Who is Gore Vidal? All I know about him is he’s some weird degenerate who is trotted out every so often so we can admire what a weird degenerate he is.

And when are liberals going to look into their pro-rapist problem?

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Lightning Round 10-28-09

The illustrated version of The Lightning Round from the 10-28-09 Fred Thompson Show:

[YouTube direct link]

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2D Village

What’s up with this?

So an artist come by and says, “Hey, man, I want to paint circles on your houses to make them look 2D!”

And I’d say, “For what possible purpose?”

And the artist would say, “It’s art, man. Art is its own purpose.”

And I’d say, “Here’s some art.” Then I’d punch him in the face. “Now your face looks like a cubist painting. Get a real job, hippie.”

And he’d say, “Ahhhhhhh!”

Actually, it is kind of neat looking.

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Random Thoughts

I know we signed some agreement that the moon is the property of the whole world, but we can still landmine it, right?

I wonder if in the President’s busy schedule he’s remembered to test the smoke detectors. Canada could always attack again.

Joe Lieberman does look a lot like Emperor Palpatine, but the lightning he fires from his fingertips is a completely different color.

How could Obama be sexist? He doesn’t even seem quite aware of the fact that he’s a man.

Were dunce caps a real thing? And did it work on teaching kids not to be stupid?

People who say “teabagger” will be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes. And then they’ll get pegged with a tennis ball.

When the revolution comes, we’ll consider letting liberals in our new country, but they’ll first have to do the truffle shuffle.

The public option would be analogous to the Trojan Horse if you could hear Greeks in it loudly saying, “I can’t wait to kill Trojans!”

Someone explain to me how hundreds-of-years-old vampires going after seventeen-year-old girls is anything other than intensely creepy.

I stopped reading Highlights because of the liberal bias in its reporting. Once in the “What’s Wrong” picture they had two men getting married and a Bible in a school. Guess which one you were supposed to circle.

Did Microsoft test IE 8 on any websites before releasing it?

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Gay babies plan to take over the world

Where do babies come from?


All this time, you thought it had something to do with “when a man loves a woman…” Or, maybe a Barry White song instead of a Percy Sledge (or Michael Bolton) song.

That is so early 21st century. We’ve moved beyond that.

Scientists have created eggs and sperm from stem cells.

Scientists at Stanford University in California found the right cocktail of chemicals and vitamins to coax the cells into becoming eggs and sperm.

The sperm had heads and short tails and are thought to have been mature enough to fertilise an egg.

The eggs were at a much earlier stage but were still much more developed than any created so far by other scientists.

While this is certainly interesting, what if babies realize that they don’t need men or women in order to be born?

Sure, the average baby isn’t all that smart. A typical infant is only slightly smarter than the average Democrat. But what about those Baby Einsteins that the Disney company made smart?

Don’t be fooled. Those Baby Einsteins are smart. They figured out how to get smart, then get their money back from Disney. Scary smart, those Baby Einsteins.

So, if smart babies learn how to make other babies, they’d probably make more smart babies. Then we’d be overrun with smart babies.

Not worried about that? Read that whole article again. Especially this part:

The science also raises the possibility of ‘male eggs’ made from men’s skin and ‘female sperm’ from women’s skin.

This would allow gay couples to have children genetically their own

Think about this. What if genius gay babies try to take over the world?

You know what? They’ll succeed?

Who would fight them? If it was Godzilla, we’d send the Army out to fight them. But it’s not Godzilla. It’s smart gay babies. We can’t send the Army to fight smart gay babies. They’re babies, for crying out loud.

On the other hand, maybe Obama would make his mind up to take a stand against smart gay babies. But I doubt it.

Smart babies, yes, he’d send the troops to fight against. But smart gay babies? That’s part of his constituency. The gay part, not the baby part. Or the smart part.

So, if babies tried to take over the world, Obama would fight against them. But if smart gay babies try, we’re screwed.

And not in the way that we used to make babies.

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IMAO on the Fred Thompson Show

If you listened to Fred Thompson Show today, you might have heard something familiar as they used this as the lead in from a commercial break:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

You can find audio for the show today here and hear it in the show and Fred’s reaction at about 11:23 (first time a Fred Thompson fact gets official confirmation).

