Just Wondering

Posted on October 29, 2009 2:06 pm

Since Michelle Obama watched the Yankees play in the first game of the World Series, does this mean that David Letterman’s gonna make a joke about her getting knocked up by Alex Rodriguez?

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15 Responses to “Just Wondering”

  1. Live Free Or Die says:

    Alex Rodriguez is ‘seeing’ Kate Hudson; even Dave Letterman’s joke writers realize MichelleObama wouldn’t get to first base with A-Rod.
    A-Rod started really hitting the ball after he started seeing Kate Hudson. She’s a genuine Slumpbuster

  2. Exile says:

    Can a human being impregnate a sasquatch?

    It’s common knowledge that Michelle Obama has a penis.

  3. upnorthlurkin says:

    The last in the series of 7 slides is the best….that’s one Broad Ass on the one wearing OBAMA on her jacket!!

  4. PammyV says:

    Nah, that would be racist.

  5. innominatus says:

    ARod would NOT hit that! Especially in October, the month he never hits anything.

  6. Deafdog says:

    I’m not in Letterman’s league, but the funnier joke might be A-rod getting knocked-up by Michelle O.

  7. Keith says:

    I doubt A-Rod has that much of a grudge against his own A-“Rod” to knock up the First Klingon.

  8. saveacountryeatalib says:

    David Letterman is a sleazebag goat humper. Since he so valiantly wears his affiliation to the wimp-azz party on his sleeve there no way he’ll say anything against this administration or anyone affiliated with it. Even if Rahm Emanuel sodomized him on his own show he would figure out a way to work a Palin insult into it. Or blame Bush.

  9. NO_MO_BAMA says:

    He only makes jokes about the daughters and he says it’s ok as long as it’s the older one….Malaria or Sasquatch, I don’t know which one is which.

    I just realized, his kids are sort of black, how come they don’t have ghetto ethnic names?

    I vote for Tangilique and Zyeasha

  10. Cilla Mitchell, Galveston Texas says:

    I can see Letterman getting a piece of the Sasquatch. I doubt A-“Rod” would get near the Sasquatch with a 10 foot pole.

  11. Son of Bob says:

    My God that giant black man is ugly.

  12. Plentyobailouts says:

    So now they only let Jill Biden in public. I wonder who is dumber.

    The first sasquatch was at the game, do you suppose anyone else got a hot dog?

  13. Silicon Valley Jim says:

    No. Nobody would laugh, because everybody knows that there are things that even Alex Rodriguez wouldn’t do.

  14. Terry_Jim says:

    No Letterman story about Mrs.Biden and Mrs. Obama,
    That totals 5 strike outs for A-Roid Wednesday night
    at his first World Series Game.

  15. DesertElephant says:

    Nah. He’ll say that Sascha or Malia did though. Oh yeah! Forgot about the double standard thing. Nevermind. Excuse all previous statements on the subject.

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