. I don’t often hear liberals stooping to such levels. The right appears to pride itself on the levels at which it will stoop in order to fuel the fires of irrational hatred.

    Yes, I am aware that there’s a big hubub going on about this guy who wrote in a book 30 years ago that he wanted to sterilize the population. What can I say. I didn’t vote for Obama, either. I also didn’t vote for McCain. I voted for the guy I WANTED to win. Not because my team told me to, and not because I thought he had the best chance of winning. It’s more than a fucking game to me.

    Also, if you consider yourself to be a conservative and yet you supported Bush Jr and McCain then I got news for you: You’re not a conservative. You’re a moron.

    And this is probably the only comment I’ll make here, because it seems to be the sort of place that attracts the lowest common denominator.

  2. Justin says:

    I love conservative trolls.

  3. charles t. says:

    risking redundancy by posting this on your site, i am compelled to observe only the extremely naive or the willingly obtuse would fail to recognize self-deprecating satire. there is the chance, i suppose, that this is merely another nefarious ringer who is in the employ of the democratic party to bandy about the internet taking every opportunity to portray the simplest of idiots in an effort to demean both intelligent republicans.

    you will never learn anything from people with whom you share opinions because they are telling you what you want to hear. turn off fox and your idols on talk radio and find a source of information that is constantly annoying you with facts and details.

    5 of 7 and alleged “christian”: having the audacity to employ the contrived afterthought “oh yeah, i almost forgot” and then insulting everyone who visits this site by implying that they are all uneducated and unemployed is a conceit common among those who are damned impressed with themselves for successfully portraying an individual with the basic competencies to have a job. most liberals seldom find it necessary to crow about being employed. regarding myself, i am decades into adulthood. i hold a post-graduate degree and when i am not engaged in my profession, i own a cattle farm and serve in the national guard. i have twice deployed to iraq.

    your turn. did your mom kick you out of your silly man cave? are you “doing” anything beyond incessantly spewing ignorant and abrasive declarations in the manner of kanye west?

    fark rocks, you karaoke.

  4. Timothy Shaw-Zak says:

    What did you think was going to happen? Were you trying to call the debased peanut gallery of Fark to account? Shaming them into meeting the very high expectations they have of the sollioquays overheard by no one ( least of all themselves )?

  5. 5 of 7 says:

    #103 – charles t.
    “i have twice deployed to iraq.”

    On whose side?


    I love you Frank, and I’mma let you finish, but Freerepublic.com is the best full-retard hate machine of all time!


  7. maroon, esq, says:

    sollioquays overheard by no one . . .
    If a sollioquay is overheard by no one, is it a manoblog?

  8. TerribleTroy says:

    Just twice? Shirker.

  9. BillaBong says:



  10. Livingstone says:

    “Just thought of something – if we are the “teabaggers,” does that make the liberals the “teabagees?””

    Only liberals, and ones with a juvenile’s emotional development, would think a term of sexual reference (e.g., “tea bagging”) is an appropriate term for their fellow Americans. If they can’t mature emotionally, that’s one thing, but we’ve no need to adopt their pubescent fixations, even in jest.

  11. Livingstone says:

    @ “Sane” — “I am by no means a liberal or a defender of Obama, but you fucking rejects on the right are just as bad. As someone standing on the outside and looking in, the view is unpleasant. 90% or more of the US seems to just go along with whatever the fuck the two parties want, simply because they’re a member of one of those two parties. It’s like you all think it’s a fucking sport or something, not something that’s vitally important. This isn’t a fucking game. It’s not about winning. It’s about compromise.”

    You, sir, are both mistaken and misguided.

    You are apparently ignorant of the battle going on within *both* parties to set them back on a healthy course. The Republicans are gaining (finally) a bit of traction in this regard but not enough; the Democrats are still being drug around by the vocal fringe but there are hints that that might be changing, at least a little.

    Moreover, what are YOU doing to change the stance on issues you care about in either party? It’s easy to say “I’m an independent” but what does that mean, exactly? Are you writing your congressmen and senators? Are you contacting either party to urge a change in anything?

    I will agree that too few are engaged in deeply thinking the ‘why’ of their positions while honestly listening to opposing views; however, anything less than 100% is “too few”

    However, you are utterly wrong in this statement: It’s about compromise.

    No, it isn’t. This is a farcical proposition postulated by those who don’t understand the long-term needs of this country — any country really, but especially one governed such as ours is.

    It’s about doing the right thing, not about compromise. To compromise your principles is absurd. To do the wrong thing, all in the name of “compromise” is a pernicious evil.