When Fred Thompson uses material from your blog, you have to ask him for permission.

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Newspapers Go Bye

If you have seen it yet, here’s a graph of what’s been happening to newspaper subscription rates over the past two decades. Bad omen for anyone who likes to turn his news into a captain’s hat when he’s done with it.

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Lightning Round 10-27-09

The illustrated version of The Lightning Round from the 10-27-09 Fred Thompson Show:

[YouTube direct link]

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Thoughts on the Public Option, Liberty, and Trees

Man, I do not like the public option. For all their faults, conservatives tell you what they want and then they try and get it. Liberals know that their ultimate goals, though, would be abhorrent to anyone who loves liberty so they try to hide what they want. They want a government takeover of health care and the removal of individual liberty on that issue, but that’s a hard sell. So they get the public option, which they sell as greater liberty (“more choice!”), but the idea is it will eventually push out everything else and lead to a government takeover. That’s its only purpose, and a line in the sand has to be drawn by every Republican.

Or maybe Joe Lieberman.

The government always pretty much just grows and never shrinks. It’s always too politically hard to get rid of welfare and handouts after people have grown used to them, so you have to kill them in their infancy… like drowning puppies.

It’s kinda disheartening knowing this is a battle we will eventually lose. Not today, not tomorrow, and maybe not for hundreds of years if we’re smart, but eventually the government will get so large and liberty so narrow that the country will collapse. It will be a miserable time with the only thing to look forward to being the fact that we can now punch all the hippies we want with no one to stop us. It’s like that Thomas Jefferson quote that about the revolution, blood, and the tree of liberty that crazy people are always bringing up. Take it as a warning, though, as a revolution is just likely to make something even screwier. It was kinda amazing what the Founding Fathers put together with this country, and it’s our duty to make it limp along for as long as we can.

So it’s up to you, Joe Lieberman.

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K Street Whores Demand Apology From Congressman Grayson

WASHINGTON DC (AP) – After it was widely reported that Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida called Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s aide and former Enron lobbyist, Linda Robertson, “a K Street whore“, prostitutes working the K Street area demanded an apology.

“No, I won’t lobby for you, you sick, book-cooking bastard!”

Silky Sparkles, spokestrollop for the Washington D.C. Adult Companionship Workers Local 269, said that she and her fellow K Street strumpets objected to Grayson’s demeaning use of the word “whore”.

“Being a whore is an honorable profession,” said Ms. Sparkles. “Sure, we do disgusting things with lonely, smelly, fat guys – like Mr. Grayson – in exchange for money, but Robertson lobbied for Enron. I mean… EWWWWW! It’s like, yeah, for enough Benjamins I’ll do ya a Cleveland Clamper or a Seattle Sashimi, but I’ve got STANDARDS! No Denver Danglers, and no working for Enron.”

National Organization for Women (NOW) President Kim Gandy also found the incident disturbing.

“The word ‘whore’ is deeply offensive to all women,” said Gandy. “It’s often reserved for women who step beyond male-patrolled sexual boundaries and is an obscene and especially degrading put-down toward a woman whose only crime is earning a living. However, since Grayson is a Democrat, we’re totally going to let this one slide. Besides, why would we stick up for some stupid whore Republican?”

When informed that Robertson was a Democrat, Gandy shrugged and replied, “Whatever. We mind our own business with Blue-on-Blue.”

After originally having his staff tell reporters to “go check the second definition of ‘whore’ in your stupid whore dictionaries, you damn news whores!”, Grayson later held a press conference where he apologized.

“Some people,” said Grayson, “were offended by my use of the word ‘whore’. I ask you to note that I could’ve called Robertson a chancrous, ill-mannered, gutter-slut – but I didn’t. I could’ve called her a crack-addled, knee-padding, man-gargler – but I didn’t. But I did call her a ‘whore’ – in the context of the debate over whether the Federal Reserve should be independently audited – and for that slip of the tongue… I apologize.”

“As for you actual K Street whores,” concluded Grayson, “I’ll be by later tonight for my Denver Dangler.”

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