    Should we try to achieve win/win propositions? Of course. Can there be give-and-take — compromise — on things of lesser merit? Absolutely. Should such accommodation be accorded when it leads to anything less than “the right thing” (not just the right thing for now, but the right thing for shot, medium, and long term)? Never.

    We may disagree on what “the right thing” to do for any particular issue at any particular moment is; however, other than the totalitarians who seek more and more intrusion into our lives, both sides of the isle can usually agree on end-product goals. There will be disagreement on the path to them and the method of them; however, that is the nature of a government such as ours, the nature of humans in general, and one of the strengths of this country.

    Personally, I feel as John Adams did: that parties are anathema and poisonous to the system; that to be called ‘a party man’ should be a grave insult; that we should govern together, tempered with the advice of constituents (and not the pissing contest we have now). That said, I am in the minority.

  12. UrMomsBrother says:

    Pissed off because you got called for pecking nonsensical bullshit on your keyboard and calling the people who pointed out the fact that you’re about the dimwittiest of the abortion surviving contards on the internet “smirt’ is no way to go through life,son.

    Now,shut your whore mouth.Men are speaking.

  13. Kyle says:

    Pretty stupid posts all around. The insults are lame, the seemingly intelligent people who actually try to point out the short sighted, me first attitude of libertarians(really, do you think he’s gonna change?) The Death Panel Dolt, the idiot who actually thinks it’s spelled moran not moron because fark spells it that way(its a joke) it’s all so tired. Get out and further your beliefs. Become active in the debates facing this country. Posting on a webpage(or having a blog you where you cna make yoursel feel witty) is just so much navel gazing. IT DOESN’T COUNT.

  14. MKinPR says:

    Back in my academy days, we had to take a class about mental retardation, and people who have low IQs. One of the things they taught us was that these poor people try to hide their disability by talking about subjects they know nothing about, as if they are authorities on the subject, and by trying to use big words, usually incorrectly. I think this behavior also describes Republicans perfectly.

    [Is using a paragraph to basically say, “No, you are!” the same as using big words? -Ed.]

  15. tinman131 says:

    You sir need to really grow up. Calling all liberals stupid or uneducated for no other reason other than the fact that they are liberals is asinine. You are doing a complete disservice to the conservative movement. This is exactly this type of behavior which liberals point to and declare how ignorant conservatives are. Frankly I wish you stop blogging altogether because I do not want to be lumped in with someone who acts like a small petulant child such as yourself. Learn to argue and bring up points in an articulate and intelligent manner with actual facts and with some dignity.

    Did you honestly think that anyone in the conservative movement would have any respect for your actions? Do you truly believe that your blogging in any way impresses anyone? Try behaving like a rational human being. Next time you get it in your head to write something try stepping back and ask yourself “Is what I am about to write in any way something to be proud of?”

  16. TerribleTroy says:

    Well now that you’ve received all this “enlightenment” (from some of the most long winded pretentious trolls I’ve ever wtinessed), Im guessing you’ve seen the error of your ways Frank and will be a better person from here forward,…………….NAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW.

    Blog Wars…….let them begin……..Muwahahahahahaha

  17. Jon says:

    … You should really proof-read your post before submitting it – seriously.. I can’t handle reading your post after coming across 5 grammatical errors (not including the ‘liberties’ you took with the post you are referring to).

    For the record – anyone that is willing to label themselves as a conservative or liberal are incredibly closed minded.

    [And a lot of jackasses refuse labels because they think it makes them sound smart. -Ed.]

  18. Broke Daddy says:

    One more little thing……It’s Smokey Bear, not Smokey the Bear. I know, picky, picky, picky.

  19. Steelerhawk47 says:

    By definition, only 25% of the population have above average intelligence…in America, 75% think they do…

  20. zzyzx says:

    I took your advice Stakerlee and read a book…it was called Nineteen Eighty Four and now I must admit I have a much greater understanding of liberal-think then I had before reading it. Thanx pal, I’m reading Animal Farm next so I can even more fully comprehend liberal-think.

  21. Jeremy says:

    I ordered my pizza an hour ago. It is not here yet. Where is my pizza?

  22. AlyshiaH says:

    So what the crap? you seriously made a post to dis people who read Fark? wow… thats pretty lame. And in calling all of us avid fark readers dumb youve made a total jackass out of your self. Congrats! You have now recived my dumbass award for the day. Have an awesome day jackass


    [I love the bold, because this person knows her comment calling me a dumbass is much more important than all the other comments. -Ed.]

  23. TerribleTroy says:

    My personal favorite so far…… ” i couldnt finish reading your blog due to finding 5 grammatical errors”……

    What I want to know is how this person can read to begin with? It must be very very difficult what with having thier head up thier own pretentious arse…..

    New rule.. a minimum of 5 gramatical errors a day will keep the arse holes away…..

    5 grammatical errors………..too freaking funny…….could of struggled through with 4 … but that last one just put em over the top.

  24. Lapus says:

    As a Farker, an American, and a secondlifer if titles are required, I am truly amazed at the bashing both the right wing and left wing do to eachother and yet claim they are the intellect. Would it not be the people who can agree to disagree and manage to work things out without demeaning themselves and others, that are the intellect?

  25. 4 of 7 says:

    H.G. Wells said he believed in keeping his mind open; ever expanding like a flower.
    G.K. Chesterton countered that he opens his mind like he opens his mouth; to close it again on something solid.

  26. FromtheLink says:

    You should have happy you got linked – I imagine you got quite a few hits (and revenue) from this.

  27. Steve says:


  28. Scott says:

    If you think liberals are in charge of this country, you really have no idea what a liberal is. Democrat does not mean liberal any more than liberal means smart person.

    Most Democrats are moderate at best, and most southern Democrats are pretty darn conservative. The fact that Republicans these days are so far to the right makes moderates appear liberal. Liberals haven’t been “in charge” of this country since FDR… and even that’s arguable.

    Please stop making “liberal” a dirty word and find out what it really means.

  29. Ragnarok1983 says:

    Uhm… U spelld “smart” rong inn tha sekond sentanse.

    [Good eye, moran. -Ed.]

  30. Larry says:

    The correct term for clean-up in aisle liberal is ‘post-natal abortion’. However, a much more effective method is considered to be a ‘radical circumcism’–removing the foreskin and any attached material…

  31. Illinois Enema Bandit says:

    Cool story, bro.

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  33. j.k. says:

    Wow, so the mindless denizens of the Fark forums now think that IMAO is a serious conservative website? I wasn’t aware that nuking the moon has become a major point of the Republican reelection campaign.

    Really, it’s the Farkers here who got “Farked.”

    Way to go Frank J. Obviously the J. stands for Jenius!

  34. Jewels says:

    WOW! You’d think that people who read Fark daily would understand the concept of sarcasm!

    Then again, we’re talking about the Democrats of Fark.

    DOF. Heh.

  35. MarkoMancuso says:

    Greatest thread ever? Greatest thread ever.

  36. Lapus says:

    *laughs* I think everyone .. farkers.. Americans.. Slers.. are to easily offended and to quickly to jump down someone’s throat for not aggreeing with them.. I for one enjoy agreeing with everyone.

  37. LiberalNovice says:

    This is amazing how truly dumbfounded simple people can be. First off, Can anyone please explain to me the reasoning for voting George Bush Jr. into office, not once but TWICE. I am not a liberal, I am not a conservative. I am simply the dumbest man alive…..although…. that WOOD be contradictive since stupid people do not understand that they are stupid. From one dumb mind to another, we know we are stupid, we just like to act “Smirt” People, we understand, we are losing jobs, it is increasingly difficult to pay for things that you over spent on and additionally could not afford in the first place (Let’s blame the banks on this one since we can no longer blame ourselves). Once again, America is quick to point it’s judgemental fingers on everyone else. Ever hear of the term, “save for a rainy day” Well this was what they were speaking of. Yet, now that a liberal is President you choose to demolish any change for this country. Even with the stimulus bill, it would never reach the amount of money the War on Iraq…ahemm..I mean the war on terror has cost. We are all in the same country, the problem with diversity is that it creates difference leading to opposition. Opposition leads to seperation. I’m sure im close to pinpoint accuracy when I say 90% of you will disagree with me because I am completely incorrect in your minds. Just answer me this, What would Jesus have done in 2001? Legitimate question.

  38. Teleprompter Messiah says:

    137, Seeing that Muslims are heretics according to Christian theology, I don’t think that Jesus would have said “turn the other cheek” on those insane heretics trying to terrify you into converting.

    What would Jesus have done if the Supreme Court laid Roe v. Wade at his feet for decision?Legitimate Question.

  39. 4 of 7 says:

    Why would anyone vote for Clinton, not once, but twice?

  40. Dohtimes says:

    Why would anybody vote for BHO twice?

    Because they only registered twice and not three times like ACORN told them to.

    I’m the last one here. QQ

    I win. Yay!



  41. Simma Downoa says:

    You sound fat.

  42. Sraviik says:

    according to the comments you posted most liberals are uneducated third graders who are unable to spell out their own words.

    A good response to them would be I’m sorry little kid stop posting your slow parents flawed viewpoints, remove head from sphincter and then post.

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